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Posted on Saturday January 23, 2021 @ 3:59pm by Ishacarr Am'nim [Ewo]

Mission: Lower Decks
Location: Starbase 11 classroom/USS Cardinal

In cabin 2 of the Cardinal, and a juvenile Betelgeusian male strolled into the common area, after setting his padd on the shared desk, seated himself down. Bringing the portable device to life, with a little concentration, linked it to the cabins wall display. Then proceeded to link himself to the subspace network, or request access to it at least, as with most Starfleet equipment, it's function and therefore it's access permissions and restrictions had already been preset and an autosequence took over searching for the tutor network within the subspace network.

The distance learning program was something Starfleet had been steadily improving, family groups aboard vessels were still common, although the smaller ships perhaps having one or two families at most the feasibility of assigning a tutor to the roster was small, but a more stable and widespread subspace network meant formerly isolated juveniles could be assigned to starbase classrooms and participate in group learning and discussions.

The wall display change first showing a mirror of the assigned classrooms main display, this was closely followed on the portable device by holo display of the classroom a live feed that enabled him to see both the teacher, a red-headed petite female Bajoran, by the name of Miss Greia and some of the other students for this class. "Welcome Ishacarr, all the way from the Cardinal that is far away in space." She said pleasantly and giving a little introduction, the young Betelgeusian smiled and glanced around giving a small wave, most of thone he could see were human, with a Bolian boy immediately in front of him and a Andorian girl in front and in the middle, to a few other most of whom smiled but some looked a little wary.

Back on the starbase the classroom was set up with larger gaps between the rows of tables, in those gaps were holo projectors that were designed for this purpose, to have remote students included in the group. Back on the Cardinal, Ishacarr's view would alter as he moved his head allowing him a fair amount of interaction with the rest of the class.

"Okay Class now we're all here. Today we are going to talk about how words sometimes change, which is called tense. "She started her explanation of the mornings lesson. Pausing as the word TENSE, appeared at the top of the classroom, by extension Ishacarrs wall display, she carried on."We have Present tense and we have Past tense." Both prases appeared on the main display while she spoke. "For example. Say and Said. They both mean talk. But say is present so said is…….." A much longer pause this time as she waited for a student to raise their hand and provide the answer. The Bolian hand shot up, followed by the Andorian, and a few humans. "Yes Morr." Picking out the Bolian. "Past. Miss Greia." He said with enthusiasm. "Very Good." Came the teachers response along with 'said' appearing in the past tense column. "So let's see what other words change.........."


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