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The Experience Of A Lifetime, Part 2

Posted on Saturday January 23, 2021 @ 1:42pm by Canaan Serine [GM]

Mission: Lower Decks
Location: Skippers Quarters, A Deck
Timeline: Alternate Reality

Previously, on Star Trek: Yeti

"Ever been outside of the Sol system?" Opak continued her questioning. She needed to gauge exactly how much of an asset and how much of a detriment he would be to the crew if she decided to drag him into this.

Canaan remained silent for several seconds, contemplating the question and considering whether to lie. He was an obnoxiously honest person, inherently devoid of any facet that lent itself to deceit; being honest was easier and often led to less heartache when the truth finally did come out. Opak's gaze never faltered, fixed squarely on the white-haired boy. Letting out a heavy sigh, Canaan's shoulders sagged as he seemed to deflate further into the couch. "Until now... I'd never left Earth." His teeth racked his bottom lip, "It was inevitable, though." He pointed out, "I was due to start at the academy sooner rather than later, so life on board a starship was an eventuality."

"Ah. The academy. So you have officer credentials then." May had never really appreciated the officers that came straight from Earth and feeling like they could run the place exactly as was written in the book. Which made Canaan stand out in her book; at least he'd make an effort to get his hands dirty before enrolling into Starfleet. "Any specialties? A track you were aiming for already?"

And, now, the continuation

He nodded, "For the last two years, I attended preparatory school in France and completed courses through the distance learning program with the University of New England." Canaan explained. "I was offered rapid admission to the academy, intent on studying xenolinguistics. I have a thing for, well, languages... but I decided now might be as good a time as any for a break from academia before fully committing myself to the fleet." He drummed the palm of his hands against either thigh, a release for the anxiousness that had burbled.

"That all sounds very fancy." Opak didn't want to mock Canaan, but the resume he trotted out was nothing more than academics. He hadn't held a physical job a day in his life. She had to remind herself that she still admired his chasing more of this experience before attending the academy. Perhaps if she took him under her wing and taught him what life was about, out here in the black, then perhaps she could do some good for Starfleet. Then again, if he took too much of a shine to their way of life on the Yeti, he might never return to Earth and enroll ever. "I think I might be able to use you after all." She pulled up the job description for the Signaller position on the Yeti and tossed the PADD his way for him to look it over.

Canaan caught the device, a hopeful expression washing away the uncertainty and inadequacy felt moments before. It wasn't surprising Opak was dismissive at the onset; he had no real-life experience of substance to offer, something desperately needed in an environment such as this. Yet, there was something to be said for needing to garner that experience outside of the classroom. It wasn't as if they offered degree-paths that trained one on how to become a freighter captain; you either found this life by living it... experiencing it firsthand, or by stumbling upon it.
Canaan was the latter of the two.

Reading the description, Canaan absorbed the purpose of the role and its key responsibilities. He felt confident in tackling some of the responsibilities, whereas many others would be a challenge. "I'll need some help." He commented nervously, not immediately understanding why Opak didn't want to start him off at a more entry-level position.

"I can provide you with all the on the job training you require." Opak was confident that with this young man, she could mold him into whatever shape she required. It would be good for her to have someone to train herself, something to keep her mind off old sorrow. Her eyes flitted over to the broken statuette that was still on her desk before landing back on Canaan. "It will be at an entry-level wage, though. Room and board are, of course, provided."

"Thank you!" Canaan exclaimed, visibly excited for these turn of events, "I won't let you down, I promise!" He was adamant about this point; yes, there would be mistakes--some small, some big--but those were expected in life. What he wouldn't do, however, was have Opak regret hiring him. "I can't believe this, thank you!" He stood up quickly, about ready to lunge at the woman with a hug, yet restrained himself as she didn't necessarily appear to be the hugging sort.

Opak got up from the seat as well, a small bit of pain going through her foot. She should get some additional painkillers. Pushing away that thought, she reached out a hand to shake his, "Welcome aboard, mister Serene, get your belongings and make sure you report to the Quartermaster to get situated." After giving a solid handshake, she let go and gave a warm, inviting smile, "Any questions?"

Canaan shook his head, "No, ma'am." He retrieved his bag and slung it over a shoulder, "Well, aside from where I can find the Quartermaster, that is." He listened closely to the captain's directions, nodding and taking note of suggested landmarks.
When the woman finished speaking, Canaan was at the door, willing the panels apart as he clumsily stepped into the corridor. "Thanks again, cap!" He waved before turning left, disappearing from the view of the three-inch gap where the door panels hadn't closed completely, only to reappear seconds later, heading in the opposite direction, laughing to himself at his own misdirection.


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