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Lost In Translation

Posted on Tuesday March 16, 2021 @ 5:15pm by Canaan Serine & Trinity Anderson & Torin Landry & Samantha Grayson [Trinity]
Edited on on Tuesday March 16, 2021 @ 5:15pm

Mission: Tributaries
Location: Sickbay, Deck 3
Timeline: Unknown

Previously, on Star Trek: Cardinal

"Laurisviola," Sam called her tone slow and deliberate to aid comprehension but also to give her additional time to consider her words before verbalizing them. Her hands pointed to the creature. "Watcher of the Exotic, protectorate of the familiar known." Sam pointed to Trinity. "Trinity, the protectorate of the colony." At the word colony, Sam gestured rather exaggeratingly at their immediate surrounding. "This colony."

Next, Sam pointed at herself and, with a wry smile, stated, "Sam...elder of the colony, seeker of truth."

She paused to see what reaction Laurisviola would give.

Continuing, Sam gestured around. "Our colony seeks the truth about the here and now." Sam gestured towards the screen and invited Lauisviola to get closer, although she had no idea if, with its multiple eyes, the creature could already see what was on the screen. "Where is here and now?"

And, now, the continuation

Laurisviola gazed upon Sam with the wonderment of an explorer, its six orbs of solid black mirroring the woman's overemphasized gesticulations. Its stalk bent away from Sam so that it could watch without the impediment of the rim to its thick, meaty cap. It cooed an acknowledgment, finding meaning in the parallels this most oddly appearing creature was making between it and them. Unusual its tonal emanations were, Laurisviola was mostly understanding what the creature was communicating.

Its gaze shifted between Sam and Trinity as a series of melodies reverberated across the diameter of its dome.

"Seeker of Truth, Protectorate of the Colony," it greeted them with a courteous bow, "Mindless are your quizzes. The here is in the now, a realm apart we exist. Where is here." Laurisviola declared.

"We're lost," the soft tenor of Canaan's voice followed the brief silence that fell between the alien, Sam, and Trinity. "Have you ever not known this realm?"

Laurisviola turned, its attention focused on the pale creature as it approached. Unlike the others, this one's movements were subtle yet deliberate - Its cadence reminded Laurisviola of Marrisviola, the Exalted One of Amenite on High. "Lost, in the here and now, unfathomable - Impossible." Laurisviola explained, "Interconnected am I to all that creates this realm, as is the colony. Here are my thoughts, I exist, as do all others. You are an anomaly. You cannot exist in my thoughts, and so then you cannot exist in the here and now. You are foreign and do not belong. You are from away." It concluded thoughtfully, holding the creatures' gaze.

"And so we are lost in this realm and need to find our way back to the 'away.' Can you help?"

"From away, I am mindless," Laurisviola explained, its entire stalk swaying from side-to-side like a tree in the wind, "Only the Bringer of Glad Tidings is mindful of all that which lays beyond this realm."

Samantha glared at Canaan for his rude interruption. It was more jealousy than anything untoward because the Expedition Leader had stolen the spotlight and stolen her exact line of questioning. He had somehow led them to a rather important revelation with the simplest question - they were lost, and there was someone that could help.

It was simple and elegant, which Sam admired. After all, she was not exactly known for being simple and elegant. She was oddly, far too knowledgeable for that, despite her desperation to present her views plainly. There was, of course, the opposite view, she knew, that held that true intelligence was being able to communicate an idea.

Guess I don't have 'true intelligence,' Sam mused.

"Maybe we should ask to meet this Bringer," Trinity chimed in, her gaze sweeping from Canaan to Sam.

Sam rolled her eyes at Trinity. Unlike Canaan, Sam felt irritated at the Security Officer's rather obvious statement. She knew, of course, that it was more than just the statement that bothered her about Trinity. There was history between the two women... one that remained unresolved. And judging from Trinity's nonchalant attitude towards her since they both found out they were on this expedition together, it appeared it would remain unresolved.

"Thanks for stating the obvious, Lieutenant," Sam muttered. She hoped her comment was just out of the reach of Laurisviola's hearing. Although, Sam was also aware that she knew little of this creature's physiology to know what it could hear or not hear.

Sam saw Trinity about to speak but quickly turned away to face Laurisviola, "If it is within your power Laurisviola, could we seek the wisdom of the Bringer of Glad Tidings? Perhaps the Bringer of Glad Tiding's knowledge of here and now and the realm beyond could help us find our way back to the 'away.'"

Laurisviola's cap teetered from left to right as if it were shaking its head, yet not in the negative. "The Bringer of Glad Tidings is ever-present in the here and in the now - Persistent is their touch of all that healthily nourishes our realm, netting what is needed when it is lacking. Through me and rooted in the colony does it exist."

Torin moseyed into the sickbay. His palm pressed against his eyebrow as he winced. It was only moments before that he woke up to the cool slobber of Eurus's tongue. His dark eyes took their time to adjust to what awaited him in the room. A few of his shipmates, a large... something? And a trail of goo all stood still as he walked in. His senses tightened, and he squinted. "Sorry to bother..."

Instinctively, Torin pulled out his tricorder and started scanning the lifeform. He was certain someone else already started to do so, but this anomaly was too interesting for him not to get a reading of his own.

Samantha glared at Torin, her gaze at once sizing him up and dismissing him at the same time. Yet another scientist barging in to steal her thunder, she mused.

Trinity, on the other hand, glanced curiously at Torin's bushy beard, "I think you've got something on your beard," she said, instinctively rubbing the area of her chin corresponding to where the strange liquid was located on his face. "For your sake, I hope that's not Laurisviola's goo."

"Do we know what this goo actually does?" asked Torin. An image in his mind appeared of Eurus licking at it. Hopefully, it's non-toxic for dog-birds.

"Besides smelling bad, can't say I do," Trinity replied. "I suppose Arnie or Canaan might have an idea."

Laurisviola trilled at Trinity, its black eyes narrowing as the gills under its dome released a sour-smelling mist in response to the woman's disparaging comment.

Shaking his head, Canaan couldn't help but smile as he watched Sam, Trinity, and, now, Torin muddle their interaction with Laurisviola. A former officer he'd once served with, a diplomat by trade, had shared that scientists were often the worst in first contact situations, as they were often blithely unaware of how their seemingly innocuous questions teetered an exchange toward the offensive. Watching what he was now, Canaan would agree, although he would argue his diplomat friend wasn't completely in the know.

"Laurisviola," Canaan interjected gently, "I think what Trinity means is that your scent is unfamiliar to us, and so it will take some time to get used to it." It was Canaan's turn to shift his gaze between each of his crew, silently conveying caution and a need for decorum. "My colony is inherently curious about you in all ways. While you and The Bringer of Glad Tidings work with Sam and Trinity, do you think Torin," Canaan introduced the new arrival with a hand gesture, "Could scan you to learn more about you and your species? We only want to do so with your permission."

A series of clicks followed, Laurisviola considering a question they'd never been asked, "Mindless am I have 'scan.'" It cooed, returning its gaze to Sam as it moved closer to the Linguist.

Torin went to a console to do a deeper scan. He was mostly looking on a biological level to see what the Laurisviola was. A sentient plant? An animal with plant-like capabilities? No matter what, it had a connection to this location, and Torin needed to figure out how. He nearly forgot his bedside manners, "Thank you."

"Gratitude accepted from the unknown sprout," came the computer's translation at Laurisviola's most recent vibrational tone.

Canaan approached Torin, looking at the scans over the shorter scientist's shoulder. "These are the first decent scans we've had the chance to take since we discovered it was on board," Canaan noted quietly as he produced a vial that contained a small amount of the sticky residue produced by Laurisviola. "I took this off science lab three." He said, handing the vial to Torin. If he had to guess about the composition of the substance, he would agree with Arnie's earlier assessment that it was probably a byproduct of Laurisviola's physiology, produced in a way similar to one of Earth's Gastropoda class of organism.

On the outside, Laurisviola looked much like a species of fungi known as Fly Agaric. If it hadn't been for the creature's eyes and vine-like appendages, Canaan would have been hard-pressed to distinguish one from the other - Except in size. Laurisviola was considerably larger. The scans, however, revealed Laurisviola's anatomy and physiology were vastly more complex.

His eyes studying the sensor readings streaming vertically across the screen, Canaan mumbled, "'Nature alone is antique, and the oldest art a mushroom.'" He smiled, glancing from the scan's results to Torin and then to the creature standing only meters away, "A mushroom Laurisviola is not though, is it, Torin?"


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