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Frisbee And Layers

Posted on Friday March 5, 2021 @ 3:57am by Ewo’tOst Merrova [GM] & Ishacarr Am'nim [Ewo]
Edited on on Saturday March 27, 2021 @ 7:20pm

Mission: Tributaries
Location: Crew Berths, Deck 2
Timeline: Unknown

A cabin door opened to admit a female Betelgeusian, just as a plastic disk winged across the room, continuing until its progress was arrested in the corner as it bounced off one bulkhead into the second, followed by a startled. "Aunt Ewo!" From the corner of one of the sleeping compartments, as Ishacarr made an appearance. "Frisbee? " Ewo queried, not betraying any particular sign of annoyance or displeasure. "Yeah, it's warm in here. Is it like that all over?" He responded, crossing the space to pick up the object. "At the moment, yes. We have entered an area of space we are as yet unfamiliar. Are you on recess at present?"


"Good, I need to explain something to you." She responded, moving to a chair around the common table, gesturing to the other. "Take a seat, please." Ishacarr, a little puzzled, stepped over, pulled out the chair, and sat down facing his Aunt. "I dint mean to alarm you, but I think you're old enough to understand." She paused before falling back on an analogy. "You know that multi-colored ice cream that we had at your friend's party a few months ago."

"Yes, Neopolitan, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry."

"Well, space is like that, in a basic way, it has layers, subspace for example. Currently, we are in a layer of space we do not fully understand because until a few hours ago, we were not sure existed."

"Can we get back to our layer?"

"Not yet."


"We will find a way." Ewo countered this slightly fatalistic question, quickly and sharply, before admiring the next step."But first, I need to make sure the ship works and is ready for what comes next. I would like you to accompany me." Jenkins a thumb over her shoulder at the personal compartment. "You can bring your assigned work and continue, and I might even need a hand from time to time. Our crew is engaged in other matters."

The young man brightens at the prospect of being able to get out of the cabin for a while. "Really, that sounds 'hinky.' I'll go get my stuff." A little puzzled at the unusual and none standard work, she smiled. "I will be waiting."

Pushing off the chair, Ishacarr scooped the Frisbee off the table and hurried past, leaving Ewo in the room alone for a few moments, sliding the chair around. Hence, its back was against the same wall as the door, propping her elbow on the table, letting her thoughts jumble around for a few moments as was a habit of hers, allowing concerns to dissipate and letting ideas come to the surface, Ewo latched onto the fact they had a power drain that could not be explained. Perhaps that was her start. "Ready. Oh Aunt Ewo, are there any inhabitants in this layer?"

"As it happens, yes," Ewo responded with a smile; she was unsure of if or how to bring up the subject of their visitor; with the pair moving through the ship, the possibility of an encounter was possible.

"Are they coming on the ship?" Ishacarrs asked excitedly.

Rising from her chair and stepping to the door. "One already is." She put a hand on his shoulder and guided him into the corridor as she continued to explain her view of Laurisviola "I have met them. They are different but open to cooperation."

"Can I meet them?"

"Perhaps." She responded cautiously, not wanting to dampen the obvious and infectious enthusiasm. "First Contact, which is exactly as it sounds the first meeting between peoples, is quite delicate." As they followed the short corridor to the turbolift, she offered. "I will show you images, however."


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Comments (2)

By Canaan Serine on Saturday March 27, 2021 @ 7:23pm

We should write a JP where Ishacarr meets Laurisviola. Maybe towards the end of the mission, just before the Cardinal returns to normal space? It would be fun to see how the youngster's curiosity may be met by meeting the creature!

By Ewo’tOst Merrova [GM] on Sunday March 28, 2021 @ 3:15am

Yes please!