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Emitters in Pieces

Posted on Saturday September 10, 2022 @ 3:13pm by Ewo’tOst Merrova [GM]

Mission: Crossing the Line - (56s Arc)
Location: K-17 Shuttle Hanger

Now they had the casing of the emitters it was relatively simple to run a diagnostic scan with a tricorder, despite the time in storage they were in good condition. “Number Three checks out okay. What about number four? I was about to start a more comprehensive scan with a view to replicating them, but the engineering database should have a copy of the specifications.” EWo mused aloud, she and Rei had found a corner of the hanger bay with a workbench, which was useful, allowing them to inspect and start to see how they could be used, her glance fell on the caved-in container, and the damaged emitter housing below. “Shall we get the broken one on the table, make a start on what while be needed for reconstruction?”

“It never hurts to pull a scan, just in case Engineering forgot about these and they aren’t in the local database.” Rei pointed out, finishing up her inspection of the one she was holding. “The casing on this one has seen better days but the internals all check out optimal. It’s bruised, but it should function properly. Probably not the one we should scan though.” she offered with a slight smirk. With the moment over, she turned her attention to the odd unit out. Broken, and good only either for parts, or as a demonstration that no device was safe from user wrath. “Start the scan of the best model we have, then we can easily compare it to this one to see where the faults are. While we wait for the scan, we can start a visual inspection to see if the flaws are easily visible to the discerning eye.”

“Sound process, we should proceed, it seemed number two was the best example.” The Betelgussian officer commented, looking for and picking up said object, depositing it on the workbench, ensuring adequate space between the two, she placed her tricorder next to the emitter, alongside the trimetric probe, linked the two and set the scan going. “I was curious, when you were giving a bit of background about yourself you mentioned ‘during my three’, I am curious as to the meaning? The term is unfamiliar to me and now seems a better moment than then to ask.”

The mirth in Rei’s features drained. “My people are at war. Have been for a long time. The enemy is the Koldaran Armada. My people have a draft, a mandatory oath of service to the Empire, to the Navy, and to the people. Everyone serves their Three. Three years of service, anytime between the ages of sixteen to nineteen. We choose when we serve, we enlist, and we serve.”

“I went when I was sixteen. Figured get it out of the way, I know it’s a horrible way to think about it, but I wanted it over so I could get back and finish up secondary and maybe use my skills picked up to get an edge in school.” she shook her head. “I never went back to school after my Three. I just couldn’t. I was hoping my service would give me an edge. I never really…. Really banked on the kind of impact it would have on me.” she paused for a moment. “Maybe if I waited another year or two. Maybe. But, I’ll never know.”

She took a breath and held it for just a moment, then exhaled, “But yes, that’s the Three. The debt every son and daughter of Ts’usu is born with.”
Ewo listened to the response, at first not really looking at her opposite number, until the tone of the tale began to bite. Ewo stopped what she was doing and gave Rei her full attention, as heartless perhaps was to think she was glad she’d asked the question, and that she had an answer. “I can not imagine what that was like, having not been in service during wartime, a few skirmishes but nothing that can relate to your experience.” Ewo stated honestly and respectfully, before searching and latching onto a positive, a way to commend, and keep things on a positive track, she hoped without seeming forced. “But it sounds like it gave you an impetus to push on in your naval engineering studies which I for one am glad to have at our disposal at this time.”

Rei gave a nod, which in turn caused her lengthy ears to flop a bit, “Mother didn’t raise a quitter.” she said, her soft smile returning to her features. “Everything is a lesson. That’s something they certainly taught us a lot. In primary, in secondary, in boot. There’s no such thing as a hollow experience.”

She gave her opposite a moment’s consideration, and then gave another nod, “I’m glad I’m here. This, right here, is where I belong.”

“That is a positive.” Ewo stated, turning her attention to the broken up emitter, the temptation to write it off at first glance was huge, but after a few more moments she started to look with the ‘have’ and ‘have not’ mind set, spotting two gaps, she started. “Well it looks like two of the five magnifiers are missing, likely shattered into many, many pieces by now.

“Not a real concern. Once we have a working fabricator model in the database we can easily repair it. In the meantime, leave them off to the side so we don’t accidentally mix them up with the others.” Rei made a series of ‘these’ and ‘those’ style motions, separating the units into two piles.

“In theory we can recycle the container they were found in and use it as matter currency. At this point, we might want to consider turning any surplus supplies or materials into matter currency and see how many of these units we can generate. They make good cover in a pinch, but we might be able to use them to help spoof sensor readings as well. Either that, or conceal an asteroid or two and use them as a deterrent.” she paused, an ear twitching in thought. “Think we have enough time to tractor in an asteroid belt?” she asked, though the smirk on her features left no concern that she was serious. That was a joke.

Ewo returned the smile, catching on to the random thought and its intent. “Might come to that, who knows.” She commented, while extracting the intact parts and lining them up neatly to one side, as she added. “But I think any amount of spoofing will work to our advantage at present.” Poking deeper into the device to locate the processing units, these were key, if they were damaged a re-think would be needed, she came across one and jabing a probe at it, screwed up her features in disappointment, nudging her display so Rei had a clear view. “Looks like the primary processor is dud, it is visually cracked and has no return test pulse, choice between strip down gaining spares or recycle and gain matter currency, what do you favor?”

Rei gave the matter some thought, “You know, there’s merit in both, but I’d prefer we keep them for parts. In the coming … well, in the upcoming incident we’re going to need all the resources we can muster. That’ll mean putting the replicators on station to the test. We should save all the matter currency we can until then, so parts ‘em.” she motioned to them as she decided their fate. “We can use everything EXCEPT the main processors to bring other units online.”

“Good eye.” a compliment often went a long way.

“Why thank you.” Ewo responded as she reached for a decoupler and micro-probe, taking things apart sounded simple, and mostly it was, the without further damage was a key and sometimes tricky. “I have been giving a little thought to what to project, which ship classes, I am favouring slightly older, perhaps the Steamrunner and Saber combination? Do you have thoughts on this?”

Rei gave the notion some thought. "I adore the amount of choices the Federation offers. The thought of serving on an older ship class is something that just isn't done back home. Ships serve until they are replaced, and then a rolling refit plan is prepared. We don't have old ships, just ships waiting for their refit." The rabbitess explained. "Having to do more with less, dealing with the quirks of older systems…that's frontier exploration. That's where you know you know what you're doing." She gave a nod, "I'd say go for it."

She put her microprobe down, clenching the fist to banish a slight tremble in her hand. "An old wound. Never really went away." She reassured. "Closest I ever got to serving on a different kind of ship was when I had rehab on a Dalacari medical ship, but calling that Older is an insult." She offered with a smirk. "I wish I had these options then."

“Options are nice to a point( it keeps things fresh and allows for an element of surprise, but thinking critically there is a lot to be said for a progressive and encompassing refit and upgrade program.” Ewo stated, to be truthful she enjoyed the ‘making do’ aspect they were faced with, but old frustrations with tunnel vision of ‘vital operations’ and apparent ignorance of anything that fell outside of that we starting to bubble to the surface: “Of course presence in this sector would and should have been scaled back, but upgraded equipment and facilities would have made the task smoother, but they have not so we have to deal.” Ewo said with a sigh and a pause, her frustrations were out. “Well that is my whine out and done, now to attend to solutions. I am interfacing with the database and downloading holographic templates. What do you think Rei, would it work better if three shuttlecraft would fly in close formation, perhaps a wedge, and have three overlapping holotemplates, it would take the pressure off one and perhaps enable a stronger false signal to be maintained. I would appreciate your thoughts?”

“Three shuttles, in a wedge…” the rabbitess considered. “It would make for more coverage, and more signal. It just means more holoemitters. Which means we need to get a working base model to scan into the replicator database, and then get printing. Metaphorically speaking, of course.” she stated, gently handling one of the emitters in question. “I think this one here is the best candidate. It’s got all its parts and it has a solid power line from start to end. We can use this as the template, and then bring the rest of the physical units up to its level with any leftover parts from that one you’re taking apart there.”

“But yeah, I think three to a formation works nice. I guess the next question is, what are they going to disguise themselves as? Although I guess at the end of the day our job here, now, is to provide options rather than outright declare solutions.” a pause, “Besides, I don’t even think the Federation *HAS* battleships, really. Not like it was back home in the Navy.” she mused for a moment, “I mean, one Class Four Battleship and this conflict would be over before it began.”

“I tend to agree.” Confirming the object as the best example to obtain a schematic from and begin the process of increasing their stock. “In fact it was one of a pair that had a trimetic probe taking detailed readings, it should be ready to upload to the Hornets computer.” She smiled lifting out an inner housing ring from the damaged emitter, this tuned to concern, both hands were full and there was a lack of space nearby. “I am a bit short of space here, could you take hold and pace it near yourself?””
"Of course." Rei remarked as she brought the assembly out from under the lifted housing rig.

“Like i said, Steamrunner and Saber combination should work, both as a deterrent and with the power available. I contemplated the Defiant and Akira pairing, while both are the closest thing to warships Starfleet have produced, the power signatures are noticeably larger and I feel we would have difficulty maintaining such an illusion.”

"You're right to bring power cores into the discussion. Whatever it is we're using as cover has to be something with a power signature that three shuttles in a trench coat can emulate. I'd be leaning more towards the Saber class myself. I could easily adjust the engine harmonics of the shuttles so that they put out an ion trail more in line with the Saber. That's the easy part. As far as the shuttles go, slaving two of them to a third for navigational control, and having the slave ships play… oh what's that human game.. follow the leader!"

“Something like that, given the systems we have to hand, being able to share the load seems more prudent than risk over-taxing.” Ewo mused, keen not to have their entire efforts unravel because of one failure, and be able to quickly identify and potentially rectify a fault, should it occur. “I would throw in a steamrunner-class and perhaps a New-Orleans, it is unlikely that Starfleet would have ten Saber lying around.” She turned around and looked out into the bay, across to the shuttles, several had a work crew either inside or outside attending to various parts. “This might be a good point to ascertain, connection points and mounting points on the shuttles?”

“A little variety in the fleet. Something else that I admire about the Federation’s multiple classes. At least on an aesthetic level. We can mix and match a few ships in, break up the silhouette as it were.” she agreed. “Though, that in and of itself brings up a few extra concerns…”

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