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Bidding the Bringer Farewell

Posted on Monday July 12, 2021 @ 7:52am by Ewo’tOst Merrova [GM] & M'Riz & Trinity Anderson & Madeleine De Saint Castine & Arminius Baiua PhD & Torin Landry & Samantha Grayson [Trinity]

Mission: Tributaries
Location: Various

Previously, on Star Trek: Cardinal

"Ewo, this is Trinity." The security officer felt like she had been through a whirlwind of events in the span of minutes. Yet it felt like weeks. She also felt significantly powerless against events and try as she might, she could not quite shake the guilt of letting her commanding officer be put out of commission by an alien entity.

"Commander Canaan has been rendered unconscious by the Bringer," Trinity continued, knowing full well that Ewo would not have been cognizant of the details of what had transpired. "He is currently in sickbay being treated by the doc."

She paused before adding, "Please tell me you have some good news about how to get us out of this place and back home?"

And, now, the continuation

"Okay, okay. Working theory is the point which eddies are moving around is the route back, to ensure a successful transition the ship will be enveloped by a modified field." She paused starring forward for a moment, a decision had to be made, and worryingly by herself, but she had a theurythmics and was confident she knew who would do what, ability and competence and diligence of her shipmates, she knew were always to be counted on. So swallowing hard she opened an general comm line through the the ship. "Right let's go home! Arnie I am going need you on the bridge to make the theoretical field something real, I feel it will be smoother if you monitor external sensors, while I monitor internal systems."

The Betazoid nodded and headed to the bridge.

"M'Riz, I need you at the helm for this, I can foresee a tricky flight."

"Acknowledged," M'Riz said. "I'm on my way." He headed out and started making his way to the bridge.

"Trinity, keep a close eye on Dr. Grayson, make sure the Bringer lets her go, take whatever action you feel appropriate."

"Understood," Trinity replied. She knew that against the Bringer who possessed power beyond her understanding, there was little that she could do. But at the same time, she would be damned to see another crewmember hurt. She thought of perhaps running to the nearest weapons locker to re-arm herself after the Bringer had made her phaser rifle vanish into thin air, but she decided against it. She suspected that the Bringer would only make any new weapon she brought vanish again. Trinity resigned herself to the fact that whatever action she took - should it be needed - would need to happen without a weapon.

Maddie, I appreciate you have your hands full right now, when your ready an update on the Boss's condition would help. Also you are likely to get another patient soon enough, I will arrange help.

Maddie reached up and tapped her commbadge, "He's in bad shape," she replied, trying to keep her voice as calm as possible. "I'll be on standby for another patient," she added before closing the communication link. If things were going to get dicey she wanted to make sure Commander Serine had the best possible chance at a positive outcome. Retrieving a neural monitor, Maddie attached it to Canaan's temple before replicating a new cartridge for a hypospray. Until they were safe, she was going to induce a coma to give his body time to heal.

"Torin, once Grayson is free I need you to get her to sickbay, use the transporter if needed, once there assist Maddie."

The zoologist nodded his head. He readied himself for the right moment.

"Everyone else, we are about to appetite to return to normal space, our arrival here was bumpy to say the least, get to a secure location, you bunk preferred, and remain until instructed otherwise."

Samantha reached deep within her to seek audience with the Bringer but she still felt the wall between its consciousness and hers. She knew that the Bringer meant no harm to them. It was more anxious and worried about the future of the Amenites than it was about fighting with the Federation intruders. Still, she knew if it was forced to choose, the Bringer would invariably make the uncomfortable and no doubt unpleasant choice of choosing the Amenites over the crew of the Cardinal.

It was for this reason that Sam had no objection to Ewo's rather broad discretionary order to Trinity to intervene in releasing her from the Bringer's grasp. Still, Sam felt it was unnecessary. Her gaze settled on Trinity, watching the security officer starring at her intently, no doubt looking for options she could exploit in driving the Bringer out.

"Don't bother Trinity," Sam stated. "I think we are nearing our time with the Bringer and its kind and if all goes well, we will soon be parting, never to see each other again."

Trinity frowned suspiciously at Sam. She could never be sure if she was speaking to the real Sam or the Bringer - not when the alien fungi had its tendrils wrapped around the civilian scientist and entranced in a mind meld.

"I suppose we will see," Trinity replied.

Torin squinted, in an attempt to understand what is going on. The cryptic words of the Bringer boggled his brain. "Hopefully when it leaves, we end up on the right side of space."


Making sure Canaan was securely strapped in the bio bed, heavily sedated and now given additional analgesics to help compensate for any discomfort he may feel during the transition back to normal space, Maddie entered her small bedroom, grabbing the large desk chair and dragging it back into main sickbay, pushing it firmly into a corner near Canaan's biobed. Picking up an emergency medical kit, the doctor returned to the seat, sitting rigidly, the medical kit between her knees, her hands gripping the arm rests as she waited.


Arnie moved to the Operations station on the bridge and quickly began accessing the ship's systems. With the dampening effect of the realm it was going to take a lot of the ships power to generate the field to a degree to let them transit back to their own space.

Looking around as Arnie entered the bridge and took a seat, Ewo returned her attention to the forward station, and the series reroute preparations she had begun to make, her plan was to transfer to an aft station, but only when M'Riz arrived. “I have some reroute processes in the works that should make our power usage a little more streamlined, how much effort do you think it will take to transfer the simulation program?”

"Based on what I've seen we're going to need a lot of power. We should start shutting down any secondary systems we can and transfer that power in too." Arnie said.

M'Riz arrived on the bridge and took his place at the helm. Switching over to manual control, he looked over the information being brought up on the controls. Saying their expected trip out would be a "tricky flight" was an understatement, but he felt up to the task.

Arnie looked over to Ewo. "Alright, once you're ready I think we can try this."

Seeing M'Riz enter she stood and vacated the fore, just after sending her current progress to a secondary station, “it’s all yours.” Electing not to sit just yet, Ewo propped herself up while leaning over one her chosen station, transferring as much power as she could, including sealing two complete decks. Keeping one eye on the power usage projections, making sure they had enough and then twenty-five percent in hand, just in case. “Okay okay initializing field now.” Aside from the changes on the console monitor, there was a slight and noticeable tremor that ran though the small ship for a few moments as the inertial dampers adjusted to the new load, also the lighting level adjusted to a level similar to a red alert. “Systems are at full stretch, but within tolerances, how is the field reacting with our environment?

"Stand by." The lead science officer said his fingers on the controls as his eyes darted across several streams of incoming data. "It's working, I think."

“Acknowledged.” Ewo commented, and promptly refined the channeling of the available power, taking a little from the IDF and adding it to the SIF. Looking over her shoulder towards the helm, she addressed their pilot. “The coordinates for the eddies pivot point is available to you, set impulse engines to three quarters, demonstrate the truth of our intent to exit nicely, but give us a little reserve in case. Engage engines when ready.”

"The information is coming up now," M’Riz said. "Setting impulse engines to three quarters impulse and engaging." M'Riz slowly brought up the ship to speed and slowly eased forward. "So far we seem to be moving well," he said after a few moments, hoping that he had not, as the humans on board might say, "jinxed things" with his last comment.

[Science Lab 4]

In the science lab, Trinity watched and waited apprehensively as she listened intently to the chatter on the open comms from the Bridge. They could not get back to their space any quicker as far as she was concerned. She was done with sentient plant diplomacy and was looking forward to putting this well behind her. Her thoughts went to Canaan, hoping to the stars that he was fine.

Sam for her part felt the presence of the Bringer begin to dwindle the more the ship seemed to move in the direction of their window out of this space. The Bringer was still unwilling to engage as it had before, but Sam still felt no intent of harm on its part. If anything, she thought she sensed that it felt disappointment and worry. Her melding with the Bringer had brought to the forefront so many insights that Sam tried to sear into her mind as many as she could but she found even those insights slipping.


Her attention fixed firmly on the readouts before her, keeping herself propped up as well as clinging to the surrounds of the the console with one hand, with the other making minor incremental adjustments to keep the established field intact. As they plunged towards the most likely exit point, the eddies began to rotate around them, creating a funnel effect which Ewo caught her first glimpse of as she threw a glance across her shoulder to the helm.

Distracted by the effect being played out through the viewscreen, a distraction that increased as they neared their objective, the rotating eddies took on colours, multiple ever-changing colours, that seemed to produce a kaleidoscope effect, drawing the Cardinal ever onward towards the black dot in the center, a surge ran through the ships systems triggering the automated Red Alert notifications, and dragging the Betelgeusian's attention back to her console. "Massive power spike, tapping reserves and feeding power. M'Riz, hold your course and push up to full impulse, we need to keep our momentum. Arnie what's our field strength?"

"We're down to 64% if we drop below 50 the field will collapse. If we're between realms, I don't what to consider what will happen."

As they continued onwards the strain on the IDF showed through in steadily increasing vibrations that ripped throughout the small vessel, as did an hypnotic effect they hadn't anticipated, a sound of something that would equate to a monastic chorus, warm and inviting, but one that built and built as they plunged forward up to the moment they reached the divide between the Bringer's layer and their own.

[Science Lab 4]

Trinity felt the deck shaking all around her, which seemed in sharp contrast to the calming Gregorian chants that was emanating from all around them, yet nowhere at all. If it were not for the threat of tripping and falling from the shuddering of the deck, Trinity might have been entranced by the simplicity yet soul-piercing richness of the music.

Trinity could hear the the roar engines and its vibrations as it struggled against whatever force sought to keep it in this realm. The inertia dampeners must be having a hard time, she mused. She gestured to Torin to hold on to something as she herself braced against a bulkhead. She was about to advise Samantha to do the same when she saw the scientist shaking her head at her.

"I will be alright," Sam stated simply with a wry smile. The deck shuddered again and Trinity saw much to her surprise that Sam seemed unaffected - almost as if her legs were planted into the bulkhead.

Another one of the man tricks of the Bringer, Trinity mused. Hopefully, this was the beginning of their goodbye to the Bringer and this realm. Curious as to what was happening outside the ship, Trinity turned to a display screen close to her and keyed in a sequence of commands and watched as the screen began displaying video from the forward sensors of the ship.

After he quick statement to Trinity, Sam closed her eyes so she could focus on the Bringer. His presence was ebbing away and while Sam did not object to the departure of the alien entity from her mind, she wished she could at least keep some of its knowledge. It was clear to her that there was a frighteningly large gap of knowledge between the Bringer and the Federation crew. Sam had managed to tap into a vast body of knowledge in several categories - history, science, spirituality. But it was all slipping away now.

"The resurgence is beginning," Sam heard the Bringer say. "The time of rebirth is at hand. Farewell Samantha, daughter of Merianna and Del."

Sam opened her eyes as she glanced at he screen Trinity had activated and she saw the dazzling display of colours. This was the beginning of the resurgence, she knew - the reproductive cycle that sustained the Amenite people of the Tanzathyst Expanse. Every few years...Sam had forgotten the number of years, the Amenite realm deliberately opened its pocket space to normal space to, for lack of a better word, take in nutrients that was timed precisely with when Amenites far and wide from the Floating City to the underbrush of Tulum released their spores. The spores took in the nutrients of the other realm under the careful gaze and guidance of the Bringer of Glad Tidings to form new colonies to continue and propagate the Amenties.

"It's so beautiful," Sam muttered with a wide smile lost in the sight and sound of the moment that she did not realize that the Bringer was no longer in her mind...


Now wide enough, tall enough, for them to pass through, they breached the threshold the black switched to bright colours, providing a moment of disorientation before the blackness of unconsciousness.

Arnie came to and pushed himself to his feet, having apparently fallen out of his chair in transit. He checked the readings, they appeared to be back in normal space in their own realm, near where they had entered the anomaly; He tapped to ship-wide comm, "Arnie here, everyone check-in and report status."

The grogginess and the headache were the first sign of Ewo drifting back to conciseness, her head rolled from side to side as the ache came more and more to the front, as eyes fluttered open for a moment, she didn’t recall taking a seat but was glad she did so. “You’ve either got a huge tolerance or quick bounce back Arnie, I am groggy at present, but will be right in a short while."

"We're back in normal space, at roughly the point where we left," M'Riz said, rubbing his forehead for a moment. The return trip hadn't really been any easier. "The anomaly we traveled through seems to have completely closed." He set the helm on automated for the moment, then grabbed the med kit and gave himself, Arnie, and Ewo injections to help with the pain and grogginess.


It was the coolness of the floor that first started to break through Maddie's unconscious state. At some point she'd been thrown clear from the chair, which now lay on it's side several feet from her. Her eyes opened slowly, one hand sliding between her cheek and the cool floor before she pushed herself up a little to look around. Canaan was still safely secured in the biobed, but his vitals were not looking good. The stress of the transition was taking it's toll on his already weakened body. Hearing the comm call from the bridge, Maddie reached up and tapped her commbadge. "Sickbay to bridge, is everyone okay? Do you require medical assistance?"

Arnie looked around the bridge and received enough no shakes to confirm the bridge team was fine. "We're good up here, how's the Commander?" He said asking of how Canaan was.

[Science Lab 4]

Trinity awoke with a startle and realized that she was on the carpeted floor of the Science Lab. She could not recall how she got there or how long she had been unconscious. She quickly glanced around her, noticing Sam still passed out but breathing normally. In another corner of the room she saw Torin who was beginning to come around.

Hearing Arnie's call, she tapped her combadge, "All fine here in Science Lab four," she replied and then paused as she suddenly realized that the Laurisviola was gone and she assumed that meant the Bringer. She glanced around the room just to be sure but there was no sign of the sentient plant life. Even the usual goo she was emitting had vanished. "Bridge...we've lost sight of the Bringer and Laurisviola. They are no longer in the Science Lab."

"They are gone," Sam chimed in as she sat up nearly startling Trinity. "They are back in their universe as we are back in ours." She was nursing her head as she felt a raging headache, the kind that came with a hangover when she had imbued too much wine.


Still nursing and aching head Ewo, turned her focus to the basics, comparing the ships clock with the Starfleet's baseline clock, which was a revelation in itself. "Okay, that realm experiences time differently. Over thirty days have passed in normal space, thirty one point six, to be exact. I will make contact with the closest Starfleet vessel." Glancing to Arnie and M'Riz. "Okay level three diagnostics of primarily systems I think." Opening a comfortable line. "Trinity, check on Torin, then get Doc Grayson to Maddie. All hands, if you are still feeling the effects after fifteen minutes report to sickbay, otherwise please perform a level three diagnostic of you primarily workstations and any well used systems. Maddie if you get swamped please contact me immediately I have relief options in mind."


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