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Curious Mind Meets Curious Species (Tributaries Back post)

Posted on Friday April 8, 2022 @ 3:57am by Ishacarr Am'nim [Ewo] & Canaan Serine

Mission: Lower Decks
Location: Science Lab 4, Deck 2
Timeline: Unknown

The science lab was quite almost in the perfect conditions for the young Betelgeusian male to slip in, his eagerness to get a look at, to his young mind, an enigmatic creature that his Aunt and the rest of the crew seemed to have had the opportunity to interact with. If crouched, he was almost sure the freestanding console would keep him from view. He scurried in, resting his left side against his chosen cover; he let a few moments go by before eagerness pushed him to chance a look, he twisted around and up a little. Stopping as he saw Laurisviola for the first time, he was left unwilling to move at the sight of something that was far, far removed from the pictures that had formed in his mind when told of the encounter with an alien.

The crew had left Laurisviola to rest. It was fatigued after channeling The Bringer of Glad Tidings and was benefiting from the quiet solitude. Always in commune with the whole of the colony, the vibrations were a reprieve from the throaty vocalizations of the stalks of this foreign colony from the Away. It was through its kin that Laurisviola was beginning to feel renewed. The doors to the science lab were closed when the crew departed, affording Laurisviola a semblance of privacy intruded upon when it heard the soft hiss of either panel parting. Dipping forward, the creature's solid-black orbs surveyed the entry, sighting movement near one of the stations. Overwhelmed by curiousness, Laurisviola floated on its mycelia to the opposite side of the console from where the movement had originated. The diameter of its meaty bell was considerable in width versus that of the station. It cooed softly, a series of non-threatening chirps to follow as its many vine-like appendages wrapped around the console and what crouched behind it, exploring both through touch.

The very faint sound of movement caused Ishacarr to freeze, hold his breath, and try and tuck in a little more. The next things were the strands beginning to loop around him; there was a moment where he was unsure, then panic set in. "Waaaa! What's that!" The sticky sensation was a new one. "Ohh sticky." A smallish hand attempted to take hold of the strands that entwined his small form; they were smooth to the touch smooth enough to slip from his grasp as a bar of soap might. His response was a little more panic, resulting in grunts and whimpers of frustration and him trying again to peel the strands from him, digging his fingers in a little more firmly.

The first object of which Laurisviola touched was cold, solid, and unmoving. Its surface was mostly smooth with a small degree of texture. It vibrated yet in a beat that was much the same as the rest of the surrounding environment. This object, of course, was the console station. However, just beyond the beveled edges of its four corners, Laurisviola's tendrils wrapped around another curious object. Unlike the first, this object was warm and soft to the touch. It made unusual noises and squirmed this way or that, pinching at Laurisviola's vines. There was a bite to the object's touch, yet not in any way that caused Laurisviola discomfort. A trill of chirps clucked from Laurisviola as it hoisted into the air whatever it had ensnared and carried it over the console station until it was hanging inches above Laurisviola's dome-like cap. The Amenite looked at the creature with genuine intrigue; its cap dipped back so it could have an unobstructed view of what it held its gentle but firm grip.

Suddenly and unexpectedly being hoisted into the air was enough to make the young male go motionless and clam up until he came to a halt, still in mid-air and looking down on the creature, with it looking right back at him, it was at this moment of contact between them that he found his voice. "Erm... I'm sorry, Mister or Missus, for sneaking up on you." There was another long pause as he hung there, still tense against the uncertainty of his position holding himself against the vines. "Can you--put me down--please," Ishacarr added a halting but definite request, at this point considering calling his Aunt for help if no response or action was forthcoming from the object of his curiosity.

The creature's appearance was similar to the other stalks Laurisviola had met since entering this unusual colony, except that it was much smaller and perhaps not as fully developed. When it spoke, the computer acknowledged the verbalization and translated it into a series tones and clicks that Laurisviola could understand. Even then, however, Laurisviola did not immediately release the creature, as it was trying to figure out why this creature was the same as the others, yet also different in size and shape. Only when the stalk stopped resisting did Laurisviola gently place it down, retracting each of its vine-like appendages while leaving behind a sticky, slimy residue. Laurisviola's bell-shaped cap vibrated as it approached the creature, continuing to study it with evident curiosity. The computer acknowledged Laurisviola's tonal vibrations, running the different melodies through the translation matrix Arnie and Sam had developed before speaking their meaning like an automaton.

"I am Laurisviola, Watcher of the Exotic - You are mindless to me and I you. What kind of stalk are you?”

“Stalk! I don’t understand that, but I am a Betelgeuse and my name is Ishacarr Th’Amim.” He responded looking up at the tall oversized mushroom-like alien, with the remnant of the slime still clinging to his skin and clothes, the young man folded his arms in front of himself against a slight chill, before also volunteering. “My aunt is Ewo’tOst Merrova.” He stopped and then asked. “Are you a Stalk, is that your species?”

At this point Ewo having been alerted to the access to the lab, and slightly more worryingly found it was Ishacarr. Burst in to the room with a little to much vigor than planned. She took the scene at a glance, her ward had clearly been in close contact with their guest but had been released apparently unharmed. “Ishacarr! When rooms are set as of limits, it is for good reason. I understand your curiosity, but we are in the unknown here.”

Fixing her attention on the being before her she placed both hands on her wards shoulders and stated. “ Laurisviola, Watcher of the Exotic. This one is my ward, I am responsible for his development, his presence was not planned please accept my apologies.” She stated backing towards the door. “Time to leave. Back away gradually.” She whispered to Ishacarr, before addressing the being. “We will take our leave now.”


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