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The Genesis Of Flash, Part 2

Posted on Sunday January 31, 2021 @ 1:23pm by Trinity Anderson
Edited on on Wednesday March 24, 2021 @ 11:20pm

Mission: Tributaries
Location: Melona Sector – Erps Kwerps System
Timeline: 2392

Part 2

Previously, on Star Trek: Cardinal

Once the guards were within a few feet away from her, she abandoned her hiding place and fired two short bursts from her rifle, one for each of the guard. Like she had expected, they fell to the ground in a heap of unconscious bodies. "Tom, get their comms device and start monitoring their communications. Beta team set up a defensive perimeter here in case we need a quick exfil. Do not engage the enemy unless necessary. Alpha team, on me."

There were a series of nods, which ended up with the ten-person team being split into two. The first half, being members of the beta team, proceeded to find optimal hiding/firing positions around the area even as they hid the unconscious bodies. Meanwhile the four remaining officers of alpha team followed Trinity deeper into the tunnel towards their target…

And, now, the continuation

The tunnel continued for what seemed like an eternity but in fact it had only been about twenty minutes. In that time, the team had met with absolutely no resistance. Again, Trinity was reminded of the fact that this Syndicate faction was perhaps too overconfident in their ability to prevent trespassers from infiltrating their prison yard. It was either that or they were waiting for the right moment to ambush the Starfleet infiltration team.

Trinity thought back to the mission briefing she had received from Lieutenant Rebecca Maida and Commander Miles about this mission back on Starbase 517. They had patchy information, but Starfleet Intelligence believed that a deadly stimulant drug that was flooding the sector was being manufactured in the Erps Kwerps system.

Trinity had seen firsthand the devastating effects of the drug and how addictive and deadly it was. Being Assistant Security Chief on a starbase meant you had a pulse into the dynamics of the sector – from culture to politics. And it had been apparent for the past several months that there was a new, powerful, and deadly illegal drug flooding the underground market.

She had witnessed sixteen overdose deaths alone on Starbase 517 not to mention the countless number of violence and thefts attributed to someone high on this drug. Trinity also knew of another fifty-six deaths occurring on the ships docking with the starbase, who by law, had to declare any deaths aboard their vessels when docking with the station.

They had a menacing drug on the loose and it was inevitable that Starfleet would get involved.

Given that this was all going down in their backyard of the starbase, the Executive Officer – Commander Miles – had no choice but to strike up a special security team to get to the bottom of the problem.

Being Assistant Security Chief of the starbase, the leadership role of the team had fallen to Trinity at the request of the station’s Chief Security officer. Their goal was simple: find and shut down the manufacturing and supply routes of the drug. However, as they soon quickly discovered with the help of information from Starfleet Intelligence, the supply and distribution of the drug was a sophisticated one. It had taken weeks to even discover that a faction of the Orion Syndicate was behind it, but the connection was not a direct one.

It had taken another month to pinpoint was believed to be one of several manufacturing sites of the drug. Everyone had taken to calling the drug Flash. Trinity suspected it was probably because the powerful stimulant was administered through the eyes, which like the name implied took effect almost immediately, increasing the cognition, reflex and physical prowess of users but likewise inducing acute paranoia, aggression, arrogance, and loss of appetite.

Feeling that they had enough information, Commander Miles had tasked Trinity to put together an infiltration team and had assigned them this interdiction mission to shut down the drug lab on this planet.

“The Syndicate can be a tricky bunch Lieutenant,” Trinity could hear Rebecca Maida say during the mission briefing, now a few hours ago. The Starfleet Intelligence officer and mission advisor continued by saying, “You and your team should go in expecting to be ambushed. We know from the chatter we are hearing that they are aware that we are on to them.”

“No heroics Trinity,” Commander Miles had added. “Get your team out the moment things get hairy. That’s an order…”

"We are approaching the end of the tunnel sir," Seleth said forcing Trinity back into the present. "Tricorder indicates some form of crude shaft leading downwards approximately ten meters ahead. I estimate the shaft to be about 40 kilometers in length."

"Interesting," Trinity said sarcastically. "How do we get down there?"

"I can't detect any turbolift or any such similar locomotive apparatus. I am however detecting slightly displaced molecules around this area."

"A transporter?"

"Not quite," Seleth replied a Vulcan eyebrow raised as he studied the readings on his tricorder. “These readings indicate an unusual transporter signature unlike any I am familiar with. Whatever the device is, it appears to have a similar function to a transporter. "

Crewman Daniels was doing a sweep of their vicinity when about five circular rings seemingly dropped out of thin air on top of each other, somehow levitating about a foot apart so they did not crash into each other. They encapsulated Daniel who seemed as surprised as everyone else.

"Oh sh-," was all the man was able to say before he disappeared in a flash of white light.

"Okay, that’s new," Trinity said intrigued by what was clearly some type of transportation device unfamiliar to her. “Seleth, where did he go?”

“Analyzing Lieutenant,” the Vulcan replied.

Trinity walked cautiously to the last spot Daniel had been. She noticed upon closer examination that the ground he would have been standing in had a perfect circular ring embedded into the ground. The ring had strange patterns carved into it, but they were not familiar to her.

“Careful Lieutenant,” Seleth warned as he moved his tricorder closer to the ring. “I believe this is the transportation device, judging from this energy readings. I suspect that it has a form of proximity sensor that activates when a passenger is within the ring as evidenced by Crewman Daniels sudden disappearance.”


“He was indeed transported to some other area of this installation. However I am unable to pinpoint his exact location. There is radiothermic interference that is blocking my scans. It also appears to be blocking our communications.” Seleth looked up to Trinity, “One more thing Lieutenant, the radiothermic interference was activated twenty-three second ago.”

“The moment Daniels stepped into this…ring?”

“Precisely,” Seleth responded.

“What does that mean?” Reena asked, her back turned to Trinity and Seleth as her gaze maintained a sweeping gaze of their immediate vicinity.

“It means we just walked into an ambush,” Trinity said matter of fact while struggling to hide her anger. Commander Miles’ order was clear. His orders meant she should withdraw her team now. But Trinity was not about to leave Daniels at the mercy of the Syndicate.

“Can you pinpoint the source of the radiothermic interference?” Trinity asked.

“No, I believe we are too far from the source to be able to localize it, but I do know it is Northwest of our current location.”

Lekrith joined the group, “You thinking what I’m thinking?”

“Only one place I’ll want to be if I set up this elaborate trap,” Trinity said, “pretty damn close to the bait. They know we will come for Daniels.”

“Unless that is what they want us to think,” Reena chimed in.

“True,” Trinity replied. “Either way, we have very little choice.”

Her mind was made up, even as she marveled at how quickly and easily, she had weighed her options and selected a course of action.

“Lekrith and Reena, see if you can find the source of the interference, and if you do, shut it down if it is safe to do so. Let’s make sure we stay away from these rings yeah?”

Reena grinned. “We all know Daniels was the clumsy one. What will you and Seleth be doing?”

“Alpha six,” Seleth stated nodding in approval. If the Vulcan could smile, Trinity suspected he would be right about now.

“Oh shit…photon grenades?”

“Stun grenades,” Trinity replied. She drew up her chrono. “Time check,” she called and watched as her comrades similarly drew up their wrists to input new orders. “Set for thirty minutes…mark.”

Trinity set the countdown on her chronometer and watched as they did as well, syncing their countdowns. “Reena, Lekrith, if you don’t hear from us by then and you have not found the interference source withdraw to Beta team’s position and exfil. If you run into hostiles, engage only if you can maintain tactical advantage. Otherwise withdraw to Beta and exfil. No unnecessary risks.”

“Leave you behind?”

“It’s an order…not just from me but from Commander Miles.”

There was a solemn silence as her subordinates acknowledged her order, knowing full well what that meant.

“See you soon Lieutenant,” Reena stated, breaking the silence.

Trinity nodded. “Of you go you two. Seleth, with me.”

She turned her gaze to the ring platform wondering what kind of strange technology the Syndicate had in their possession and how they had acquired it. She let her rifle hang by her side as she removed two small devices that fit neatly within the palm of her hands and watched as Seleth did the same thing.

“I think we can expect them to be waiting for us the moment we materialize so no hesitation.”

Seleth nodded. I will take the North position.”

Trinity nodded as she stepped into the ring platform taking the southern position while Seleth took his position, his back turned to her and facing the opposite direction. Just as she suspected, the interspaced layers of circular rings magically appeared again, dropping out of thin air, and surrounding them both.

Trinity activated her stun grenade just as she knew Seleth would have done.

She unconsciously held her breath as she saw a bright flash of light and then everything faded away quickly…


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