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Family Dinner

Posted on Wednesday June 9, 2021 @ 1:39pm by Ewo’tOst Merrova [GM] & M'Riz & Trinity Anderson & Madeleine De Saint Castine & Arminius Baiua PhD & Torin Landry

Mission: Lower Decks
Location: Crew Dining Room

The crew dining room was perhaps one of the most spacious areas on the whole ship, likely because it was also one of the only areas that needed to be able to accommodate essentially the whole crew at a given time. Not that 'the whole crew' was an excessive number of people. Most ships Maddie had served on previously had more people in one department than this whole crew combined.

Not that the smaller crew size was a bad thing. They were definitely closer than your average crew, more like a family, and they got to share moments like these, a meal spent together, a drink or two, and most importantly, the sharing of good company.

Looking around the table, Maddie smiled at the assortment of meals spread out in front of them. Unlike most nights where they took turns at cooking, tonight they were being indulgent and everyone had replicated something they considered a favourite with all the plates being set in the middle of the table to share. It was an interesting assortment indeed.

The assortment of delectable food was exactly what Trinity needed after the end of a long shift. Not only was the full spread of food and treats quite a beautiful sight to behold, her stomach seemed to also agree as it growled impatiently, aching to be satisfied. Her eyes caught one of the treats on the table, no doubt added by Ewo.

She paused and glanced around as conspicuously as she could manage to make sure no one was looking at her. She slowly reached for the treat while pretending to stretch out her arms. In one swift motion, the treat was neatly tucked into her palm, its small size fitting perfectly in her cupped palm. She retracted her arm, satisfied with herself. Trinity took another quick glance around the room before pretending to yawn. This was naturally followed by the movement of her treat-infused palm directly over her mouth in a fake display of covering her yawn. However, she ceased the opportunity to send the treat into her mouth.

Trinity felt the sugary rush instantly on her taste buds, giving instant gratification to all her senses. She closed her eyes, all the better to savour the taste. She took her time chewing the treat, feeling pulses of ecstasy ripple through her body with each mastication.

This is exactly what the doctor ordered, she mused as she was lost in her own world.

“The sweet tooth strikes again I take it.” Ewo commented softly about a pace away from Trinity, she had not long entered and alight had not seen the take, she knew first hand the liking of all things sweet. She had brought a split selection, both were sweet breads, roughly equivalent to human brioche, one was filled with a chocolate blend, the second had sausage type meat throughout.

Trinity laughed at Ewo's comment. "I don't know so much that it strikes as in it is perpetually there."

After a short and always friendly exchange with Trinity, Ewo moved around the table towards the crews caregiver. “Evening Maddie, I hope your day went well? I do look forward to these multiple culinary samples, the choice in selection and partaking is fun, I think.”

"Trinity, Ewo," Maddie said with a smile as she set another plate full of food on the table. "I couldn't decide which meal was my favourite, so I added a few," she said, her smile turning into a grin as she set down the last dish, something clearly sweet, topped with lashings of whipped cream and chocolate curls.

It was always a struggle for Torin to leave Eurus during dinner. She was always snippy around mealtime. He finally found his way to the dining hall where most of the other crew already was. The array of food and people took Torin for surprise, he forgot there was more than just a normal dinner that evening. He took a seat at the table, the one closes to the chicken alfredo. The meal was still steaming from the replicator, and his mouth salivated at the sight.

He nodded to the rest of the table, "Evening, everyone."

Arnie entered the messhall and nodded to his crewmates as he moved to the table. "Looks good."

As she moved towards a chair just to the left and opposite of Torin smiling in response to his own pleasant introduction. "Indeed it looks to be a most enjoyable one, I trust your day was productive?"

“Oh yes,” said Torin. “I was able to get the library cross reference guides for subterranean slugs reinitialized.”

A hand on the back of a chair she paused as a number of memories fused and jumbled together, the array of dishes pulling in a number of choices bring memories of similar meals on a similar ship, although she noted even the more quiet and retiring academics of this crew seemed to be making an effort to mingle which she approved of quite a lot, this was in contrast to the jarring memories of growing up those awkward and phoney-feeling functions her parents required her to attend the variety of food on offer was about her only highlight. She shook herself back to the present helped along by Arnie's comments on entering. "Certainly does, one of the advantages of the small ship we each get to show off our tastes and preferences without imposing them, it is quite enjoyable." She added pulling out the chair and depositing herself on it.

"Agreed," the Betazoid replied. "Hopefully everyone gets here soon, I'm hungry."

"My selection was heavily influenced by Ishac, who should be along momentarily. Recommendations of what to try, however biased, would be most welcome." Ewo said with contacted smile, one eye on the door for the arrival of her ward, also the ship's pilot and all rounder M'Riz, curious what he might have selected.

M'Riz nodded at the others. He sensed they were all as eager to "dig in" to the meal as he was (if judging by Trinity's attempt to secretly swipe a bit of one of the desserts when she thought no one was looking was any indication). He eyed the food layout, particularly the chicken alfredo. While the Caitian digestive tract was, unsurprisingly, geared toward a more carnivorous diet, it could handle some vegetation, and pasta was an Earth dish he'd acquired a taste for while at the Academy (and the fact that chicken alfredo contained chicken, butter and Parmesan cheese certainly didn't hurt any). A couple of other dishes looked particularly appealing as well.

He'd replicated a couple of Caitian dishes as well. Despite his having teased Maddie once about providing swamp rat for a future crew meal, he'd produced dishes that were popular in restaurants on Cait that were frequented by off-worlders and that had proved popular at a couple of potlucks he'd attended while at the Academy.

Sliding into a seat, Maddie picked up a glass and took a sip of her drink. "Apparently in some families eating like this is common. My roommate when I was in medical school, every weekend she would go home for a meal with her family. She invited me a few times. So many people and so much food." She laughed softly. "I thought it might be nice if we did something similar, for our family."

"This is nice Maddie," Trinity stated with a warm smile to the doctor as she swirled the alcoholic beverage in her hand. "I used to have dinner with my mom every weekend while I was at the Academy - and she made it a point to leave San Francisco to go back to our home in Mombasa."

"So interesting that we so often tend to associate food with gathering together with family and friends," M'Riz said.

Torin looked across to the others. In the whirl of work and rest, he never realized how easily he slipped into the Cardinal. The mess hall was like a home, and his crew mates were, like Maddie said, family. He raised a glass of his. “Shall we toast?”

Amid the back and forth conversations, Ishacarr slipped into the crew lounge and made a bee line for the table, his face a picture of anticipation and delight at the food stuffs on offer. He plopped himself down on a chair close by Ewo, who was lossing herself in the recollections of family-type gatherings from times gone by, borrowing them, trying to avoid that creeping awkwardness that for her those sort of moments only started to happen recently for herself, as fortune would have it Torin's suggestion of a toast, as oddly formal as it might seem, it could also be fun if you made it so. "How about Good Food, Good Friends."

"And to family," Trinity added. "That's really the trifecta of f's I, friends and family...probably in that order too, for me anyways."

"To food, friends and family, may we find joy in them every day," Maddie added with a smile as she held her glass up.

Arnie smirked as the group clinked glasses. "Let's eat."

"Now that is a sentiment I can get behind!" Maddie added with a grin. "Let's Eat!"

"Indeed," M'Riz said. "I believe the appropriate human term is 'Dig in.'"


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