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Sonic Shower Bandit

Posted on Saturday March 27, 2021 @ 11:49am by Trinity Anderson

Mission: Lower Decks
Location: Bridge

Previously, on Star Trek: Cardinal

"Thankfully, thus far, I haven't had a bunkmate," she said with a shake of her head. "But, trust me, I've had worse sleeping arrangements. At this stage, I'm just thrilled that I have my own bathroom so far. That said, I'm pretty sure someone is sneaking in when I'm not here. My soaps seem to be disappearing rather quickly," she added with a grin.

Canaan laughed along with Maddie, finding the idea of sleeping less than a meter away from a deceased person more than a little morose. He liked they shared a twisted sense of humor. "I can neither confirm nor deny I may have seen M'Riz stepping out of sickbay looking more fresh and clean than when he'd first walked in. But, you didn't hear that from me," Canaan said with a wink before asking, "Did you happen to find a large furball clogging the drain?"

Maddie raised an eyebrow slightly. "If I find a gold-colored hairball clogging my drain, we may just find out what it's like sleeping next to a cadaver quicker than we planned," she shot back without missing a beat.

And, now, the continuation

Trinity had just finished her watch duty and was rather glad to be relieved by Arnie. She was mostly looking forward to her down time, perhaps polishing a few more chapters of a steamy Risan fictional novel she had picked up during their last shore leave.

The watch duty had been mostly uneventful. To be fair, most watch duties tended to be. The Cardinal was quite capable of automated operation with minimal input from the crew. However, it was standard operational policy to have someone at the ready should there be an emergency or the need to respond to a situation quickly and decisively.

As Trinity climbed the ladder up to deck one where the sleeping berths were located, her combadge initiated a tri-tone vibration, which immediately brought a smile to her face.

Arriving on deck one, Trinity pulled out her tricorder and opened the scanning device. She inputted a series of command and watched the sensor display, which made her grin even more.

“Like clockwork Maddie.” Today was turning out to be an even better day than she had hoped.

Her novel would have to wait for the time being though...

Trinity quickly put away her tricorder. She tapped her combadge, “Computer initiate program Maddie Beta One.”

“Program initiated,” came the monotone voice of the computer from her combdage. “Specify notification parameters.”

Trinity was already heading back down the ladder, this time her new destination the Dispensary, or Sickbay as it was more popularly known. “Um…let’s play it safe this time. Let’s go with a thirty second warning this time, with a pre-recorded call - alpha six, in the event of a code red designation.”

“Program active,” the computer replied. “Estimated time to thirty-second warning, twenty minutes and fifty-three seconds.”

“Plenty of time,” Trinity muttered to herself with a smile. As she often did to buy time, she stopped climbing down the standard (and likely safer) way but opted instead to straddle the sides of the ladder between her legs letting herself slide down, with her grip controlling the rate of her descent as she made her way to Deck Three.

Reaching her destination, Trinity began unzipping her uniform even as she started a moderately paced jog to Sickbay. For the umpteenth time, she was reminded of some of the perks of serving on a small ship with a small crew. It afforded her the opportunity to run around the deck practically half naked without the fear of running into anyone. Although, Trinity was not particularly fearful of this. Half of the crew - if not all of them, she was sure, had seen her in various stages of undress. That was the exciting part of serving on a small and close knit ship.

Rounding the corner, Trinity kept her pace towards the entrance of Sickbay. The doors parted as she approached revealing the interior of the medical facility, which the security officer knew was currently unoccupied. Her tricorder scans had confirmed as much. Furthermore, the computer program she was running was actively scanning all of Deck Three to ensure she was the only one currently on the deck.

As she entered the section of Sickbay that was more a private residence for Maddie, Trinity quickly made her way to the sonic shower. By now, she was only in her underwear – her uniform effortlessly removed during her jog and neatly folded. She set her uniform on the countertop overlooking the sonic shower, making sure to keep her combadge on her person.

“Computer, estimated time to thirty-second warning,” she asked as she stepped into the sonic shower.

“Estimated time is twenty minutes and three seconds,” the computer replied.

“Guess Maddie is taking her time today,” Trinity mused. But it did not matter. Twenty minutes was more than enough time to have a quick and private shower. Unclasping her bra and removing the remainder of her underwear, Trinity threw them on her uniform and activated the sonic shower.

She instantly felt the high frequency sound waves reverberate through her body, its pulse vibration having the physical effect of causing the dirt and grime of a full day of work to break up and fall off her body. Personally, she preferred an actual water shower but that would take more time than she had, plus the water in her hair would take forever to dry - making it impossible to cover up the fact that she had been stealing into Maddie's shower.

Closing her eyes, Trinity let herself enjoy this moment, basking in the high pitched sound even as her hand gently rubbed her body as if scrubbing off the dirt. It was unnecessary she knew, but it was learned habit that was hard to get rid of.

Having a private sonic shower was somewhat of a luxury on the Cardinal given that everything was communal. Trinity did not mind this and in some way enjoyed it, because it was reminiscent of her Academy days. However, every now and then a girl just needed some privacy to enjoy a long and cold sonic shower. Well...technically, there was nothing cold about the shower but if she had to attribute a temperature to it, she imagined it would be a cold shower.

Fortunately for Trinity, Maddie’s residence included a private sonic shower. And so, Trinity had been sneaking in periodically to take advantage. She had thought of asking Maddie at first, but there was something so thrilling about coming up with an elaborate scheme to do it behind her back. It had involved studying the Doctor’s patterns and enlisting internal sensors to track her movement and that of her crew.

Eventually, she had developed a program that would alert her when a suitable window presented itself. The program also included a rather sophisticated alert system that would track how much Trinity had in the shower before Maddie returned, or should Maddie deviate from the expected pattern. It also tracked the movement patterns of the rest of the crew to ensure that she could come in and out without being noticed.

Much like setting up the running track on Deck Three with Ewo and Arnie, this program had become something of a side hobby. She enjoyed constantly refining it plus the thrill of being devious, admittedly at the expense of Maddie - although it was harmless.

Satisfied with her time in the shower and feeling adequately clean, Trinity stepped out of the shower feeling refreshed. She quickly put on her clothes, pulling up a holographic mirror to ensure that she looked decent. She had let her long hair hang loose during the shower, but now she pulled it into a knot and tied it behind her back.

“Alert,” the computer chimed in over her combadge. “Thirty second warning.”

“That was fast Maddie,” Trinity muttered. “No matter. This girl is practically done anyway." Checking herself one last time in the mirror, Trinity scanned her immediate vicinity looking for clues that she had displaced any object and rectifying this when she noted something was misplaced. Satisfied that she had left everything as she had found it, Trinity headed out of the room. "As always, my sincerest thanks Doc.”

With that, Trinity darted out of Sickbay heading to the Rec Room to pick up her novel from where she had left off...


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