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A need to inform

Posted on Tuesday March 29, 2022 @ 1:09pm by Madeleine De Saint Castine & Ewo’tOst Merrova [GM]

Mission: Trouble on Carina VII
Location: Cardinal/Carina VII
Timeline: Current


I a quiet, seldom used room of a medical facility on Morgans Hope. Two junior staff members huddled around a terminal, one, a male sat on a stool facing the display screen, while the other a female crouched on the floor, back to the corner, one hand in an oval shaped access panel, carefully manipulating the components. “All I’m saying if we get caught it’s likely suspension and review.” The woman pointed out, as she attempted to make a cross connect. “Yes, you know Mel we both know Mel, you’ve seen the patient, you spoke to her it is her, we have a big problem and things are happening to slowly.” The male responded with a sense of assuredness and honesty that was enough for the woman to continue to assist. “Besides your to good to get caught.” He added with a grin. “Flattery is always welcome.” She quipped before her face light up with a sense of accomplishment. “We’re in business, you should have a communications option now, just don’t forget to narrow the protocol bands to starfleet medical channels, before you start searching for a connection.” She reminded standing up and casting about for a second stool. Meanwhile the male worked through the selections and options that were needed to start searching for a connection. “Your staying around?” He queried after taking a glance over the shoulder and seeing <> pulling up a stool. “In for the long haul, you should know that.”

It took a while, nearly forty minutes went by, with both getting a little anxious, casting glances at the doorway, catching a breath once or twice as the wait and the longer pause between the recurring ‘Searching……’ lead to a little anticipation. Then it happened. The readout on the display changed, a channel had been identified, a starfleet vessel, Cardinal.
They both paused, checking if this was real, Cathy mouthed ‘go on open up’, prompting Abel to send the communication request.


In the ships medical bay, display a screen changed, alerting the person on duty that the incoming of an external transmission, specifically for a member of the medical staff, and emanating from the Carina VII colony.

Maddie had been reviewing the limited information that they had had available after the meeting, feeling frustrated at the lack of real information that was being provided. She had walked away from the desk to replicate herself a hot chocolate, walking back to her desk just as the incoming communication appeared on her console. Sinking into the seat, Maddie set the mug down in front of her and opened the channel, watching the screen as the faces appeared. "You've reached Lieutenant Madeleine De St Castine on the USS Cardinal, how can I be of assistance?"

"Perfect! Doctor de Cassant, I know this is not usual, and we will likely get cut off, but i feel compelled to be sure Starfleet is aware of a growing number of unexplained medical cases on Carina VII." He medical person stated firmly, they were sure of what needed to be passed on, but aware the methods might not be to well received.

The introduction was unorthodox but Maddie was used to medical staff sometimes acting in unorthodox ways. They had all taken unusual steps at some stage to save patients. "I understand," she offered a small smile. "I can certainly try and help."

He faltered at this point, for a moment before deciding it was an opportunity to discuss and get another opinion. "Oh well. Good that's good, I ask as one who is responsible for an affected patients day to day care. Do you have time to review their condition and status?"

"I am the only physician aboard the Cardinal," Maddie replied. "I deal with all patient care on a day to day basis. I am happy to try and help. Are you able to forward the information through to me to review it?"

Abel shot a glance over to Cathy, an enquiring one in line with the request. Cathy half nodded and half shrugged, holding up two fingers together, indicating this is would take a little time. "Of course, this may take a moment to reconfigure." Was his response with a rather uncertain grin attached. "We're you aware that four of the six affected are confirmed as being around the Ericsson Building, the same building that suffered structural failure?" He began, going into explain his own connection to the situation. "One of the affected is a human female, documented age is thirty two, current appearance is more of a fifty eight year old." He paused at this point with a thumbs up from the technician. "Patient information coming though now, you may note the metabolic rates are unusual to say the least, the variations I understand to be abnormal. What do you think?"

Maddie took a seat at the desk and watched the data as it fed in, her brow furrowing with uncertainty. "Are you sure these are from the same patient?" she asked. "These metabolic markers make no sense at all." She paused for a moment, reaching across and tapping at the console, bringing up a second screen. "Have you done a cellular analysis for a visual confirmation of cellular decay rates?"

Able smiled at the initial reaction from Dr Castine, more from relief, that a experienced starfleet medial person would have the same when confronted with these results. "Quite certain i took all but the first two myself." He responded with a degree of confidence, before the follow up question sent him back though his own records. "I did and was able to make a copy of the results. Just give me a few moments. Ah coming across now." He activated a few commands and waited for a moment throwing a glance across at Cathy who nodded slowly. "However as you can see the rates are consistent, which is troubling, could these be a marker of what she was exposed too?"

"It is possible that the markers are somehow related to what it was that she was exposed to. I don't suppose you have any DNA samples from prior to exposure?" Maddie asked. "It might be helpful to compare the earlier DNA with the newer samples. I'll run these markers through our medical database and see if I can get anything back. It's a long shot but it is possible this, or at least something like it, has been encountered before."

Abel grimaced at the question, more because it was not something he could provide readily. "Yes, i believe there are unfortunately i don't have direct access to, i have to ask for permission." He shot another look across to Cathy, and gingerly asked. "How long can you keep this line open?" The look of aghast should have been enough, but from across the room, out of sight of the monitor a voice laid the size of the task out. "Not long enough for you to go ask, and then try and sneak the records, which will probably lad you in as much trouble as this stunt." Able shrugged and looked back at the screen, with an apologetic look and tone. "You will likely be in a position to gain access when you arrive, more so than i at present. Apologies Doctor." He paused and then went on. "Any lead or inkling as to the nature of this effect might be helpful, i will take a long shot at the moment, at least you are taking a shot, more then i can say for some of the persons down here."

"Let me go talk to my commanding officer," Maddie said quietly. "Call me back in two hours I'll let you know what I can do for you."

Abel paused and turned his head, to talk to his co-conspirator, "Can you do this again?" She nodded slowly, "Il have the gaps in my work schedule, the connection might be tricky, but worth a shot." Turning back to the screen, he began to answer. "We will endeavor to do so. I the meantime please -----" A black screen with 'CONNECTION LOST' replaced the transmission on either end. "Yeah were not making that second transmission, everything but lighting has been cut to this room, wed better have a few excuses ready."

Maddie sighed softly, staring at the screen as a feeling of foreboding washed over her. Something didn't feel right, not by a long shot.


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