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The Genesis Of Flash, Part 3

Posted on Sunday January 31, 2021 @ 1:24pm by Trinity Anderson
Edited on on Wednesday March 24, 2021 @ 11:20pm

Mission: Lower Decks
Location: Melona Sector – Erps Kwerps System
Timeline: 2392

Previously, on Star Trek: Cardinal

“I think we can expect them to be waiting for us the moment we materialize so no hesitation.”

Seleth nodded. I will take the North position.”

Trinity nodded as she stepped into the ring platform taking the southern position while Seleth took his position, his back turned to her and facing the opposite direction. Just as she suspected, the interspaced layers of circular rings magically appeared again, dropping out of thin air, and surrounding them both.

Trinity activated her stun grenade just as she knew Seleth would have done.

She unconsciously held her breath as she saw a bright flash of light and then everything faded away quickly…

And, now, the conclusion…

Just as quickly as her surrounding vanished, it was quickly replaced by a new surrounding. Her new surrounding was unfamiliar and unlike the caverns they had come from, this had bulkhead and there was a deliberate aesthetics to the design.

The first thing she saw was the body of Daniels on the floor with three Syndicate guards surrounding him. She did not hesitate and quickly launched her stun grenade in their direction, even as she ran to her left side towards a small enclosure in the bulkhead.

There was a loud bang followed in short order by another one. Trinity stepped out of her hiding and took shots at all three disoriented guards watching satisfactorily as they fell unconscious to the ground. She turned around and was shocked to see six guards but was relieved to see that Seleth was quickly taking care of them with his usual cool composure and Vulcan precision.

Trinity took a few steps towards Daniels when she heard more Syndicate guards coming towards the antechamber, they were located in. Trinity glanced at the room and noted quickly that there was only one passageway leading in and out of the room.

Trinity’s gaze met Seleth. “Check Daniels,” she ordered as she walked quickly towards the passageway, her rifle trained at it.

She saw the first of the guards make an appearance and quickly shot him down. She then proceeded to fire multiple bursts to give the others pause even as she took cover behind the side of the entrance. She heard commotion from the hostile group as a few people shouted instructions. This was quickly followed by various disruptor blasts that streaked into the room and harmlessly hit the bulkhead.

Seleth and Daniels were safely out of the direct line of fire.

Trinity crouched and aimed her rifle again into the passageway. Spotting her attackers, she fired a few bursts, noting with grim satisfaction as another guard collapsed to the ground unconscious.

One of the guards let off a shot that was intended for her. Thankfully, it missed but Trinity felt the hot bolt of energy as it seared the air close to her neck missing her narrowly...too narrowly.

She returned to the safety of the bulkhead just as a slew of disruptor fire were directed at her former location.

“Talk to me Seleth!” she yelled over the raucous of the weapons fire.

“He appears to be alive Lieutenant. However, I believe he may have been sedated as I am having difficulty waking him.”

“Carry him if you have to Seleth,” Trinity replied. “We have to get out of this place. We’re about to be overrun.”

Trinity could hear even more footsteps echoing from the hall suggesting their attackers were amassing more troops and were likely coordinating a charge.

Grabbing her last stun grenade, Trinity activated it and threw it down the hallway before running to Seleth and Daniels. The Vulcan already had the human slung across his left shoulder as he aimed his tricorder at the ring platform. It was the only other way out of this room, short of the front door, which was currently amassing with an untold number of hostiles.

“The platform is likely intended for a one-way transport, but I believe I may be able to bypass its command subroutine. The access panel for the transportation device is located inside that bulkhead over there Lieutenant.”

Trinity was already pulling Daniels off Seleth and instantly regretting it as she felt the weight of the man on her shoulder. “Go work your magic,” she commanded. She turned to face their entrance. It was still quiet, likely because the stun grenade she threw had the effect she intended.

But the quiet would not be for long, she knew. With that, she aimed her rifle and fired incessantly at the entrance. If nothing, it would at least give pause to their opponents before they decided to charge.

Seleth joined her a few second later although it felt like an eternity. “I have reprogrammed the command subroutine Lieutenant. We should now be able to use the device to take us back to our previous location. However, I discovered that the Syndicate appears to have a network of these devices all over this installation. I suggest we leave now before they use the platform to beam in reinforcements.”

“Way ahead of you,” Trinity said as she half walked half sprinted to the ring, not even waiting for Seleth to take Daniels off her shoulder. As they reached the platform, she saw pairs of Syndicate guards charging the room. One of them aimed at her and fired just as the ring dropped down and she was transported away back to where she had come from.

Stepping off the platform, she handed Daniels to Seleth as she aimed her rifle at the platform and took several shots at it to damage it and prevent their attackers from pursuing. She suspected it would not stop them altogether, but it would delay them.

“Let’s go Seleth…head for Beta team. I’m going to see if I can raise Reena or Lekrith and tell them we are exfiltrating.”

Trinity tried her comms but quickly realized that it was being jammed, as she had suspected. Her tricorder readings showed the radiothermic interference was still prominent. “Looks like we still have the radiothermic interference. I can’t raise them.”

She began to worry that she may have made a bad call by sending Reena and Lekrith in search of the source of the radiothermic interference. What if they had run into more hostiles that had captured them – or worse, killed them?

As if sensing her doubt Seleth’s pace picked up forcing Trinity out of her spiral of self-doubt and worry.

“I do not wish to alarm you further Lieutenant, but we seem to have attracted the attention of additional attackers who are in hot pursuit. Judging from the sound of their footfall, I estimate at least eight hostiles about a hundred meters behind us.

Trinity picked up her pace to match Seleth’s, turning periodically behind her to see if she could catch a glimpse of their pursuers but she could see nothing, nor could she hear anything. However, she trusted the Vulcan’s acute hearing.

She new the last position of Beta team was only a few minutes away so she suspected that they would reach them before their attackers gained on them, but she suspected there was bound to be a firefight. She thought about collapsing the pathway behind them, but while it would no doubt slow their pursuers down, it would also trap Reena and Lekrith…if they were still trying to find the radiothermic interference.

Trinity had to remind herself that it was just as likely that they might have rendezvoused with Beta team. She could only hope and pray…

“Another group is approaching us from the front Lieutenant,” Seleth called, his voice cool and collected as was typical of his species.


“Undoubtedly not,” Seleth replied. “I estimate another six host-“

He had barely finished that statement when a disruptor beam lashed angrily at them, narrowly missing but striking the side of the caverns. Trinity accelerated her pace, side stepping Seleth and overtaking him so that she was positioned in front of him. Her eyes had traced the source of the disruptor fire and she knew where to aim her rifle. She took in a deep breath to steady herself as she aimed her weapon. She studied the rhythm of her run and factored it into her aim even as she released several energy bursts in the direction of the enemy fire.

“Trinity, our position is untenable,” Seleth stated. “They appear to have flanked us. I might suggest that we take defens-“

Seleth stopped mid-sentence just as Trinity heard the unmistakable sound of firefight but behind them and in front of them. She guessed the firefight in front of them was probably Beta team engaging the hostiles to their front. Trinity and Seleth had covered enough ground now that they were within seconds of the last known location of Beta team.

The commotion behind her however was another story…

“Thunder!” someone yelled from behind them.

Trinity smiled in relief. She recognized not only the code word to be used in emergency scenarios to identify friend from foe, but also the voice. “Flash!” Trinity yelled the only accepted coded response back.

A few second later, Lekrith and Reena emerged from the shadows behind Trinity. The pair had smug grins on their face. “Saw you two could use a hand,” Reena said.

“That makes how many times I saved your ass Lieutenant?” Lekrith asked.

“Too many for my liking,” Trinity replied.

“Lieutenant,” came another voice, this time from their front. She recognized a member of Beta team approaching. “We just received word from Commander Miles, there’s apparently a contingent of enemy ships converging on this planet. Our presence here has been detected. He has ordered our immediate withdrawal.”

“Fine by me,” Trinity stated. “Let’s get the hell off this rock.”

They had not been successful in shutting down the drug operation, but they had undoubtedly put their opponent on notice. And a defensive enemy that is scrambling to protect itself and its assets was liable to make mistakes.

Trinity suspected they would be back, and she vowed to be better prepared…


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