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Just In Case

Posted on Tuesday April 20, 2021 @ 9:52am by Trinity Anderson & Ewo’tOst Merrova [GM]
Edited on on Tuesday April 20, 2021 @ 11:58am

Mission: Lower Decks
Location: Deck 1/Escape Pod #1

Nestled into the relatively snug environment of number one of the Cardinals two escape pods, Ewo’tOst detached one of the kits from its below seat housing. As much as she hoped to never be in one for anything other than checks, she was always impressed with packaging, almost everything a person could need if separated from a more structured environment for a short time.

Opening up the kit she recognised it as a expedition kit, designed with items that would be used if you were having to reconnoiter your environment, or set out on a foraging trip. Tricorder, collapsible containers, neatly folded head cowls, and a pair of type 2 phasers. Her first check would be the tricorder, electronically tethering a shipboard one to it and running a short diagnostic. While that was in progress Ewo picked up a phaser and made a initial assessment, keying the on board power sensor it read as low, shrugging and putting it aside, she made a mental note that protocols may need a bit of tweaking, also that Trinity would be a good person to consult in this matter.

Trinity was at the latter end of her duty shift, which had been spent completing the checks of all small arms on board the ship. It was one of those boring, but ultimately necessary tasks that was done periodically as per Starfleet protocol to ensure that essential equipment important to the health and safety of the crew are constantly in good working order.

So far, Trinity had completed her inspections on the phasers located in the three weapons locker on the ship, which were located on the Bridge, Engineering and the Transporter Room. Now, she was making her rounds to the small arms located on all auxiliary crafts, which included the compliment of three support crafts the Cardinal possessed as well as the two life boats - or escape pods as some were fond of calling it.

Trinity figured she might as well begin with the escape pods. As she approached the first pod, she was surprised to see someone was in the escape pod. Trinity glanced into the pod and smiled as she saw Ewo. "Guess great minds think alike Ewo," Trinity said as she stepped into the narrow space of the escape pod. "Maintenance check?"

Passing the nearly packaged head cowl in front of the tricorder scanning node, considering for a moment the small packaging of such an essential item and expecting to be alone, it took a moment or two for the voice of another person to register, pleased that it happened to be someone she was at least a little familiar with. "Hmm. Oh Trinity, something like that yes, not the most exciting but arguably more necessary. It affords me the opportunity to get my bearings as well, how about you?"

"Agreed," Trinity replied. "Mind if I join you for a bit? I have to check the phasers." Trinity was trying to be more cognizant of the fact that not everyone was quite the social butterfly that she was, and some actually preferred working in solitude. However, she hoped Ewo would be open to at least spending some time together. It was always good to catch up both socially...and professionally of course. Although to be frank, Trinity was more interested in socializing than talking about work.

"Please do. Cozy quarters, but that’s not always a bad thing.” She replied with a smile, adjusting herself in the space to allow Trinity to enter properly, more than pleased with the chance to catch up with someone whom she’d had a positive first meeting. “Oh, As it happened you were likely to be my next contact.” Reaching up and to her right, not quite find the particular object twisted in place, until connecting with the phaser. “Hang on, got it.”

"Oh...a surprise for me?" Trinity jested as she moved deeper into the pod. Trinity had never really been one to be squeamish about personal space but she had found her time on board the Cardinal had especially dulled this concept for her. Somewhere in between shared sleeping spaces, communal sanitation areas, communal dining and rotating kitchen duties she had learned the true meaning of close-quarter living.

"It's not my birthday, but I'll take a cake. After all, cake is eternal."

Ewo used the phased body as a make shift hook and swept down a small bundle of something wrapped in brown paper it landed on one of the unoccupied seats, starting of apologetically she proffered the small arm across. “ I almost don’t want to pass this along, but the cells down to minimum.” She then smiled and reached for the package, placing it on her knee, she smiled across. “However you know me to well, I nipped back to the place on Starbase 11, picked up a small box of Tellarite spiced sponge squares, care to try.”

"Oh Ewo...holding out on me," Trinity said with a laugh as she took the phaser, set it aside and glanced at the Tellarite spiced sponge squares, her mouth instantly watering. "Don't mind if I do," she said as she reached to pick up a square. "Thanks."

She first paused to savour the aroma, letting the buttery and sugary fragrance waft up her nose before she gingerly took a bite as if fearful to finish it too quickly.

"Ummm..." she moaned. "So know, I still dream of that little spot we found on Starbase 11 and all the delicious treats they had."

A little smile played about her features, at the mention of that particular place. “As do I, I’ve seen a few star bases, not them all of course, but a few. But it was quite a find, certainly unique.” She picked up the only other square and took a bite, savouring it, before adding. “I found the recipe."

"So when's your turn to cook dinner again?" Trinity asked in jest. "I'll definitely recommend this sponge squares on the dessert menu." Trinity glanced at her empty hands and blinked - surprised and disappointed that the treat was finished. She looked up to Ewo, "Mind if I have another one - last one, I promise."

"I have dinner in four days, so I might just. Ohhe in fact if I take the afternoon, I could involve Ishacarr and make a batch or two, I suspect the galley will be quite messy afterwards but it will be more than worth it." Ewo explained as she sat back, a vague smile playing on her face again, as visions of mixture being both in and out of bowls played on her mind, something she hoped for as a younger person but only happened once or twice. Her smile deepened as she extended the paper packet in response to the request. "Of course, quite morish to the sweeter palate."

Trinity helped herself to another sponge square and took a bite, pausing for a second to appreciate the delicious treat. "I bet Ishacarr would love that. How's Ishacarr settling in?" She had always been curious about Ewo's ward, being the youngest person on board with no other children his age.

"Fairly well." Ewo began, which was her own observations and feelings, "He seems to be comfortable being around adults, which I encourage, that is one of the few things I appreciate from my parents." She sighed as she sat back in the actually rather supportive seat. "Contact with those his own age is minimal. But thanks to the distance learning program he is not completely cut off, and getting to interact with his peers."

"Hope this is not too personal, but how are you doing joggling looking after Ishacarr and the ship?"

"Not too personal, it has been a little tricky." She began, thinking about the adaptations she had to make in the last few weeks. "Fortunately Starfleet's tendency towards automation is a help, so it's working around the maintenance schedule and keeping on top of that. But it's nice being my own boss effectively, I can work in little breaks and go and see how Ishacarr is going with his lessons." It boiled down to getting a lot of little things right. "It does mean having a link to the various warning sensors, just in case. Also having a very understanding boss is one positive, in fact most of the crew seem agreeable to him being around which is a bit of weight of thought lifted."

Trinity nodded. Like Ewo, she had the same experience with the ship and the crew. Being such a small ship, Trinity admittedly had her reservations when she was posted to the Cardinal, but she was pleased to see that her concerns were unfounded. In fact, she would be troubled if she were to receive a new assignment.

"I hear you on being your own boss," Trinity said with a smile. She had only briefly had the pleasure of heading an entire department back on the Komorkis and as rewarding as that was, Trinity had to admit she enjoyed being a department of one.

"We can find our own way of working, and make adjustments to the setup of the ship and the like, within reason, as long as our expedition leader is looped in." She agreed, expanded on her own reasons for feeling comfortable on this assignment. "Oh how is the running track working out for you? I have hit it once a week and it seems to work."

"Very well!" Trinity replied. There was probably fewer things she took more pleasure in doing on the ship than running the track they had been able to set up. It was shorter than what she was used to do, but that meant she just did more laps. Plus it was fun trying to beat her lap time and the number of laps she could complete in a session.

The running track was what started her morning - that and a cup of raktajino- and it was what mostly helped her wind down for sleep. Then there were the ad hoc times where she just needed to blow off some steam, wind down to sleep, or simply just needed to think.

"Thanks again by the way for helping Arnie and I set that up," Trinity added.

"You are very welcome." Came her reply with a smile, she elaborated with a short tale, from not so far back. "I have had a bit of practice, to be honest, managed to work a similar sort of set up on a previously that was only a six week tour but the officer in charge was very, very into fitness and the running track was a must, even for a short spell.

"Sounds like something I would do," Trinity replied with a chuckle as she finally picked up the phaser and went about trying to address the low power cell issue Ewo had flagged. "Hope the officer was at least nice about it."

Trinity opened the casing of the weapon on its left side to reveal the sarium krellide power cell. She pulled it out and scanned it with her tricorder and shook her head. "Well looks like that's our problem. Power cell is completely drained. Strange...that's the third one today. I think we may have received a defective batch of power cells. The drainage on these cells is faster than their standard specs."

Trinity toyed around with the power cell as she slid it into one of the pockets of her uniform. "Looks like I'm going to be making a second trip back here to replace that power cell."

"How's your check going?"

"It's going." She responded, now with a second kit on her knee, opened out, this particular one was more rations and survival coverings, with some noticeable empty pockets. "Few empties in this one. I may have to go rummaging in the cargo bay stores, there a few crates with plenty of extras for top ups."

Trinity nodded. "I'll be heading that way shortly," she replied. "But I'll need to check on the weapons on the other auxiliary crafts." She turned to head out, paused and then turned back. "Let me know if you and Ishacarr need some preparing the sponge squares when next you plan to make them." Trinity paused and added with a mischievous grin, "I can't promise that every square will make it to the dinner table, but I can promise you'll have an attentive and dedicated sous-chef."

“Sounds like fun to me.” Ewo responded from where she sat, with a wide very warm grin, in response to the mischief from her shipmate. “I’ll give you at least a days notice.”


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