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Posted on Saturday April 10, 2021 @ 7:32pm by Torin Landry & Ewo’tOst Merrova [GM]

Mission: Lower Decks
Location: Science labs

Smiling to herself with a little shake of the head after meeting the planetary scientist, a Dr Bork, a Ferengi, Ewo quite enjoyed dealing with persons with strong options and characteristics. Taking a moment to consult the lab assignements and cross-check with the manifest, the next lab along was occupied by a second person whom she had a name and a profile but not was not as yet acquainted with herself, the expeditions exobiologist. Strolling the few paces along to the entrance, pushing the request to enter, knowing from experience this was generally a prudent course.

Stepping inside, she cleared her throat, inquired after her target an introduced herself at the same time. "Doctor Torin Landry, I hoped to catch up with you prior to launch, allow me to introduce myself, Ewo'tOst Merrova, Operations Officer."

The formality of being called "doctor" sent a shiver up Torin's spine. Technically, he would be considered such, but it was something he never considered. He glided his hands over what he was working on before turning around to face the officer. He could tell Starfleet from a mile a way. The way they held themselves, the neatness of their uniforms. It was based in an ideal of order—a concept that Torin didn't understand, but must adapt to.

He stifled the feeling that he needed to salute the officer. "A pleasure. Sorry, I wasn't sure if I was supposed to be here. I thought I would check out the lab before we reach our destination."

“Of course feel free too, this is my second time on this type of vessel so I have little ‘leg up’ when it comes to familiarity then most, I am making rounds to see if I can help settle persons.” Came her easy and hopefully helpful response, knowing from experience that designations and titles and labels we’re often a source of discomfort, part of a reason she had dropped her own rank reference, she asked. “Speaking settling, how would you like to be referred to? For instance I am agreeable to my shortened name form Ewo.”

The Cardinal was quainter than the cargo freighter he was used to. There was no wide open spaces, and bumping into other crewmates was the norm. He leaned back on the edge of the console. His arms folded in front of him. "Torin, but I'll answer to just about anything." He took in a steep breath. "So, Operations officer? That means you're the one in charge of keeping everything in line, right?"

"Somthing like that, I am not to rigid, at least I try not to be." She responded with ease and a smile, she did not consider herself a taskmaster, as such but there would always be a certain amount of protocol to her which she freely admitted. "That said I like a certain amount of order, it is in the blood as they say, training and such sees to that. But mostly I will be keeping the engine running, the lights on, and people well supplied. Which bring me nicely to the question of, did you get everything you requisitioned? We can probably work somthing out at present if not."

Torin nodded. "Unless we can get raw hide for Eurus, I think we've got it all." He turned back to the rest of the lab, holding his arms out. "This place is the nicest facility I've ever worked in. The systems run smooth, diagnostics don't freeze, it doesn't smell like dung." He smiled, "This is going to be quiet the luxury trip."

“Raw hide. I will see what I can do, no promises.” Ewo commented making a note, with genuine intent of making a call or two, it might come to nothing then again it might have some use. Her though process was halted as he expressed his appreciation for the surroundings and setup, in a way that told of the trials of a civilian researcher apart from starfleet, aware that it was the pushing of certain persona that led her to fleet life, she was always intrigued by what might have been, which invariably prompted. “That sounds like a number of interesting experiences all stacked together, you Mister Torin, have some interesting tales I would surmise?” It was a half question, aware that some were a little reticent to share life experiences with persons they barely knew, but it was always worth an ask.

"Depends on what you think is interesting," said Torin. "I've been on many excursions, had to survive in many inhospitable places. Lived on the brink of the Romulan border. All sorts of fun!"

Her attention perked at the mention of the Romulan border, being fairly familer with that particular area, and feeling a bit of common ground, she asked. "The border area is, fun, for sure." Ewo gave a wary and knowing smile." I spent a bit of time around there before transferring here, around sector 045/34 through sector 48/34. Where abouts were you?"

"I'm bad with directions," said Torin. Numbers meant nothing to him when it came to his mental map. "I was on Zenara IV, which was a few systems away from Sigma Nelvana. Although we never officially had a run in with the Romulans there, I always felt like someone was watching."

Ewo smiled knowingly. "We were side by side then. That's quite interesting. Also to be truthful, a faction of romulans probably was watching." Feeling that last comment was a little sinister, she changed tack looking forward to what might be. "But we get to leave that all behind, strike out for new places."

Torin thought back to a few instances where the hair stood straight off his skin. As though he were prey, and a predator lurked from behind the shadows. Just the thought of it sent a shiver down his spine. He nodded in agreement with the operations manager, "That's why we're here. What's the Starfleet saying? 'Seek out new life and worlds?'"

"It is indeed." She responded with a smile, a before a slightly extended pause which she followed up with the following question. "Is there anything else I can help you with at the moment?"

"Unless you can help me find the datapad I brought in here..." Torin swayed around to look for it. Naturally, it had fallen off the desk and onto the floor. He picked it up, "Nevermind." He dusted off the padd, which was futile. The ship just left drydock. "I look forward to working with you, Ewo. I'll try to keep in line." A sinister smile crept across his face.


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