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Relay check, Reality check

Posted on Tuesday August 10, 2021 @ 3:36am by Ewo’tOst Merrova [GM] & M'Riz

Mission: Lower Decks
Location: Deflector control

Not long after retuning, there was of course a need to check over the ship, to which end Ewo had asked both Trinity and M'Riz for aid, suggesting that they take look at systems connected to there main role on board. Ewo had been particularly impressed with the adaptation that the Cataian Lieutenant had shown, and wanted to express such in private among other things. She stepped across the threshold into the defector control room. “How are checks progressing M’Riz?” She asked as a simple and fairly direct introduction.

"The ship looks to have held together quite well, all things considered," M'Riz said. "There are a few secondary relays that look like they might need to be swapped out. As a side note, there's a lot of slime left over from our visitor, though I'm to understand that Maddie is working on something that may dissolve it fairly quickly."

Listening to the brief and very positive assessments of the results and the news of an imminent removal of the residue from their 'guest' while in the extra spacial layer. "Well that will be welcome, they really did get everywhere, I am finding in places I would not have considered the, accessing , then again I suppose run off and capillary action could account for some of the spread. If you have a list of the relays, I can source or begin to replicate what is neended." Breaking off a little, she voiced her first notes of commendation. "As far as being everywhere, you, yourself were close to that at times when we were in there, from my point of view it was very appreciated."

"I do what I can," M'Riz said, trying to sound modest about it. "Besides, I find I am enjoying the challenges that it's been bringing. It gets a little boring sometimes at conn."

"You are most definitely in the right place if you want a challenge." Ewo commented with a smile, glancing around, before retuning to the Catain, given the current situation having someone with technical knowhow to call on while she balanced additional duties would be a great advantage, but she also didn't want to push and for the moment asked about his background.. "Do you mind if I ask, have you picked up these additional skills during you service, or or were you a very busy cadet?"

"Some of it came from the Academy," M'Riz said. "I took a bunch of basic classes in several areas of general starship operations early on because I knew I wanted to help operate a starship, but it took a while to figure out exactly what specific direction I wanted to go into. Most of the rest was a bit of being curious about other areas and learning something about them from fellow crewmembers after graduating."

Considering the courses he had taken, and the way he went about picking up extra skills as he went though his career, Ewo felt a little more comfortable asking for his assistance going forward before she did, wanting to be sure, suggested. “Shall we walk and talk, maybe go and pick up the relays that are needed.” Gesturing to the door. "So how are you, with everything that transpired?"

"This was a hard one," M'Riz said. "Yes, we found a new 'universe' and new life, but it came at a cost. The commander is down for who knows how long, we're battered, the ship is banged up. In some ways, it's amazing we made it out alive."

“But we did make it out.” Ewo commented, keen not to get into a negative spiral she offered a positive slant on the goings on. “True it showed up how much danger we have to face out here, perhaps that was needed, I would like to think we can prepare better for the next set of challenges that we might face.”

"We can certainly hope that," M'Riz said, nodding. "Is there any update on Commander Serine's condition?"

“Critical but stable. I suspect that will be the case until he is seen to at a substantial medical facility.” Ewo replied as they exited the compartment and passed along the corridors. “The director for this region seems keen for the mission to continue despite that, he has put me in the leader spot, which leads me to a request of my own, how comfortable would you be if I were to lean on you for operations support?”

"I certainly think I'm up to the challenge" M'Riz replied. "What did you have in mind specifically?"

"Excellent." Ewo beamed, pleased with the way he responded. "I was hoping to give you responsibility for the whole propulsion chain. Warp, impulse, and associated systems. Their upkeep and maintenance cycle. How would you feel about that?" She asked, after reading a pause added. "I would be on hand, of course, for questions and aid."

"So, I suppose the only question I have now is when do I start?" M'Riz asked.

“I could say something dramatic such as effective immediately.” She said with a grin. “But let’s get through the next day or two, the clean up, the hand over and then you can work things in to your duty shifts. I can send you a schedule I worked up.”

"That is definitely doable," M'Riz said. "I'm looking forward to it."


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