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New Life, New Civilizations, Part 4

Posted on Tuesday February 23, 2021 @ 4:55pm by Canaan Serine & M'Riz & Trinity Anderson & Ewo’tOst Merrova [GM] & Madeleine De Saint Castine & Arminius Baiua PhD & Samantha Grayson [Trinity]
Edited on on Tuesday February 23, 2021 @ 4:55pm

Mission: Tributaries
Location: Sickbay, Deck 3
Timeline: Unknown

Previously, on Star Trek: Cardinal

The parasites copied another into the sickened inside of the dormant stalk, the newest of the unfamiliar newness energized with an aura that Laurisviola minded with a gladdened chortle. "Laurisviola is Watcher of the Exotic, protectorate of the familiar known, vigilant of the colony. Laurisviola is of many in this expanse." Laurisviola sighted each holder on, the snap of its eye blink heard by those who encircled it. "Parasites make ill this stalk - Disrupt its being. Parasites must leave in the here and the now."

Sam grinned, giving a sheepish thumbs up to Ewo despite the seriousness of the situation. She walked back to the console. There were still some weird pieces of the music's language that the computer was having difficulty translating. Sam was curious about this and wondering if she could further refine the translation matrix. Her attention was focused on analyzing the language, ignoring the political and security ramifications of their situation.

While the linguist, worked Arnie turned his attention to the readings on his tricorder. He was completing a multispectral scan of the organism. He tied the tricorder feed into the computer's organochemical database to cross-check the organism's chemical structure.

"The Ewo'tOst parasite harms the inner of the sickened stalk. Why holder on?" Laurisviola squelched as it demanded answers.

And, now, the continuation

The being's sudden release of Dr. De Saint Castine was a positive, a heartening gesture that the species was at least reasonable. It was, however, more than a little disconcerting when the being turned its attention and appendages in her direction; more than a little concerned, she elected to stand her ground, let it have a look. It spoke again; this time, it seemed like the modifications Dr. Grayson and Dr. Baiua were continuing to make made for a slightly clearer translation. But the structure and terminology being alien enough, Ewo needed a moment or two before responding. Once again, the being seemed to indicate they were causing problems inadvertently and seemed intent on them leaving. Of course, that might have been simple if they knew how they'd ended up there.

Ewo decided it was time for the conceding and agreeing to stop for the moment; she recalled the residue on the consoles in engineering and elected to take a more forward stance and challenged Laurisviola. "Is that why you affected our systems? Was that your attempt to try to send us back where we came from?"

"A great slumber inflicted upon you - Return you to your here in the now, Laurisviola guessed. Mindless engagements caused this impossibility. The Ewo'tOst parasite must correct and remove the infected stalk. You do so in the here and the now expediently."

"Your changes have infected our ship, made it not function as it should, making a return difficult." She continued. "But. We also do not fully understand how we came to be here." Ewo admitted, one she knew was again a risk but a calculated one, perhaps making the being more amenable to her next statement and suggestion. "Perhaps we can help each other?"

Maddie stayed where she was, pointlessly wiping her hands on her uniform in a vain attempt to clean away the residue. Her head was starting to ache from where she hit the bulkhead, and she felt sick, but she drew a deep breath and remained where she was. "Were you hurt in the anomaly that bought us here?" she asked softly.

Trinity was a silent observer in the interaction between the crew and the creature. It was becoming clearer by the minute that this creature did not intend to them harm. In fact, it seemed that the Cardinal might have inadvertently caused it some discomfort. It was difficult to interpret what it was saying, but she was struck by the creature addressing the crew as parasites and the reference to this being an expanse and a colony, with this... Laurisviola as its defender?

"Laurisviola is Watcher of the Exotic, protectorate of the familiar known," Trinity muttered the words of the creature in her mind. Now, there was a title she wished she could have. All kidding aside, however, Trinity was impressed by Ewo's conversation with Laurisviola and was more impressed that both Arnie and Canaan had let him take the lead.

She hoped they would be able to get some answers soon, although a part of her also feared what answers awaited them. If this was some expanse and they encountered a species never before encountered by the Federation, Trinity deduced they were not where they were supposed to be.

"Or when," Trinity muttered in correction...

Both Canaan and Maddie watched as the creature turned in their direction, its appendages retracting until two were of a length proportional to its size.

"Laurisviola is well. The realm is well, in the now." Each vibration, chirp, and coo Laurisviola emitted fed into the translation matrix. Between Arnie and Samantha, the computer deciphered the creature's language well enough for all those present to understand the meaning and intent behind the words Laurisviola spoke. "The Resurgence cannot proceed so long as you are in the here and the now. The Bringer of Glad Tidings delivered you unexpectantly. You are not from this realm. You are from the nether-realm."

Its attention shifted from Maddie and Canaan, returning to Ewo. "How can Laurisviola help?" As it spoke, Laurisviola pressed the tip of one of its appendages into the underside of its cap until it was coated in translucent mucous that glowed turquoise. Reaching out toward Maddie, Laurisviola ever so gently applied the substance onto the woman's injury before retracting its, for lack of a better word, arm. "You are the royalty of the other parasites?" It asked Ewo, now attempting to discern their hierarchy.

Ewo cracked into a smile that she hoped was not construed as offensive by Laurisviola, but the assumption sounded slightly comical at first but understandable considering the stance she'd taken. She swallowed and then spoke. "Not royalty. At present, I act as spokesperson." If in slightly broken form, she said clearly, "Our leader is this one." adding with a gesture towards Canaan.

"Not to interrupt this lovely little conversation," M'Riz said to Laurisviola, but also making sure Canaan was involved in it as well "but would there be any issue with me checking on our crewmember. She may require medical attention that only we can provide." M'Riz still thought the smell of the slime stuff was revolting and wasn't looking forward to the idea of trying to get it out of his fur, but the question needed to be asked. He also wasn't sure what he could do if Maddy's injuries were severe and realized that this was a heck of a time to wonder if the ship came equipped with an EMH program.

“Crewmeeeeembeer?” Laurisviola chirped curiously.

“Us,” Canaan replied softly, “You call us parasites, but we aren’t. This... stalk...” Canaan gestured to the space around them, indicating not only to the sickbay but the ship at large, “Is not infected. It’s our home, our colony. It provides us everything we need to survive as a crew... as a family. One in our colony is hurt... can they help?” He gestured to M’Riz, “You are Laurisviola, they are M’Riz, they are Ewo, they are Maddie...” Canaan introduced those Laurisviola had made contact with, electing to forego pronouns for the moment, thinking it may complicate things further. “Maddie was harmed in our coming to your realm. M’Riz can help Maddie.”

Laurisviola stayed silent, listening intently and absorbing what they were being told. It dipped its cap in the affirmative to M’Riz’s question. “Render health to your family.” It replied, turning toward Trinity, “What are you?” It asked generally.

Trinity was caught off guard at suddenly being at the center of the conversation with Laurisviola when all she had been was a silent but fascinated observer. "Huh...well...hmm..." she started, not quite sure how to describe what she did in a way that this sentient plan would understand.

"Jetzt mal Butter bei die Fische," Sam stated in German, her words reflecting her impatience and frustration with Trinity's less than enthusiastic response. Pushing the security officer out of the way, Sam was only too eager and excited to be at the center of attention of their alien guest. She glanced curiously at its many eyes and smiled warmly while hoping what she was looking at were actually its eyes.

"What she means to say," Sam said, gesturing to Trinity, "she is...a protector of this...colony."

Taking the opportunity of Laurisviola’s diverted attention to extract herself, temporarily, from contact duties and confer with Canaan about an idea that she had been mulling over during the initial contact. She stepped away onto the shoulder of the team leader. "Canaan, sir, a thought, our flight logs should have some record of our transition, while Laurisviola may not completely understand our terminology, but I lay a strong wager they will understand the visual aspects. I recommend they be given supervised access to our logs and see if we can not develop a theory as to *how* it happened. Your thoughts?"


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