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Tackling the center

Posted on Tuesday April 12, 2022 @ 5:25am by Ewo’tOst Merrova [GM] & M'Riz & Madeleine De Saint Castine

Mission: Trouble on Carina VII
Location: Carina VII, close by Medical

At the edge of one of Morgans Hope many spacious and ergonomically designed squares Dargan Maxwel paused for a moment or two to adjust his half jacket, making sure it sat well, it of course matched up with the design of the bow-tie he sported. He felt extreaml;y proud at being chosen for this particular attache assignment. He eyed the transport receiving site, the specific one that he had been instructed to meet the Starfleet representatives from, with a view to providing them assistance, he did however have one eye on enhancing his own usefulness to certain quarters of the administration. He strode confidently into the square, even allowing himself the slight detour of a walk though one of the several garden islands that softened the otherwise clinical and practical design.

He arrived on cue just as a pair of receiving stations flashed, prior to the matter stream cascading onto it, once the cycle had finished pair of officer stood before him, smiling he stepped forward, spreading a both arms, “Welcome to Morgans Hope, may I offer the Carina VII administration's gratitude for response at this time. I am Dargan Maxwel, as your assigned aide I will do what I can to aide your investigations. I understand you intend to visit the medical center at this time?”

"Yes," M'Riz said. "I''m Lt. M'Riz, this is Doctor Castine. We'd love to be able to visit the medical center as soon as possible."

"A pleasure to meet you both." He offered with a smile that was perhaps a little forced, he gestured to his right and slightly behind himself at a very substantial and elegant building. "The center is just a short walk across the square."

Maddie offered a smile and a nod, though it was obvious that she was somewhat distracted, her thoughts turning over and over the situation at hand.

As they started walking towards the medical center, M'Riz asked, "So, Mr. Maxwel, what do you normally do around here when you aren't showing visiting Starfleet officers around?"

"I am a part of the staff of the director for interior development, which is tasked with ensuring the colony is making best use of our resources to provide an efficient but inviting place to develop agricultural and manufacturing processes, and make sure they benefit the colony." He explained as they walked, aware that he was not particularly versed in medical matters, he added a point to counter this possible shortfall. "While not directly associated with medical matters, I will be able to provide you both with an overall perspective of our city and colony."

"Can you tell me how much access we'll be able to have to records and facilities while we're down here?" Maddie asked thoughtfully. "I would like to be able to work closely with the medical teams here to continue investigating the current situation you're dealing with."

"Of course we would like that as well, there are plenty among the medical staff that welcome anew additional perspective." He replied with a certain amount of sincerity, he was a little more guarded regarding access. "All material and records pertaining to the medical cases will be available of course, anything else I am sure we can accommodate. Do you mind if I ask your specialty Dr Castine?" Dargan probed wanting to have a handle on who he was dealing with also asked. "Mister M'Riz, you didn't refer to yourself as a doctor. Are you still in medical training or is your main focus is something other than medical?"

"Officially, I'm a helmsman," M'Riz said, "with security and tactics training as well. Unofficially, due to the small size of our vessel I'm a backup in several other areas as well, including having some basic medical training, though nothing on the level of Dr. Castine."

Maddie hesitated for a moment before responding. "I have bachelors degrees in chemistry and biology, a medical degree in internal medicine and a masters degree in osteopathic medicine," she finally answered. "I was speaking with Abel earlier via communications, he was going to be gathering some samples and information for me, perhaps we could go speak to him first?"

"Abel, Abel." He repeated looking to his personal data device for records of persons assigned to the project. "Ah. Abel Garant of course, but he seems to be a junior member of the team, strange that he would be one to make contact, I would have though it would fall to someone more senior." He began, before checking himself, it would likely be a wrong move to suggest one of his visitors was mistaken in some way, he offered a vague opinion. "Although our medical staff do have differing ways of assigning tasks. He is currently on sample analysis. Might I suggest you meet with the senior consultant and then move on to meet with Abel if you still wish to do so."

"That certainly sounds like a plan, if Dr. Castine has no objections," M'Riz said, "though we should probably still talk to Mr. Garant at some point, especially if he is supposed to be gathering samples and information for us."

Though he didn't say it, M'riz thought it was rather odd that Dargan didn't seem to know who Abel Garant was, or that evidently junior members of the team here could apparently speak to visitors on behalf of the team as a whole without anyone seeming to take issue with it, at least at the time. He didn't want to sound paranoid, but it seemed a, somehow. It would definitely be a good idea to keep his eyes and ears open.

The sense of foreboding Maddie had on the Cardinal had returned, but felt even more amplified. She wasn't entirely sure what it was that was causing it, but she felt an overwhelming need to pay attention and step carefully. Instinctively, her next few steps as they walked moved her closer to M'Riz. Though they were largely alone, she knew at least where his loyalties lay. "Sample Analysis seems like a good place to be," she added quietly. "I would like to see an array of samples, it might help us unlock this mystery."

"Very well." Dargan stated with a little uncomfortableness, feeling caught between wanting to help out the guests he was assigned too and protect his own reputation. "Follow me and we will make our way Sample Analysis, i can give you a tour of the facilities as we go through."

Maddie nodded slightly. "Thank you, that would be lovely," she said warmly as they walked along the corridor. "How long has this facility been up and running?" she asked curiously.

“Just coming up to two years now.” He responded. “It was in fact one of the first buildings to have its foundations laid, and subsequently completed, along with the administrative center and our first housing unit, which to be honest are basic in comparison to later builds. But they serve as reminder of how we began and what we have built.” He stated proudly, not bothering to hide his ties, his personal investment, and by extension willingness to protect his position within the colony. “As such this facility is state of the art, I am sure you will appreciate the facilities on offer.”

"So the whole colony is rather new then?" Maddie asked as they turned a corner. "Curious. And the DNA mutations that are being experienced, they only started happening recently? What kind of surveys were done on the land and the surrounding areas before the construction commenced?"

M'Riz listened in on the conversation. Maddie's questioning about the surveys was a good one. He'd heard about a terraforming project about 35 or so years ago that had initially assumed that a crystaline structure in the planet's soil turned out to be sentient (and hurling the rather interesting insult of "ugly bags of mostly water" at the Starfleet personnel who learned of what it was). Was it possible that the cause of what was going on here was the result of some new type of life form that had somehow escaped detection before now? Dargan did seem a bit nervous when talking to the two of them.

“As far as the surveys are concerned. Extensive is an appropriate term I believe. Atmosphere, biological, ecological, sub-surface geological scans. The works I believe is the term.” He stated with a measure of confidence, choosing to answer the positive of the two questions posed, hoping to delay the other. “In fact I understand that there are areas of the planet that have a unique occurrence below the surface that directly impacts certain properties, fertile soil being one of the more obvious benefit, there are others.” He commented quite pleased with the colony administrations ability to capitalise on something natural.

"I see," Maddie replied. "I would like to see the results of those surveys as well, and any information you have on this unique occurance that you mentioned." She cast a glance at M'Riz, wishing the Caitian's felinoid features gave more idea of what he was thinking. Regardless, she was glad for his presence. She was already feeling uncomfortable about everything.

M'Riz perked up a bit over the mention of "unique occurrences" that were found below the planet's surface that caused certain things, including fertile soil (which M'Riz interpreted as meaning more fertile than would be considered usual for a planet like this). So maybe there was nothing deliberately sinister behind the actions of the colonists, but at the same time, there had been more than a few problems caused by people who'd seen something apparently good and rushed into things without carefully and thoroughly checking them out first.

"Out of curiosity," he asked Dargan, "how in-depth were the studies on these unique occurrences did you folks do prior to using them for agricultural purposes?"

If I may address the second question first, it is my understanding that major surveys were done prior to the founding of the colony it would not surprise me if starfleet had a hand in them, I also have no doubt that follow up research and studies were conducted by our colonists.” Dargon stated with a little firmness, he felt as if he was having. To defend far more than he would like, and honestly about subjects he was not entirely familiar with, but it did present him with a way to excuse himself and make contact with higher ups. “Ah here we are our laboratory suite.” Striding over to a clearly marked door, complete with the usual, ‘authorised access only’ signage. Making use of a small information display panel Dargan promptly announced. “Abel is working in booth 4, please follow me.”

They passed through the door and along passageway, on either side of which were easily accessible booths, their guide ushered them into the second one on the left hand-side. Abel spun around in his chair, face to face with someone whom he’d only seen on a screen, another person in similar uniform, and someone from the colony’s administration whom he was not familiar with but wary of speaking in front of him. “Researcher Garent, Dr. Castine and Mr. MRiz have requested to speak with you. They are visitor’s from a starfleet vessel assisting with our current issues, I will leave them in your care and remind you to conduct yourself properly.” Their guide stated by way of introduction before excusing himself. “While you converse I will endeavour to follow up with your earlier queries.” Nodded and turned stiffly, before walking away rather to eagerly.

“Doctor Castine it truly is you, in the flesh, I thought with being cut off my message would be sidelined.” Abel said almost in a whisper, and with nearly contained surprise.


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