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Pastry In The Circuitry

Posted on Tuesday February 23, 2021 @ 3:38am by Ewo’tOst Merrova [GM]
Edited on on Wednesday March 24, 2021 @ 11:15pm

Mission: Lower Decks
Location: USS Navhjo
Timeline: Past

Clambering through a ships crawl spaces with a tray of food and tool kit in tow would likely have its challenges, however Ewo had a fair amount of practice and her solution was relatively simple, tool kit with appropriate length strap looped around her, a cap over the drink cup and secured to the tray, which was placed on the floor of the passage and pushed among in front, it did create an amount of noise and she was always sure people knew she was in the vicinity or soon to arrive, but it was effective.

Finally reaching her destination, opened up the hatch, smiled at the other woman crouched besides an open panel, who on looked over in the direction of said hatch her expression slipped from concentration to a pleasent and genuine smile at Ewo arrival. "You got your breakfast then."

"Yeah, the tray probably gave me away."

"It did make your approach a little noticeable." Replied with a slow nod, following up with a question. "What did you go for?" Answering while Clamouring out of the tube, which was a little more involved as she was moving around the tray, lags tucked up and then bodily swiveling around to end up sitting at the entrance. "Spice tea, made with Bolian tonic water and a dash of bergamot. Also a pair of pain aux's, one raisin, one chocolate?" Pricking the tray up and offering it forward. "You were a little none committee, I picked up an extra, care for one?"

Armson looked a little undecided before, putting down her tools and shaping towards Merrova, "Oh go on then." She added while steping across the hexagonal space, which involved a gingerly on the hatch down, selecting the pain aux raisin, before moving back allowing Ewo to exit the tube and join her in the confined space, fitting for the older design of the Miranda, "Your often kind, I like that." She noted before taking a bite, then motion ingredients to the open panel. "I've made a start with the prep for the diagnostic, and was about to tie in a secondary monitor when I notice a auto request from tactical monitoring, the cycle through these sensor pallets it seems, I've kept a cluster free which we can rotate."

"What about an unavailable check because of diagnostics, that way their auto request will jump to the next one in sequence and we can run continuous comparative checks. Besides tactical can be more than a little nouty when they do not have a full picture. Not sure why." Ewo suggested as she stepped across and put herself level with the second panel, sweeping and sliding the food tray into the intersection between vertical and horizontal bulkhead. Tapping at the small display and control keys inside the open access, to bring them to life, Ewo reached putt for her cup that sat in corner of the tray twisting it sharply but slightly to detach it, and lifting it away.

“Well I suppose they are in the protection business.” Aston offered, having come up against said attitude only once so far, she was a little unsure of what else to say.

“Maybe, but sometimes it feels like they cross from protection to protective, I do not know. Anyway. Check is in place. We should be able to carry on with out tripping anyone up.” A gulp of tea, thankfully still hot, Ewo’tOst flicked the catch on her kit, propped the lid against the bulkhead.

“Right. I will start off with cluster Charlie-Zero slash Three-Four.” Came a confident start before a question. “We’re on level threes right.”

“That is correct.” Ewo answered, the pain aux choc half way to her mouth.

“Cluster isolated. gonna give it a degaussing while got the chance.”

“Set the checks running first.” She advised quickly, pulling the pastry away and showering the deck with crumbs before expoundingYou will have twenty minutes at least, with just a screen to keep an eye on. Also you have me to check you.” She shot a quick glance downward, “although I will be cleaning that up.


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