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Daddy, Part 2

Posted on Friday March 5, 2021 @ 1:43pm by Trinity Anderson
Edited on on Saturday March 6, 2021 @ 9:16pm

Mission: Lower Decks
Location: Starfleet Medical - Earth
Timeline: May 12, 2385

Previously, on Star Trek: Cardinal

Trinity sighed, resigned to the will of her mother and brother. The truth was she could not fight them even if she wanted to. She was hungry and in horrible need of rest, but she had feared that if she left his side, he would give up the ghost. Her mother’s words however were reassuring, and her brother’s logic made sense. The quicker she left to change and eat, the quicker she could be back by her father’s side.

Standing up from her chair, she gave her father a kiss on the cheek before turning to face her brother who quickly led her out of the hospital room…

And now the continuation…

Daddy, are you okay?
Look Dad, we got the same hair
And Daddy, it's my birthday
And all I want to say
Is you're so far away
Oh, you're so far away
That's okay
That's okay
That's okay
You're so far away
Won't you come and won't you stay?
Please, stay
Oh, please, stay
Won't you come and won't you stay?
One day
Just one day

- Lyric from Coldplay's Daddy

Death is an inconspicuous thing.

He had lived long enough to witness fifty-nine revolutions of Earth around the Sol star along with the many changing seasons. Granted, he had spent more of those revolutions away from his “paradise” than he would have cared for, but everywhere his career took him, he always took a bit of home with him.

Tomorrow would have been his sixtieth revolution had he not stepped into that engine room and into the foreboding arms of Hades.

He had fought hard. Trinity had watched him all night long through his restless motions and the pain. She had done her best with the help of the doctors and nurses to try to ease his pain. She had recounted memories to him, hoping her voice and the tale of happier times would have tethered him to the world of living.

Perhaps it had…for a time.

His face would grimace in unbearable pain, yet his strong will stopped him from crying out. He would open his eyes every now and then, his brown eyes searching the ceiling and his surroundings for the familiar, momentarily lost in the continuum of space and time. Then he would reassert himself in the here and now. His head would turn towards her, and he would smile. Amazingly, the twinkle was still
there in his eyes. It may have been fading, but it was still there.

What used to be bright and luminous brown eyes as comforting and tough as mahogany wood was now sunken and dull. It was as if a bright sunny day suddenly turned dark and gray - the kind one saw before the advent of a storm. She could tell almost instantly the moment she had seen the change in his eyes – his death was near.

In his last act, he had stretched out his arm and took hers. He had tried to smile at her even as he felt a never-ending wave of pain and episodic fits of cough. He had opened his mouth to speak but was too weak to say anything.

Trinity had moved closer to him, kneeling by his bedside to be that much closer to him. He had brushed the stray strands of her hair away from her face, she imagined so he could “see the pretty face of my little girl” as he was wont to say.

Her heart had ached at the sight of her father. He was everything that meant anything to her. Her eyes had started to well up, but she mustered the strength to keep them at bay and instead forced a smile. If he wanted to see her face, she reasoned she would try to give him her best to remember.

He had caressed her face one last time and his smile faded. His left hand had shot to his chest most likely in pain. The pace of his breathing increased, and a deep frown formed on his face. His eyes had closed, and he gritted his teeth to silence the natural tendency to cry out in pain by sheer force of his iron determination.

His breathing became shallow and with a heavy sigh, he gave up his ghost to the harbinger of death, Lord of the underworld – Hades.

Life was cruel…

It started out harmlessly...beautiful even. A new life emerges into a new world. In time, the new life relates with its new environment. It learns, interacts with things and people. It builds rapport, makes mistakes and learns from them. It grows, touching the lives of so many others. And then suddenly, sometimes without warning, it ends.

Nearly sixty years of life filled with memories, knowledge, friends, families, love, hate, sorrow, joy, and so much more.

All of that, ended simply in the brief respite of a sigh - the last sound of the last chapter of his life book...but the first sound of a new chapter in hers.

Death truly is an inconspicuous thing…


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By Canaan Serine on Saturday March 27, 2021 @ 7:35pm

Thank you for sharing this heartbreaking glimpse into Trinity's past, Mav.