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Course changes Part 1

Posted on Wednesday August 17, 2022 @ 8:13am by Ewo’tOst Merrova [GM] & M'Riz

Mission: Crossing the Line - (56s Arc)
Location: Bridge - Science Labs

Previously on Star Trek: Cardinal

Ewo called up a mirror of the navigational display on a second screen, with the most direct course plotted, the light year distance flicked up on screen, enough time spent on technical matters meant a rough calculation took a few moments of thought, she threw a glance at the helmsman to double check her math as she spoke. “Running the engines at full, just under nine hours.” She waited for a reaction, before asking. “Will we be in time to do anything of use?” Pushing the engines was always an option but it could compromise subsequent efforts on their part.

Etan studied his own readout on the Tzenkethi convoy. “The Tzenkethi ships reach the border in about 6 hours.” He rubbed his spotted temple. “We’ll try to hold out for your arrival.”

“Well we are underway. Hope for good fortune.” Ewo said trying to remain positive despite the unexpected turn. “Also hope to see you in person Captain.”

“Likewise.” Kaz forced a smile. With a few motions he terminated the channel to return to his preparations.

As the channel closed Ewo placed her hands on the console, and let out a sigh, one she had been holding in without realising, she closed her eyes and then after a pause turned her chair half posed a question to M’Riz. “I appreciate our capabilities when it comes to threats are limited, but it was the distress call effect, you always respond because the next one might be yours. Do you have any questions or recommendations at this point?”

"Well," M'Riz said after a few moments, "there are a few old tricks I remember reading about back at the Academy about using sensor 'ghosts' to trick the sensors of other ships into thinking that you're either bigger than you are or that there are more of you than there are. Perhaps if we are confronted with the possibility of hostile forces, there could be a way to create such illusions of larger, stronger numbers than we actually have at our disposal."

“Oh I like the sound of that very much!” Ewo exclaimed, glad of the ingenuity of the crew. “A nice bluff can be all that is needed sometimes, particularly when actual resources are limited.” She commented, allowing herself a smile as she set the hall rolling and stated how she intended to proceed. “Make a start on planning, see what is possible with our current resources, I will speak with the crew individually, see how they react and what suggestions they have, if there happens to be an overlap I will send them in your direction, let’s see what we can come up with before we get there.” She paused and then added, "I will also see if there is any more to be got out of the engines, perhaps cut our arrival time a little.”

"I'll certainly be waiting for both," M'Riz said. "I'll also start working on the basics of my idea. Probes, along with any shuttles we could acquire from K-17 and any other Starfleet vessels that are in the area could be utilized."

"The load-out of the station should be accessible, so should which vessels are in the sector." Ewo stated, as she considered the next steps, making the offer. "I will circle back to the bridge before we arrive, but if you do need additional access let me know, we'll go from there." That said Ewo started towards the exit at the rear of the bridge, beginning to mentally plot her route though the ship.

M'Riz nodded, and began pulling up the information on K-17 and the Starfleet vessels that were listed as being in the area. it would be a good idea to know just what they had at their disposal first before making too many other plans.

Pacing along the corridor Ewo had electing to inform the crew in there work and duty locations rather than dragging them all into one spot, besides this way she hoped to have better gauge of how each felt about the next endeavour. The Betelgeuse turned into a specific lab, one she knew Alice would be in at that point.

Alice's eyes were on the experiment in front of her, nothing overly spectacular, but she'd gotten her hands on what was purported to be a genuine piece of ancient B'deri pottery. Of course, all known pieces from that culture were supposed to be high in ferrous content, which accounted for their durability, despite B'deri customs of utilizing pottery for a single use, to be shattered upon emptying (or even TO empty it). This was intact, which meant either it hadn't completed its journey, or was abducted before it had. She was willing to take her time on the experiment, however, given the rarity of the piece. Her eyes flicked towards the door as it hissed open, her hands automatically withdrawing so nothing she couldn't control happened. "Good Afternoon, ma-" She closed her eyes for a moment, "Ewo, what can a humble science officer do to help you?"

“Apologies for the interruption. We are changing course for K-17 initially for a rest stop, but I have been informed by the station commander they have a number of Tzenkethi ships on the way and are not sure why. The station commander has asked for our assistance, while we are a small asset, we might be able to do some good.” She paused and simply asked “Do you have any questions? Or recommendations?”

That stopped Alice in mid-smile the edges of her lips drooping a bit as the situation hit her like a boulder. The Tzenkethi were a potential danger to the Federation at times, there having been multiple wars with the Federation in their time. A series of diagrams of their species went through her head, the various explanations on their biologics, weaknesses and the sort. Sure, it had been a few decades since the last war, but it had been something she'd been told was in their blood. Or their fluid sacs, or whatever served them for a circulatory system. "I don't think he's planning for us to be in the thick of the action." She said softly, thinking of the fragile shell of a ship they were in. "I um... Gods, ma'am, I've never been a tactical officer in my life... But perhaps he means to use us as a scout? We'll probably be dismissed as a threat, given our size and typical armarment, almost not worthy of being destroyed by the likes of the Tzenkethi, but... I don't know what all we can do to help."

Her face softened a little at the reaction she received. “Perhaps I was a little to direct, but I wanted to be up front about what we were facing.” Ewo began, latching onto the suggestion in amongst the uncertainty. “I appreciate there are no easy options in our current circumstances, but starting to think about how we can Assist perhaps in tandem with another ship. But I agree Operating as a scout would play to our strengths, perhaps something clever with sensors or communications to make our it seems like we have more in terms of numbers of ships supporting us, at this point ideas are more important we can sort out what what is workable when we reach the station.”

A slight moue of distress had formed on Alice's face briefly before she'd had the chance to wipe it off. "Mara always told me that there was always something that could be done to help with a situation, no matter how bad it appeared to be." Her tone was more of a musing thing than much else as she paraphrased what her second and more recent spouse had told her during their brief marriage, "I myself might not be a soldier or even much good with phaser, but I'll definitely do my part. Given my proclivity towards anthropology, I'm sure I'd make a heck of a psychological warfare person if I truly put my mind to it.. Find out what they see as bad omens and demons?" She gave a chuckle at the thought.

Ewo smiled along, interested to see that once the initial shock was done ideas were starting to flow, which she took as a positive. "Yeah that could be something useful or employable, ideas are the key at this point the more options we have the better our chances are i suspect. One last question, what labs are in use at present? I am thinking in terms of accommodating personnel if it came to a straight evacuation?"

"Four has been set up as the primary 'hot' lab, it's the smallest of the lot so it's the easiest to isolate for anything we bring in that may be infectious or radioactive or dangerous or the like. The rest?" Alice gestured to the artifact on the table, "Give me and my people fifteen, twenty minutes to make sure we've got our current projects tucked away and they're available. I'll pass the word around that nothing long-term is to be started for the time being, but there's nothing on the books that's critical for extended use of a lab."

That would be much appreciated. I will keep everyone informed of developments, in the meantime keep thinking, feel free to speak to other crew members as needed. Ewo advised finally, aware she had a few other crew still to bring up to speed. “I have one or two people to speak too, so I will leave you to it.”

"That sounds good to me..." Alice agreed, "It looks like I've got a few people to speak to as well, I'll see you soon."


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