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Probable Leakage

Posted on Saturday March 13, 2021 @ 3:51pm by Ewo’tOst Merrova [GM]
Edited on on Sunday March 28, 2021 @ 2:09pm

Mission: Tributaries
Location: Deck 4
Timeline: Unknown

First chance at the status display and console betrayed a glint that was not usual, a tricorder was produced and a scan run, the handheld devices being drawn in a straight line, in mid-air, across the area the panel. The reading showed up the same combinations of organic elements distributed across the transparent metallic object. Ewo sighed and turned for her tool kit and a degausser; she was confronted by a cheesy grin from Ishacarr, who was also holding out said tool from an already open tool kit. "Much obliged." She responded as an acknowledgment of the keen and helpful action. Activating the palm-sized device and pointing it downwards at the panel that focused on her current activity and interest, an energy field with a frequency that gave it a blue-green hue to the eye of most humanoids, protected from and spread out across the panel. As the device and the field were drawn steadily and gradually over the defined area, its work and effects were clear. The almost translucent residue left by Laurisviola contact and interactions with this particular terminal was removed. Once Ewo was halfway across, it leads to a clear distinction between the contaminated and decontaminated surfaces.

The process took the best part of twenty minutes, but now with a clean console, she could work at the deeper issues that needed addressing, namely the state of the systems and the source of the power drain that still seemed to be affecting the ship.

Lowering herself into a crouch just in front of the panel would allow access to this particular system's workings—namely, the generator for the ship's structural integrity field. The monitoring room was oblong in shape with the casing for the generator occupying three-quarters of the long wall opposite the access door, with its asymmetric shape protecting into the room enough to occupy half of the total area, the clear conduit, and tap leading from the vessels main power transfer conduit cut into the room from one of the shorter sides.

Pulling up then outwards on the lower part of the panel to dislodge it from its secure mounting, Ewo eased it down to the deck, sliding it to one side, before moving to collect a phase discriminator, returning to crouch in front of the now exposed circuits and connections of the control interface. "Computer, begin level three diagnostic on interface processing circuits, return results to my tricorder." First thing first, she wanted to be sure the readings and controls that would be returning results were functioning as expected.

Several minutes later, the computer returned the results of the diagnostic. 'Interface processing circuits are marginally outside normal operating parameters.'

"Computer detail focus of error."

'Error returned in-circuit four one seven Charlie, a variance of one point five-five, input sensitivity may be compromised.' Taking the note on board, Ewo elected to attempt to realine the problem area. Peering into the access space, she adjusted her viewpoint many times before picking up the particular circuit. "Of course, right at the back. Computer establishes a variance link with four one seven charlie, display on my tricorder." Throwing a glance over her shoulder and attracting attention. "Ishacarr, I would appreciate your assistance if you would?"

Gesturing to the delivery on the deck, she explained. "I need to adjust - Continue watching the reading and tell me when it gets to point four two." Threading her arms into space, which looked ample until one tried to move and work with tools inside it, just being able to see her target, she captivated the discriminator and began to use it to alter the circuit. Outside, the display changed, a jump at first before slowing to steady and observable progress until a call came from the Betelgeusian male. "When." Ewo deactivated the tool and withdrew her arms, picking back to a kneeling position. "Thank you, your assistance.

Now the preliminary checks were taken care of and properly adjusted, it was time to get into the main focus of her checks, the state of the systems themselves. Distributed across the top of the casing at very irregular intervals, five inspection panels correspond to the five field focus assembles that worked in tandem to provide full coverage for the vessel. Moving to her tool kit Ewo gathered it up but did not close it fully, placing it at an appropriate spot on the housing close by a panel, then she proceeded to remove and place face down on the casing each of the five inspection coverings.

Leaning over the edge of the casing, she selected a multi-spectral probe, a magnetic reader, and set about keying her tricorder to the specific frequencies she wasn't educated to identify as well as being able to return results of the diagnostics soon to take place. Placing the reader over another point to define an area of focus, she instructed the self-diagnostic programs. "Computer begin level three diagnostic between marked areas, highlight need uses of multispectral instruments, also display results to the tricorder."

The diagnostic progressed steadily with some adjustments needed here and there, some to components and relays that were a little more awkward to reach than others. The diagnostic results were a little surprised when the computer listed the following. “ system checks complete, nominal operations recognized, except three-point seven three percent excess power usage registered. Source unknown.”

“Computer log results and power drain. Begin searching internal diagnostic results for unexplained power drains. Time frame twelve hours.” Ewo instructed, wanting to find evidence to either prove or disprove a pattern theory.


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By Canaan Serine on Sunday March 28, 2021 @ 2:10pm

I am constantly impressed by your uncanny usage of Treknobabble. This post was very well-written from an Engineer's perspective, and I appreciate the continued dynamic between Ewo and Ishacarr. Great job!