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Station-ary Excitement

Posted on Saturday April 23, 2022 @ 3:28pm by Ewo’tOst Merrova [GM] & Alice Durant

Mission: Trouble on Carina VII
Location: Orbital Station around Carina VII

The observation blister was a nice cozy space in which to curl up and read a book while watching the stars and Alice sighed as she glanced up from the PADD this particular book was on. She'd been dropped off by the Poseidon the day before, her former ship spending only as much time in system as it took to close with the station and transport her and the bare minimum of her personal effects that she figured she'd have room for on board the Raven-class Cardinal. All in all, she had a duffel bag and a smallish crate of items, the rest being packed up and stored on some Starbase nearby, just in case.

But of the items she brought along, there were nearly twenty PADDs filled with novels, stories and anything and everything she could download of scientific studies. And it was one of those murder-mysteries that she was working through when she saw a flicker of motion out the curved transparent metal and lowered it right in the middle of the detective's investigation of the murder scene. The small ship that curved towards the planet flashed it's belly towards the station before it began to slow down. She pried herself away from the window as she padded her way on bare feet through one hallway following the ship through the windows and to the control room.

As she got there, the duty tech sighed and nodded, "I was just about to call you, I think this is your ride?"

"Mind if I use your comm?" Alice brushed the white streak of hair that she'd opted not to dye out of her face and grinned as the tech hauled himself out of the chair and gestured to it, glancing over the controls and hitting the clearly marked comm section, "USS Cardinal, this is Lieutenant Alice Durant. I'm supposed to be your replacement for Lieutenant Canaan, but was dropped off here on the orbital station to await your arrival?"

Now they were on task, Ewo had busied herself with monitoring sensor data, with a view to being able to assist the away teams. The comm call came as a little bit of surprise. "Acknowledged Lieutenant. Gather your effects and standby for transport, this may take a moment or two local clearances and all." The Betlegusain muted the line and set the computer searching for the transfer order, one she had not received as yet. 

She paced from the bridge to the small transporter room, the results she requested had returned by the time she had reached the small wall mounted console. The transfer orders had a slight corruption in the recipient log, meaning they would never have reached the Cardinal. Satisfied she un-muted the line. "Transporter ready and Energising." Sliding her fingers across the controls, and watching the stream of particles coalesce into a human female, stepping across a pace and extending a hand. "Lieutenant Durant, Welcome aboard the Cardinal, apologies for the slight delay I had to go looking for your transfer order, they had not reached the ship when you contacted the ship." Extending a hand towards the door. "If you will follow me I will show you the main areas of the ship. May I call you Alice?"

"Please, ma'am, Alice is perfectly fine." The human had taken Ewo's hand without any sort of hesitation, though her eyebrows had raised at her first interaction with one of the species, "I've got a copy of the transfer orders somewhere in my box, I'll dig it out for you at the earliest opportunity." She followed her new skipper for the tour, "To make a long story short, I'm your new Science girl, with a primary specialization in Archaeology and Anthropology, but I make a habit of trying to learn something new whenever I can." She grinned widely, "So I should be able to help out with a lot of anything we come across."

“That sounds most useful, I don’t mind telling you.” Ewo commented with a smile, as they passed down a short corridor. “We have a number of scientists of various specialities, we launched with a science officer and our initial expedition leader was a fully qualified science officer, unfortunately he was injured and had to transfer out which left yours truly in charge,” She explained as they walked before, pausing at the door to the first science lab. “One of our four science labs, if you would like to have a look around.” Keying the door open and stepping inside the well appointed, but currently vacant room, and gesturing for Alice to follow. “Like what you see?”

Alice stepped inside and a couple steps more before turning in place to take in the lab. It was smaller than the ones she’d had on her last ship, true, but the entire ship was naught but under the length of a football field and only two thirds as wide and had five decks squeezed into it. The fact that there were four of them on the ship meant that Science was likely the primary purpose of the Cardinal. And that made what Captain Girardi must have meant… “Oh yeah.. This will be a nice base of operations for me..” She mused for a moment, again brushing hair out of her eyes, “How many civilian scientists are there? I’m sure there’s a premium on lab usage and I’ll want to make sure they don’t get too snippy… And are they technically under me? What specialties do they have? Any of them a problem child I need to look out for?”

Allowing herself a wide smile at the many questions, all of which were marks of someone who was most likely staying. “Glad you approve, we have a number of modules that can be installed as needed, and ample replicator usage assigned to cover what we don’t have aboard.” Ewo explained, it was almost ingrained in her to address the space and facilities before moving on to other matters, namely staffing questions. “There are five other scientists assigned to the Cardinal at present, we have T’Poe, a doctor in exobiology. Sebastian Potter, a doctor in archaeology. Samantha Greyson, doctor in linguistics. Ec’arn, holds a masters in astrometrics. Finally Dr Bacus a recent addition who specialized in planetary sciences. As yet only one has presented any problem, and has since been reassigned. As far as them being under you, yes, but bear in mind all come from institutes other then the academy, that’s probably the best advice I can give.” Gesturing back towards the hall she offered. “If you step this way we can move onto the bridge.”

"And to think I barely have a Masters in my specialties..." Alice murmured to herself, then brightened a bit, "This may push me to actually work on a Doctoral Thesis. And I've had some dealings with civilian scientists, not much, so this'll be a learning experience." She stepped past the Skipper and back out into the hallway, "Usually as long as they have something they're intrigued about, we're easy to keep occupied. I may look like I'm going to bouncing off the walls, but I'll settle down until I'm relatively subdued. Unless I'm playing an ancient game called 'Cards Against Humanity', then I'll be the life of the party." She grinned widely.

“I am quite sure that it would be possible for further studies, we may be heading further out but our communications set up is top of the line, as the science division most definitely want to be in the know.” Ewo offered after latching on to the mention of thesis work, the mention of a card game was the next thing to catch her attention. “ I must admit I am not familiar with that particular game, you will have to teach me, in fact you will probably end up teaching a few more of the crew, no holodeck, but a large crew area which we will get to, but now the bridge.” They negotiated the offset access, and Ewo stood a little way into the space, pointing at the twin consoles along a bulkhead. “Two science stations, just in case anyone was in doubt about the focus of the ship.”

"I'll happily teach anyone any of the games I've got, and I've got card games, board games, just about anything that can keep us occupied when we're in transit or just have spare time." Alice smiled brightly at the thought, then cleared her throat as a secondary thought crossed her mind, "I um... I know we're still getting started on the tour, but what are the crew quarters like? I'm going through a mental estimation of how much space the bridge is taking up," Patting the back of one of the chairs, "The lab spaces, what I can guesstimate for engineering and other support systems so far, but... It feels like we're starting to run out of room on the ship?"

Now questioning whether or not, it would have been better to start with crew areas and accommodations. Regardless the time had now come, addressing it directly and positively seemed like the best idea. “True there is not quite a stateroom a piece, but there is adequate crew areas. Follow me.” Stepping back out of the bridge about to make for the turbo lift, she paused by a ladder, and then started the short climb upwards.

Stepping off on to the crew deck just outside the bunk area defined by a narrowing archway, passing through and round a purposeful corner, they were faced with the crews bunk set up, set deep into the wall and at the angle of the next corner. “One bunk each even myself. Each bunk has the equivalent of a double mattress, there’s built in communication terminals, lcars terminals, independent lighting controls, and variable privacy controls.” She demonstrated the last point, reaching up and accessing the panel, bringing down a a fully opaque screen, cutting the bunk off from the corridor. “This upper bunk is available as well as a lower bunk just around the corner, the choice is yours.”

And that was the downside of having the luxury of all the lab space she could want on a ship this small., but Alice covered her face with both hands to try to stifle the giggle that threatened and indeed did come out of her. As the giggle expanded to more, nearly maniacal laughter, she waved a hand at the Betelgusian to forestall any potential concern, “This is fine, don’t worry, either one! I just.” She snorted with more laughter, “I’ll have to learn to sleep with something on, I’ve gotten adjusted to sleeping in the nude, but that would hardly be appropriate, don’t you think?”

Ewo stood a little bemused at first at the laugh from Alice, but as laughter so often prompts a reaction, a smile flickered spread across her face, when the explanation finally came, Ewo's first reaction was to shrug and point to the barrier across the bunk. "Well I suppose a restful sleep is important, and their is the Privacy Screen while that's active you can sleep how you like. The point of caution would be when exiting and entering, perhaps make sure you are covered at that point." Ewo advised carefully, trying to strike a balance between the comfort and state of wellbeing of individual crew. "That said, small ship, so there will be awkward encounters. This is my second stint on this type of vessel, and I've had my fair share. The good thing is most us are mid-twenties to early-thirties, so there's a bit of maturity onboard." A reminder flashed on her tricorder, away team updates, which caused her to pause. "How about I leave you to get settled, then if you would like to join me down the hall in the crew room. The away teams should be returning shortly, we can pool our resources, and give you a chance to meet everyone."

"I think that would be a good idea." Alice smiled as she peeked back into her new little cubbyhole of a sleeping space, "I think I'll take the top bunk, but I'll keep most of my personal items in one of the labs, just to keep from cluttering around here too much. I'll be at the crew room in just a few minutes, think I should put together a few snacks for the away teams? A good way to make a good impression, I'd think?"

"It certainly would, there is a fully stocked and equipied galley kitchen, adjacent and accessable from the crew area." Ewo responded positivley. "I will see you shortly." She added before turning and striding purposly and gracefully away from the bunk area, wholely pleased there was now a dedicated science officer aboard, she felt a little more sure about being able to resolve the situation on Carina VII


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