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Posted on Thursday July 22, 2021 @ 5:03am by Ewo’tOst Merrova [GM]

Mission: Tributaries
Location: Cardinal

The alert that the USS Crucible was on course to rendezvous with them was quite a welcome piece of information, it was a comfort to know someone was looking out for them and willing to give assistance. Hopefully by the time they met she would have a better idea of what shape they were in.

The comm call came a short while later, Ewo was at that point in engineering running a number of diagnostic tests, setting those aside she activates a visual link. “Commander Blackwater, your presence is a welcome sight. I am Lieutenant Commander Merrova, temporarily in charge of the vessel.”

“Likewise Lieutenant Commander, over a month gone without a word we starting to worry. I take it you couldn’t call home?”

“No sir, I took a lot of searching to identify a point to re-cross also, the natives seemed quite insistent on us leaving, it seemed prudent to focus on doing so.” Ewo stated honestly,

“Natives? So contact then should be an interesting report. But to more immediate concerns such as state of the vessel state of the crew? Do you need anything urgently?”

“Aside from Canaan and another civilian scientist who had direct contact the crew are all accounted for, they are conducting level three diagnostic checks at present." EWo responded again honestly as troubling as the outcome was there seemed little reason to hide, after a moment of of consideration added what she believed to be the most immediate need. "Power is an issue, the layer of space caused a steady drain and the push to get us across cut into our reserves quite dramatically.”

“Very well, we’ll be alongside in approximately four hours, you’ll have aux modules and anything else you might need, just holler. Also contact your superiors they will need to know. Blackwater Out.”

Left gazing at a blank display with ships assigned logo twisting around, first awkward contact done, and it went a little more smoothly than she anticipated, quite how the call to the science council representative would go remained to be seen, she planed to be alone for that one as well, mentally settling on a place that she felt would offer complete privacy, for now there was work to be done still.

A Short While Later

Pausing at long last, alone in a cargo bay, sat on a crate, staring at a blank screen, almost immediately on returning to normal space Ewo had made sure to send a burst transmission with a specific code that sent a predefined message, informing them of the loss of a command officer and requesting additional instructions.

The problem with being alone with ones thoughts was occasionally they tended to take a circular nature, for instance, at that moment Ewo was considering her agreement or acceptance of the instruction to 'take the Conn', it did leave her cut off from the goings on in the science lab, that much was not in doubt. But the question she was grappling with, was had she been there would she necessarily have been able to prevent events playing out as they did. A momentary vague thought of a lunge in front of her boss was quickly dismissed, it counted on her being aware enough of the mood of Laurivisola and the point at which a mood might change, an unlikely leap, speaking of leap, that knowledge would have to kick in reflexes that would have to be sharper than a highly trained and highly capable security specialist, another unlikely eventuality. Besides any combination of the two factors would likely involve then being down one crew member. The only real chance of circumventing the chain of events would be to know about Dok's previous trip to that particular region of space and given the nature of the encounter she doubted it would be easy to find, the Ferengi knack for glossing over their mistakes and making them very hard to locate being a key factor.

Ewo arrived after a number of loops around the issue, to a conclusion, events were regrettable but from her perspective entirely unavoidable. It was important for her to focus on factors she could control, right now that involved having a statement or two ready in anticipation of what she may be asked by the scientific director for the sector.

Her attention caught as the screens flipped between various logos and insignias before finally a face appeared a Bolian male, teal collared denoting his scientific focus. “Miss Merrova, given the protocol used can I assume Canaan Serien is out of action.” To which Ewo nearly nodded. “Can you provide his current condition and account for why that is the case.” He asked pointedly. Ewo ran her tongue around the inside of her mouth before answering clearly but basically. “Canaan is currently critical but stable and still unconscious. As for the why, previously unknown to us a member of our expedition had encountered the other layer and the beings that inhabited it, as it had an adverse reaction on catching sight of said member, Commander Serene was caught in the middle of the reaction and suffered his injuries as a result.” After a pause she continued. “Once the ship is ready I intend to return to Starbase Eleven, I would insist that the crew be kept together and not reassigned, however.”

“You insist.” The bolian repeated slowly, as if considering the point, before moving a hand to the terminal at his side and addressing Ewo. “To be frank I’d rather not have you return at all if the ship is still up to it. There is a cruiser on a supply run the renfew. In twelve hours they will be in thirty six hours of you position at warp six. I would like you to make that rv and transfer Commander Serene. By which time you will have new orders.”

“Sir we are minus our expedition leader.”

“You will be filling that role for the time being, before you make a point I am aware you are not an out and out science officer, but you do have elective degrees and have put them to use on more than one occasion. These science expeditions are vital to our current efforts, a lot of work has been put into making them happen, to much to just recall and rework, setbacks will happen you will just have to deal with it.”

“That is quite cold sir.”

“Perhaps, or perhaps it is objective, either way you have orders and a rendezvous to make.” The channel closed abruptly, leaving Ewo with a definite sense she had frustrated the director. Well screw him. She gave a deep sigh as she contemplated stepping into the role of leader. Not something she envisioned happening at all let alone within the first month. First things first. Gauge the mood of the crew.


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