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Detour before Challenges

Posted on Monday June 6, 2022 @ 4:57am by Ewo’tOst Merrova [GM]

Mission: Crossing the Line - (56s Arc)
Location: Deep Space
Timeline: Current

In a quite corner of cargo bay two, a Betelgeusian female stared at a display screen, a screen that for most of its life would have seen intermittent use, as a handy reference for cargo inspections. But the ad hoc nature of the Cardinal and her mission meant that this area was now used for a different purpose. On the screen was a star chart of a portion of the sector with a fair few locations annotated. It was here that Ewo'tOst Merrova contemplated the types of decisions, the ones that affected more than just herself, that she had avoided for most of her adult life, and the ones she had taken were justified as supporting another. That was up until the last month or so, the events on Carina VII impacted her, a crew had followed her lead, been frankly superb at tracking down the source of a scientific problem and incredibly supportive when Ewo elected to act to make a change.

Now they were faced with a wealth of assignments to have a look at and to investigate, it seemed the comments that the science division had invested much in the mission was not a pressure statement but a fact, there was a lot to be observed and investigated . She had selected two assignments to take a measure of priority, by their relative distance and the nature of which, seemed most appealing.

Another fact was weighing on her mind however. Having mentally drawn a line below Deep Space K17, the fact that all of the possible tasks were beyond that line meant, with that same crew in mind, Ewo was considering the possibility of a stop over. Perhaps just two or three days, enough time for the crew who had accomplished so much in the short time she had know them, to have a moments quiet, perhaps even a room of their own, its state of repair permitting. Leaning back on the chair, now permanently situated in that space, and leaving at least one of the crew tables a chair short, Ewo pondered the decision and then elected it was appropriate.

Logging her progress at that particular terminal, and activating the security clearance protocols. Stood and then moved through the space, weaving round the cargo stacks and shelving units to the entrance, striding along the deck to find the forward most acces ladder and using it to reach the deck above. stepping off just outside the partition bulkheads for the vessels bridge.


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