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Course changes part 2

Posted on Wednesday August 17, 2022 @ 9:07am by Ewo’tOst Merrova [GM] & Madeleine De Saint Castine

Mission: Trouble on Carina VII
Location: Sickbay

Walking briskly around across the deck, taking the corridors twists and turns and junctions in her stride, before tuning into the ships medical bay.

Maddie sat cross legged on one of the bio beds, a book open on the bed in front of her, a mug of hot chocolate wrapped in her hands. In the background soft music could be heard playing. Though it was unclear exactly what the music was, the melody was almost trancelike in the distance, giving the small room a zen like feel that was heightened by the delicate fragrance from the essential oil diffuser in the corner.

“Apologies for the interruption, I wanted to let you know we are changing course, I planned to make a rest stop at K17, unfortunately circumstances mean we are going to end up working, they have a number of Tzenkethi ships on approach and the station commander has asked for our assistance, which may be limited but still.” Her usual pause kicked in before she asked. “Do you have any questions or recommendations at this point?

"K17?" There was a momentary look of confusion on Maddie's face. "I thought that was abandoned." She shook her head quickly. "Without knowing more I can't really make any recommendations but I have lots of questions. Do we know any more about what's going on?"

"It has only recently been reoccupied." She agreed, having looked up the station prior to changing course and making contact. "From the contact I had with the station commander, their sensors are showing 10 Shuk-Din cruisers heading towards them and no communication at present, which is causing enough concern for Captain Kaz to mention the possibility of evacuation, being ready to adapt to what we encounter would be the most prudent course I feel."

Maddie started to laugh, unable to help herself. The sheer absurdity of the situation struck her as the most hilarious thing she'd heard. The Cardinal being asked to assist in an evacuation? The ship that was about the size of an average shuttle craft and already housed a solid half dozen crew members. "Evacuation?" she asked, reaching up to wipe a mirth filled tear from the corner of one eye. "Oh Good Gods... This crew is already sleeping in the corridors, I'm not sure how much help we can be with an evacuation. I mean, we can always disable the gravity controls and start stacking people horizontally."

Ewo, initially taken aback, cracked a smile. She had a very good point. "Well I suppose there is room on the top of the crates in cargo bay two, and I am told the warp core is quite a warm place to sleep if it comes to that." Ewo offered in jest, before finally dissolving into a genuine laugh, which for the moment felt like quite a release, after a moment or two she controlled herself enough to add her reasons. "It is true it is probably bordering on absurde, but I would rather go than not, our help may be small but even small help can make a difference sometimes. Can I count on you?"

Wiping the tears from her eyes, Maddie gave a nod. "Of course," she finally said, her voice still light with laughter. "What ever you need. You have my word."

"Much appreciated." Ewo responded with a warm smile, it seemed Maddie had a knack for grounding her, making things feel not quite as dire, she was thankful for that something she went on to express. "and thank you for easing the tension, whether intended or not, it felt good to laugh." A little pause. "I will leave you to prepare, i need to coax a bit more from these engines of ours, talk to you soon."

Holding up her hand for a moment to halt her friend, she disappeared into the small office that also served as her bedroom and returned a few moments later with a small vial in her hand, holding it out to Ewo. "Warm this tonight in your oil warmer while you drink your tea before bed. It's a new blend I'm working on to help enhance relaxation... so Doctor's orders, okay?" she said with a warm smile. "You need your rest too."

Plucking the vial with her thumb and index finger, turning the hand over to letter it rest in palm of her hand. She looked back, an expression full of appreciation of someone who looked after herself and the rest with such attention. " Okay, i promise, besides I do like your oil blends, it is much appreciated. Also we should do a tea afternoon, when all this is over, if you want?" Tucking the vial into a pocket of her unform shirt.

"Now THAT is something I will be looking forward to," Maddie replied with an easy smile. "You bring the tea, I'll bring sweets. Deal?"

"You absolutely have yourself a deal there." Ewo beamed, the combination sounds heavenly right about now.

Maddie gave a nod before responding. "Now, go rest. Something tells me we're all going to need it. Things are about to get crazy."


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