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Dodging Speaches

Posted on Sunday February 7, 2021 @ 5:51am by Ewo’tOst Merrova [GM]
Edited on on Monday February 22, 2021 @ 10:59am

Mission: Lower Decks
Location: USS Navhjo
Timeline: Past (Mid-2387)

Behind the pack of officers and crew awaiting their dailies Ewo'tOst Merrova entered quietly, she was of course late as usual, her efforts to remain inconspicuous didn't quite work out. the Bosun passing out assignments glanced in her direction just before passing out the next, "we have a diagnostic drills on the portside lateral pallet, which will be affected by Ensign Armson assisted by Ensign Merrova." Ewo sighed, the Ensign in question was well known as a charger, she was competent, she was diligent, but also someone who wanted to get noticed sooner rather than later, Ewo was none of those things, path of least resistance was her mindset, while it would be a long morning for sure, she was fairly sure she could stay firmly in the assist role for the task ahead.

After a few more minutes unites and another handful of assignments later the briefing broke up, and the noise in the smallish room went up a few notches with officers and crew linking up with their assigned partners and beginning to hash out basic plans. "Morning Armson." Ewo offered simply as she approached her counterpart, expecting a bright and breezy persona and not quite prepared for it just yet, the previous email night had been another late one for the young woman, caught up with the literary club and a function that went on into the small hours. "Before we start I need to visit a coffee mess, I was quite late one last night and as such I had no chance for breakfast."

"Ahhh a late night cramming session. Sure you go get yourself something, meet me over there. I can get started on the preliminary and catch you up." She responded with relatively good grace.

"Would you like something as well?"

"Maybe pan-, actually I shouldn't. Maybe another time."

Ewo smiled politely as the woman turned on a healthy and walked away, equilibrium parts bewildered and jealous, she was about to take her own leave when she was pulled up by a call from the Bosun. "Ensign Merrova morning briefings begin at 0745." He paused and waited for her to turn in his direction. "Something you seem to be forgetting." Another pause, as he looked he noticed the usual brash and problem demeanor was not there, not this time, she seemed a little troubled. Hoping it was genuinely he pressed a little further. "No quipped response, no excuse, a reason maybe."

"I was at rehearsals, which carried on longer than expected." Give a vague reason, her attempt to push the chat down a predictable but shorter path.

"AHH extracurricular activities, you know the title implies they are in addition to your regular and mandatory duties." He stood back a little, accepting her rather basic explanation before going on to remind her of the obvious, then looking for her response.

"Yes, but it brings me joy and fulfilment." Ewo likewise stood off, offering a passively defensive response.

"More than running a starship?" Arms crossed as he asked a pointed question.

"I take orders and carry them out. I do not issue them." Sighing Ewo and casting a glance towards the door.


"Is it time for the 'if you applied Yourself' speech." Another sigh, Ewo was most definitely ready for the chat to be over.

"You seem to know it well enough, think about it, while you assist Armson." He finished, electing not to drive her away, but nudge her towards a better future. "You may be kidding yourself but not me, I'll make an officer out of you yet, a decent one if YOU, can manage it, Ensign." Also gesturing with one hand towards the door, holding his ground and waiting for her to leave first. Ewo gave another noncommittal shrug, although her countenance showed a flicker of acknowledgement bordering on agreement, before turning slowly and strolling casually through the door into a very lively corridor.

She took the turbolift, standing straight as it moved up and across the decks, it halted twice to admit persons, two NCOs with teal shirts deep in discussion about performance of one of the science labs, and one full Lieutenant with a gold shirt whom Ewo vaguely remember associated with security. Ewo disembarked first making good straight for the mess and the replicator, the Bosun comments seemed to have struck something, she was struggling with accepting or rejecting his comments. At least up until she was faced with a food choice, electing to order a pain aux raisin and pain aux chocolat, to give Armson the option if she wanted, among the thing Ewo tended to be labeled, generous was though full one positive trait, along with her usual morning tea brew, of course.


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