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Running Down A Theory

Posted on Saturday March 20, 2021 @ 8:35am by Canaan Serine [GM] & Ewo’tOst Merrova [GM] & Arminius Baiua PhD

Mission: Tributaries
Location: Engine Room, Deck 3 & Bridge, Deck 2
Timeline: Unknown

Her stem-to-stern check of the condition of the Cardinal had proceeded surprisingly smoothly. A fair amount of degaussing of consoles and surfaces had been needed, and there was the ever-present minor power drain that seemed to leach power from everywhere else and was still causing minor instabilities.

This was the issue she was grappling with while standing at an engine room console. Hands and fingers splayed out with only fingertip contact with the console. A series of key presses followed up with a dial back, then another, then another. Hopeful, she keyed a level five diagnostic and paused, thought a little, and then brought up the auxiliary power modules' levels. The results that returned caused her to utter an audible "WHY!" To an empty engine room, cut short by the computer stating, "WARNING. Power consumption of external systems exceeding specified tolerances, power fluctuations may result."

This prompted a very exasperated, "Yes. Yes. Yes. I understand the bloody problem. I do not need constant reminders!" Another pause. "They're external. I need a scientist. Computer locates Lieutenant Baiua and Commander Serine."

"Lieutenant Baiua is on the bridge, and Commander Serine en route to the bridge."

The pair located, Ewo took a chance on a stop-gap measure. She tied the structural integrity field to one auxiliary module, deflector systems to a second, and inertial dampening field to a third - Leaving two spares just in case. "Computer disconnect deflector systems, SIF systems, and IDF systems from main power taps until further notice." The reward was near-instant stability in the power grid. Now to find Arnie. "Come on, sweetheart, let's go and see Arnie." She called to Ishacarr before they strolled through the oversized doors and along the now well-lit corridor.

Arnie looked back over the readings coming in from the sensors. The power drain, coupled with wherever they were, meant he was getting less than a third of the data he should be from the Cardinal's sensors. Despite her size, she packed the equivalent science load out of a ship twice her size and had external sensors giving her about 80% of the Nova-class's ability. The Betazoid muttered to himself as he shut down the long-range sensors and turned his focus on the lateral array.

Ewo strolled left then right through the panels that formed the access way to the vessel's bridge, with her ward following close behind, making a beeline for the Betazoid Chief Science Office. "Lieutenant Baiua, apologies for the interruption, but I was hoping to run something by you and get your thoughts."

"Sure," Arnie said, eyes still on the monitors. He entered a few keystrokes to have the computer take over the sensor scans without getting anywhere with the sensors. "What can I do for you?" He asked, turning to face the Engineer.

“I have managed to run down the source of our power instability and put in a workaround which should start to take effect any moment now. But, the 'why' is proving elusive.” Ewo began, telling herself to slow down. Continuing, she laid out the beginnings of a theory. “But the systems affected are SIF, IDF, and the navigational deflector field. Now the common factor of the three is they generate a field around or along the hull.” She gestured, making a shell-like motion with both hands, which she then extended outward as she continued. “Which in turn potentially interact with the environment, could there be something in this new environment do you think?”

"I was actually thinking the same thing. Our attempts to scan the region have been unsuccessful; our long-range sensors don't pick anything up, even our active scans aren't returning anything. It's almost like this region has a broad spectrum dampening field directed at us." Arnie replied. "The question is, is it a natural effect, or is it a generated field, like a defense system?"

Ewo nodded carefully, a little surprised and concerned they were essentially blind for the moment, "It seems this region is keen to keep its air of mystery." She said softly, "Perhaps that is a link, the same effect that is causing the power leach is also drawing the type of energy used in the scanners enough to prevent a return; therefore, we have no readings." Pausing before asking. "Does that sound plausible?"

"Certainly plausible, but the question is, what do we do about it? And, if we start trying to neutralize it or overpower it, could that be viewed as a threat to the locals?" Arnie asked, looking to Canaan.

Canaan had quietly entered the bridge mid-discussion, listening closely as Ewo and Arnie hypothesized a connection between the persistent power drain to their ship's systems and the unexplained limitations to the long-range sensor systems.

"I think it would," Canaan moved to where Arnie was sat, standing near Ewo. "What we've learned from Laurisviola is that everything within this realm is connected somehow. Not in how we understand causality, but more so in the literal sense. Laurisviola speaks of a being known as The Bringer of Glad Tidings. The being itself is non-corporeal, a sentient function of retrieving essential nutrients from universes beyond to ensure the colony can reproduce. This process happens once a year, I think, over a three-day period known as 'The Resurgence.' Those intense gravitational disturbances to subspace detected by the USS Crucible was The Bringer of Glad Tidings, and we just so happened to drop out of warp directly into its net. We're an anomaly, a parasite that the realm is trying to mitigate before the resurgence." He paused, glancing between the two crew members. "I have the feeling our very presence is doing significant harm to everything within this realm." He concluded.

"So potentially, we're either in some alternate universe, or at least a sort of isolated pocket of our universe. Completely cut off from the larger universe, or what we know to be the universe at least.
This resurgence could be how this Bringer supplies matter, possibly matter, and energy to this region.
The Crucible, and now ourselves got swept up in the process." Arnie said, leaning back against the console, his arms crossed across his chest. "So how do we get out? Does this resurgence only go one way? Can Laurisviola send us back? Or ask the Bringer to?"

Canaan combed his fingers through his hair, "Slight correction," He bent over Arnie's console and punched in a few commands, retrieving a package of data unassumingly stored away in the databanks. "The Crucible never came into contact with the gravimetric wavefronts. They were the first to detect them; however," he gestured to the display, which listed a series of sensor data logs specific to the Crucible's findings. "The question's been asked if The Bringer can send us home, but thus far, all roads point to 'no.' The Bringer is only accustomed to delivering matter to one direction, here, wherever we are. The mechanics employed pulls matter in a single direction," Canaan opened one of the files, a graphics interchange that clearly displayed a sinusoidal wavefront that drew matter into the event horizon of an anomaly very similar to an Einstein–Rosen bridge. Guys, the matter pulled into this realm is consumed... never discarded."

Studying the graphic fairly intensely, the concept of a one-way flow being fairly familiar, a theory reinforced by the manner of event that they found themselves unexpectedly apart of. The knowledge that they might be doing unintended damage was troubling and spinning around her mind, along with the issue of how to extract themselves. “You say this is a three-day-long event, for want of a better word.” Ewo began. “Have questions been asked as to the nature of the finale? Perhaps a confluence of some sort that may be used for our gain.”

Canaan shook his head, licking his lips, shifting his gaze from the display to Ewo, "It's not that the event is three days in length; I actually don't know the length of this species' reproductive period. That said, they are creatures similar to Earth's fungi caste, so we can probably derive that information based on relational precedence." Canaan leaned against the console, "What we do know is that this reproductive cycle is expected to start in three days, and we cannot be here when it does; Laurisviola has been adamant about that. If we are, it won't happen at all, which will threaten the future propagation of the colony itself. We can't be the intentional cause of this species' sterilization." He concluded, "Ewo, can we modify the deflector to emit a harmless resonance that could disrupt the power drain?"

“Potentially yes.” She began, stopping for a moment. “Perhaps an alternating resonance, one that switched between sympathetic and counter frequencies would be of most benefit, working from the magnetic laws of opposites attract and likenesses repel; It may mimic a more natural barrier, reenforce our none threatening nature,” Giving both of them a smile, a small amount of progress was often a reason to smile.


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