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Reminiscing with a Dash of Coffee

Posted on Saturday July 31, 2021 @ 2:18pm by Trinity Anderson

Mission: Tributaries
Location: Crew Lounge
Timeline: MD 36 - 1323 Hours

Trinity Anderson was feeling like her old self…well, almost.

The headache was gone, and Maddie had done a good job of making the bruises and scrapes she sustained in the forceful return to their universe disappear. It had only been several hours since their return from what felt like a lifetime in a bizarre episode of Alice in Wonderland , except that there were talking mushrooms.

She had spent the hours wondering about what exactly had happened. Even though she had been able to gather more information as to what had happened, she still had a hard time reconciling some of what had transpired.

For one, she had gathered that the Cardinal had accidentally entered a wormhole leading to Amenite space…actually, that was not entirely accurate. It was more like “Amenite universe”. She had learned that thirty-six days ago, the Cardinal disappeared into a wormhole leading to a pocket universe. Starfleet, including the Federation Science Council had spent over a month trying desperately to retrieve them.

For Trinity and the crew however, only a few hours had transpired. She remembered one of the scientists debriefing her being ecstatic at that discovery. Apparently, there was something exciting about a parallel universe that also had temporal differentiation.

She had also learned that the Federation Science Council knew about the Amenite pocket universe, although they only knew little about what it was. They knew that every few years, strange graviton waves and subspace distortion occurred in and around the Tanzathyst Expanse. They had been studying the phenomenon for some time and realized it manifested odd properties- generated a rather strange combination of neutrino and chroniton particles in addition to some other exotic particles. Furthermore, the phenomenon seemed to absorb distinct particles from surrounding space in precise amounts. They did not know why or how, hence why the Council had dispatched the Cardinal to investigate.

Ostensibly, the Council did not know that Dok not only knew more than they did about this phenomenon, nor did they know that the Ferengi scientist had been to the Amenite pocket universe before. In fact, their preliminary investigations suggested that it was Dok that had alerted the Council to the existence of the strange phenomenon in the first place, although he had withheld any further additional information.

What would become of Dok was not up to her. Although a crewmember of the Cardinal, Dok was a civilian and as far as she was concerned, Dok was lucky that he was not Starfleet. Otherwise, she would have arrested him and brought charges against him for withholding such mission critical information that had ultimately led to Commander Serine sustaining serious injuries on the mission.

However, Dok was not completely off the hook either and may still face charges. Trinity had been informed that the Federation was deciding whether it would open a criminal investigation. The Federation Science Council would soon be launching disciplinary hearings, which could result in the Ferengi planetary scientist being stripped of membership in the Council.

As for Canaan, Trinity knew Maddie was doing all that she could, but he remained unconscious. There was no word on when he would regain unconsciousness. It was a bit unclear what was going to be happening to the Cardinal and the crew. She knew only that another ship was a few hours away from them and it would be transporting Commander Serene, hopefully to a medical complex where he can get better treatment.

Trinity tried not to dwell on that too much.

For now, she was happy to be alive, well and back in the right universe, if howbeit a month ahead of when she had left it. She was looking forward to what was next for her or the crew. Ewo had taken command for the time being, it was unclear if this was going to be permanent although Trinity had no doubt she would be a fantastic Commanding Officer. She just hoped she would do a better job of protecting her than she did Serene.

Dropping out of her reminiscing, Trinity walked to the coffee dispenser and ordered herself a triple double. She took a sip of the steaming coffee, the rich creaminess of the flavour mixed with its sharp sugary test and she instantly smiled. "The universe can fall apart all it wants, but nothing quite beats a good cup of coffee," she muttered to herself.

She allowed herself a small reprieve as she took in another sip of the hot liquid. She hoped that her shift, which was just starting, would be half as good as the coffee.

"Here's to hoping," she muttered as she took another drink...


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