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Trek Matters - Interviewing Sade Kuti

Posted on Saturday February 27, 2021 @ 9:54am by Trinity Anderson
Edited on on Saturday February 27, 2021 @ 10:03am

Mission: Lower Decks
Location: Los Angeles - Paramount Pictures Studios
Timeline: Alternate Reality

(Hope you'll indulge me with this post. It's a bit left field...perhaps in some strange universe where Star Trek is actually not real :p)

Edward Larkin: Good evening and welcome to Trek Matters, I’m your host Ed Larkin. Today, we are joined by a special guest, who many of you may recall from such blockbusters as Battlestar Prometheus, Smooth Criminal and Metal Redemption. You may also recognize her supporting roles in tv shows such as Capetown and Precinct Alpha 12, and of course most recently as Lieutenant Trinity Anderson on Star Trek: Cardinal. Please join me in welcoming the ever-so-talented Sade Kuti.

[Applause from audience]

[Sade Kuti walks in, waving to the crowd as she does before taking a seat on the grey sofa adjacent to the desk of the presenter]

Ed: Welcome Sade.

Sade: Thank you. It’s good to be here.

Ed: I have to say Sade, you are one busy lady to get a hold of. We’ve been trying to get you on this show since your first debut in the Trek world as a regular cast member on Star Trek: Komorkis. But between your other movie projects, tv shows…and baby to boot, we could never find the time.

[Sade laughs]

Sade: I think maybe I ought to have a stern talking to my publicist. If I had known you were interested in having me on Ed, I would have cleared my calendar. But, to your point, the last year has just been a wild ride both professionally and personally.”

Ed: No doubt…how is the little one doing?

Sade: She is doing well, thanks for asking. She keeps me up late at night, but she is such a bundle of joy. We are now in this new phase of screaming. It is as if she woke up one day and discovered she had a voice and a powerful set of lungs.

[Sade laughs]

Ed: Forgive this cliché question but how are you able to balance work and baby so well?

Sade: It is not a cliché question at all. It is tough, without a doubt. But I am grateful to have lots of support, both from my partner and our respective families. And that support has really helped me continue to pursue my passion of acting and the other projects that I am currently involved in.

Ed: [nods] And its quite a growing list. I am sure we could probably dedicate an entire show to it, but I think we are all eager to get to Trinity Anderson, your latest character who has been featured on two Star Trek series so far, beginning with the Komorkis and currently the Cardinal

Sade: Yes…Trinity Anderson. Quite the character, isn’t she? She has been such an awesome character to play, probably my absolute favourite at this point. There is something so ‘human’ about her that is so relatable to so many people.

Ed: I am glad you mentioned that because that’s exactly right. I see her as trying to put on this perfect and macho persona if you will – when underneath it all, she is really just a mama’s girl who still feels the pain of loss of the father she was extremely close with and is also still muddling through a lot of existential questions about who she really is.

[Sade nods]

Sade: Precisely. She shows a vulnerability I think I have not been able to portray in a lot of the other characters that I have played in shows and movies. For me, the irony of it all, is that she is really trying not to show this vulnerability. But it’s like she self-sabotages herself or circumstances conspire to bring this vulnerability to the forefront.

Ed: How did you first come across the role?

Sade: It was more coincidence than a plan really Ed. After Precinct Alpha 12 was cancelled after the first season, I took some time off away from acting and focused more on my music. After my daughter’s birth, I was looking for tv roles that was more structured and local. So, none of the crazy travel schedule of having to shoot a scene in Italy one day and Germany the next as is typically the case with some of the movies I’ve been involved in. I wanted something that was predictable and steady, which was how my agent met the casting agent of the Komorkis, which at the time was part of several Star Trek series that were kicking off.

My agent brought me the basic premise of the show and noted some of the castings that were available. To be honest, I was not immediately interested especially because I had this notion that I would be good at playing a pilot…I think the official term is Navigations Officer. I am more familiar with that type of role from my other projects, as you likely know, such as Reina Maida from Battlestar Prometheus. However, the Navigations role had already been cast.

So, the option was security officer and several other positions, but the security officer casting came with a carte blanche clause, meaning I had the option of working with the producers and the writers in fleshing out the character. I think that was what sold me to be honest. It was really a chance to build the character from the ground up.

Ed: Oh interesting…and how did you find out you got the role?

Sade: I remember I was in California at the time visiting my in-laws having just done the audition a few days prior. It was a short call, that much I remember. One of the producers called me and said I had the role if I wanted it. They offered me the opportunity to think about it, but there really was no thinking needed from me. I already had some wild ideas about this character, including the name Trinity Anderson. So, I accepted on the spot.

Ed: So, you came up with the name?

Sade: Absolutely…it was not that hard. Trinity is the name of my daughter and really initially the way the character was shaped was thinking of a version of what my daughter could be, presuming we were living in the late 2300s.”

Ed: Wow…that’s fantastic, I did not know that. So would you say Trinity Anderson the character is still that version of your daughter?”

Sade: Yes and no…I think there are some elements of the person I hope my daughter would have: her confidence, stubbornness to a degree, and in a way, her innocence. And also her closeness with her mother and strong attachment to her family. That said, I think Trinity Anderson the character, has also taken on a life of her own and is evolving into this unique person that has just been a pleasure to watch grow.

Ed: Almost like a second daughter?

Sade: Exactly right…she really is.

Ed: So, as we all know and heard about, there was a pretty big and surprising transition for not just you but several actors from the Komorkis to the Cardinal? What was it like hearing, just a few episodes in, that the series has been cancelled?

Sade: That was a tough day I have to say. I think we were all blind-sided by that decision. But to be honest, there are no hard feelings for me. I think the network or whoever made that decision, had their own set of calculus. The decision made sense for them. But, for me and several the actors and the crew, it didn’t at the time. Certainly, the fans of the show made their voices heard loud and clear.

To be honest, I am grateful to the fans of the show. I think it was their unrelenting protest mails and tweets plus several network executives, produces and cast members that banded together to create the Cardinal. So for me and several other of my colleagues, we were lucky to have another door open just as the Komorkis one was closing.

Ed: Yeah, I can only imagine. And despite the unexpected turn, I think fans are even more enthused about the Cardinal. And it’s not only them. Your show has won several awards and by all measure is a critical success.

Sade: Thank you for the kind words Ed. I work with a group of amazing and dedicated people who are truly passionate about the world of Trek. It has been my pleasure to work with them on refining this project and I consider them family.

Ed: Well said…so what is next for Trinity Anderson? What can we expect in future episodes?

Sade: I think you are going to get to see some of the history that has shaped Trinity in the next few episodes, particularly with the new Lower Deck series that our producers have ingeniously introduced. You are going to get backstories to several significant events in Trinity’s past that hopefully adds more colour to her character.

Ed: Fantastic Sade. Always a pleasure to have you on and looking to having you again.

Sade: It would be my pleasure.

[Camera pans to show only Ed]

Ed: Well there you have it folks, Sade Kuti, aka Trinity Anderson, in her own words. Thank you for joining Trek Matters. I am your host with the most, Ed Larkin. Hope to see you next week. Until then my friends Jolan’tru.

[Applause from audience]

[Fade to black]


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