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Third Degree of Separation Part 1

Posted on Friday May 14, 2021 @ 11:48pm by Trinity Anderson

Mission: Lower Decks
Location: Betazed

Previously, on Star Trek: Cardinal

Sam rolled her eyes at Trinity. Unlike Canaan, Sam felt irritated at the Security Officer's rather obvious statement. She knew, of course, that it was more than just the statement that bothered her about Trinity. There was history between the two women... one that remained unresolved. And judging from Trinity's nonchalant attitude towards her since they both found out they were on this expedition together, it appeared it would remain unresolved.

And, now, the continuation


Temi Kel

Trinity had not been to Betazed since her Academy days, but it was refreshing to know that a few things had not changed. It struck her that the entire planet seemed to mesh architecture with nature. Almost everywhere she looked, Trinity could see stunning pieces of architectural design that contrasted well with trees, shrubs, and of course golf-green grasses.

Trinity was walking along a path in a loosely populated residential area, eyes glued to her padd while occasionally looking up to match the padd's global positioning directional information with what she physically saw. She stopped at a house that looked like it might match what she had been searching for about half an hour.

There was a large tree in the front yard of the red bungalow, which should not be there according to the information she had on her padd. Everything else however checked out. She frowned slightly.

Hopefully, this is the right house, she mused.

She was not particularly fond of the prospect of showing up to the wrong house – not with the kind of somber news that she was coming to deliver.

"Can I help you?" a voice asked prompting Trinity to look up from her padd.

Standing on the porch of the house was a man roughly Trinity' height dressed in a long-sleeved blue silky shirt and dark pants. The wrinkles on his face and the air he carried about him suggested he was roughly in the age range of the man she was looking for. If she had to guess, he looked at least twenty to thirty years older than him.

"Yes...I'm looking for someone from the House of Kel that supposedly lives here."

The Betazoid raised both his eyebrows, his curiosity picked. "I am Tevon Kel...and you are?"

"Trinity Anderson," she replied. "I have come a lo-"

"Trinity Anderson?" the man interrupted. "Your name sounds familiar. Are you Starfleet?"

"Yes, I se-" Trinity started but was interrupted.

"Then you must have known my daughter," the man said. "Temi Kel…she served on one of those frontier starbases."

There was an uncomfortably long pause. Trinity realized the man was trying to remember the name of the starbase, but it appeared to elude him. In the span of those brief seconds she saw in his face frustration, anger and finally resentment.

"Starbase 517," Trinity offered.

"Yes! " Tevon replied excitedly. "That’s the one. You must have known my Temi then?. "

"Yes," Trinity replied and paused briefly before continuing with slight sadness in her voice, "but not as much as I would have liked."

Tevon nodded silently. Trinity was not sure if, like her, he also did not know Temi Kel that well or if he was simply nodding to acknowledge the fact that she had known his daughter.

"It will rain soon Trinity Anderson. Come in and have some tea and some oskoid."

"I'm not sure if that’s a good id-"

"I insist," the man said matter of fact.

Trinity looked at the darkening clouds and nodded before heading into the Betazoid's home.

Tevon led her into the majestic-looking living room. The house appeared much bigger from the interior than it did from the exterior. There were several holographic frames lining the main walls of the house displaying a mixture of still images and short clips of various people.

Trinity recognized Temi in several of the pictures, including one where Temi was in her cadet uniform and flanked by a younger looking Tevon and a blonde-haired woman, who curiously wore black-trimmed glasses.

"Trinity Anderson," Tevon stated, the look in his eyes suggesting he was trying to retrieve a memory. " were my daughter's supervising officer."

"Actually, I was the Assistant Chief of Security," Trinity replied. "But I was more or less in command…at the time of her death."

Tevon nodded grimly and offered Trinity a seat before disappearing into what must have been the kitchen only to return a moment later with a tray of two fancy teacups, oskoid and an assorted array of treats.

"Tell me Trinity," Tevon said as he poured Trinity a cup of tea, "did she, as you Starfleet types like to say, go out in a blaze of glory?"

Trinity paused and starred at the man. She could not tell if he was being sarcastic or not. His demeanour seemed gravely serious, yet there was something about the way he had said the words- the subtle inflections- that suggested a hint of sarcasm.

"She did her duty," Trinity stated, figuring that was a more diplomatic answer. She shifted in her seat as she started feeling even more awkward, as if she were not awkward enough already. Clearing her throat, she continued, "She did her duty to the very end."

Tevon smiled wryly and gazed at Trinity for a while. He took a sip of the tea from his teacup and starred emptily above Trinity’s head as if he were thinking long and hard about what had been said and what he would like to say. In the brief seconds that passed, Trinity thought she saw a myriad of emotions cross his face that went from grief to sadness to exasperation to relief and then back to grief.

Just then there was a distant roar of thunder as the clouds, heavy with water, let loose with a heavy downpour.


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