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Contact Made

Posted on Wednesday June 15, 2022 @ 11:31am by Ewo’tOst Merrova [GM]

Mission: Crossing the Line - (56s Arc)
Location: Main Bridge
Timeline: MD1

Just before making the course change, Ewo elected to make contact, although the crew complement of the Cardinal was not much more than a large away team, it was just good manners to call ahead. The last thing she wanted was to be known as entitled or the type of person who just does what they like. She slid into a chair at one of the rear bridge station looking up the appropriate communications protocol that would open a channel to the station in question, finding it she accessed the ships comms array and sent the appropriate request through.

The screen switched to the darkened screen, with the communications searching text dialogs,
long enough for Ewo to lean back in the chair and contemplate switching on a puzzle game. In short succession the screen threw up the logo for K-17, then the duty officer came on screen framed by the operations area. “Cardinal CO, Ewot’Ost Merrova, calling DS K-17, requesting permission to come alongside and seeking to ascertain the possibility of a short stopover.”

Before the seated woman could speak her chair slid out of frame. A Trill man took her place, having returned to Ops after speaking with Admiral Devane. “This is Captain Kaz.” He said, “As it happens we could use assistance.”

“Pleased to meet you Captain.” Ewo responded calmly and pleasantly, despite the fact she suspected her designs of a break for the crew were about to be put to one side, also that it was a very good idea to call ahead. “What situation is confronting you at present?” She opened with, her committing the Cardinal and her crew was almost a given, but it didn’t hurt to ask what they were about to walk into.

“We just detected a number of Tzenkethi vessels on a course for the station. They aren’t in communications range yet, but on the chance they’re hostile backup would be appreciated.” Kaz explained. “Even if it’s to help with evacuation.” He added.

Ewo held off replying straight away, this was definitely not expected, she gave a nod before beginning her reply. “Just so you are aware this is a Raven-class ship, not the best in a fight. Support work yes, even evacuations support, there are a number of areas we could put people in if needed.” Her appraisal was honest and she hoped it was supportive, and led her to the next natural question. “Are you being sent anything more substantial, shipwise, by command?”

A grim feeling fell over Etan. “They’re working on it.” He was worried there was no denying it. “How far out are you?” He asked, their ETA would certainly factor into the plan.

Ewo called up a mirror of the navigational display on a second screen, with the most direct course plotted, the light year distance flicked up on screen, enough time spent on technical matters meant a rough calculation took a few moments of thought, she threw a glance at the helmsman to double check her math as she spoke. “Running the engines at full, just under nine hours.” She waited for a reaction, before asking. “Will we be in time to do anything of use?” Pushing the engines was always an option but it could compromise subsequent efforts on their part.

Etan studied his own readout on the Tzenkethi convoy. “The Tzenkethi ships reach the border in about 6 hours.” He rubbed his spotted temple. “We’ll try to hold out for your arrival.”

“Well we are underway. Hope for good fortune.”Ewo said trying to remain positive despite the unexpected turn. “Also hope to see you in person Captain.”

“Likewise.” Kaz forced a smile. With a few motions he terminated the channel to return to his preparations.


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