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Testing one two three

Posted on Tuesday July 6, 2021 @ 3:32am by Ewo’tOst Merrova [GM] & Madeleine De Saint Castine

Mission: Lower Decks
Location: Medical

Almost at full stretch while stood on an anti grav platform, giving her the hight she needed. Ewo deftly slotted the holo emitters cluster into the neat cutout across the corner. One hand hoping in place, the other reached down for a hypospanner hooked to a loop on her waistband, a few pressure touches and mechanical whines later, Ewo gripped the front firmly and gave it an experimental wiggle, taking both hands off, pleased the component stayed in place, she turned and smiled. Before switched the spanner for a tricorder and keying the platform to gently lower her to the deck. Stepping off and taking a few paces towards the office area. "Maddie, they're all in, how's the program installation coming along." She called out while continuing to approach.

"The program is installed, I'm running a systems check now to make sure everything is within normal parameters, that should be finished momentarily and then we can test it if you want?" Maddie called back. "Everything seems to be checking out so far, so fingers crossed I haven't broken it horribly, I'm a doctor, not a hologram whisperer!"

Stopping short, Ewo smiled at the comment. "An interesting turn of phrase for sure, hologram whisperer, i like it. It will need a bit of tweaking, not much works straight out of the box, despite what any other technical minded person may tell." Her reply was honest but kindly, hint of excitement filtering in as well, both at seeing the little project though and getting this particular space just as the main occupant wanted it, also seeing a little animal that might just evoke the happier times of her younger years. "But I enjoy the process almost as much as the results, most of the time."

"Okay..." Maddie drew in a deep breath. "Now, if the parameters are wrong, I apologise, I tried to get as much right as I could, I did a lot of digging through files to try and get right comparisons for size and colour, but if it looks out of place, I can fix it better." She looked up at Ewo, biting hard on her bottom lip for a moment. "Ready?"

This was it, the moment of truth. Maddie hit a few buttons on her desk and glanced toward the door. "It has been temporarily assigned the name of Chai, so it will respond to that if you call it. I thought the tea name was fitting." She smiled toward Ewo and nodded to the door. "Shall we go see if Chai is ready to play?"

She smiled knowingly at the chosen name for the animal, it was more than welcome and made her want to take part not just as a test but for herself, finding herself hoping for as much realism as possible. "Yes let's." Pacing carefully into the main area there it sat in the center of the room, the mottled gray-brown furred, stocky animal casting it's head around, nose twitching, it stopped suddenly and backed up a little towards the side of one of the bio beds, looking directly at the two of them it's attention now fixed. "Wow, the look is how I remember, the slight timidity as well, excellent." Ewo beamed with a look across at Maddie, just before taking a step forward and into a crouch, speaking in a slight softer tone but higher register, Ewo’tOst attempted to attract and reassure the creature. "Chai, it's okay, it's okay."

The animal hesitated for a moment, sniffing in Ewo's general direction before inching closer, sniffing again with each forward step until it started nosing into Ewo's hand.

"Thankfully most of the information needed was already in the databases, and the way the program is designed it's easy to add in details for new animals." Maddie smiled pulling herself up into a sitting position on one of the bio beds as she watched. "So what do you think? Is it passable?"

Waiting until the small animal nosed on to her outstretched hand, and holding on a few more moment while it had a sniff, before curling the underside of it muzzle and made a few slow and gentle scratching motions, which from the reaction she assumed had gone down well. Enthralled and distracted, feeling the same as she one did as a younger version of herself, Ewo barely caught the last question. “Hmmm......oh more than passable, the initial timidity, to the comforting spot underneath its muzzle, it’s excellent work. I feel the same as did when I was eight, and I was introduced to my first domestic Cebepyba.” She said with a beaming smile, which turned briefly to a frown as the creature moved closer to Ewo and a slight shimmer of its right hind leg. “The framing and tracking matrix needs a little adjustment, I can see to that, in a few minutes.”

"The program is set so that when it's activated the animal always arrives 'somewhere' out of sight. The idea was meant to add an air of realism." She sighed. "Unfortunately I never worked out how to program it to acknowledge walls and bulkheads, so they do have a tendency to walk through walls at times." She laughed softly. "I never bothered to learn how to fix it. Coding was never really my thing, I just worked out enough to be able to tweak it as I needed."

“It’s working well of course, I think it’s a curse of a techie never being satisfied with the state of something.” Ewo responded with a smile, as she stood and walked back to a auxiliary console, looking down to see ‘Chai’ shuffling along slightly behind. “I was not always like that, believe it or not, now let’s see where is the code for surface acknowledgement, ah.” She tapped and opened up the appropriate files and tried to inject a code that would make said creature acknowledge solid surfaces even shuffling along them.

"I mean, don't get me wrong, when it comes to medical I'm a perfectionist, which is probably a good thing. I don't like not being able to solve problems, to not being able to help someone who needs it. Stuff like this..." she waved a hand absently toward Chai. "The little flaws and imperfections don't bother me."

Ewo stopped want she was doing, glanced enquiringly across at the other woman, whom she felt was fast becoming a friend, and asked. "Would you rather I leave in the imperfections?" She continued, explaining what might be taken as a backtrack or somthing like that. "My suggestion of the change was just that, I like to present ideas that might produce different effects, but the final decision is yours." She gave a smile just as she felt 'chai' nudging gently into her leg, dropping down and cupping the muzzle in both hands. "Of course it is soooo hard to improve on this sweetness. Is it not. Is it not. Yes it is chai. Yes it is."

"I think the surface acknowledgement is a good thing. There's still going to be small flaws and imperfections, but I think having it not walking through walls would be good." Maddie smiled, watching as Ewo interacted with Chai. "It's nice having animals around, it makes the place seem... I don't know... friendlier?"

“It’s the little things that make such a difference.” Ewo commented looking up at Maddie from fussing the small animal, “especially on smaller boats, like the Cardinal. Ohhh I think Ishacarr might like a bit of time with Chai, yes he will, I think he will, introduce you to my ward see how you to get on. But for now.” She pushed up, back to the small console, continuing on with the small little adjustments to the program.

"Ishcarr is more than welcome to come hang out with the zoo," Maddie said with a small smile. "Honestly I welcome the company. It gets a bit lonely here sometimes. Though, he might also really enjoy meeting some of the others. There are a few animals programmed in there that he might enjoy." Maddie fell silent, watching Ewo as she worked. "Thank you," she finally said softly. "For helping with this, I do appreciate it."

"You are most welcome. That is the coding finished." Ewo stated as she tapped the final key, and looked up at Maddie with a smile of achievement, considering her invitation for her ward to spend some time in here. "I would agree that it would do him good to interact with the animals it will give a repreve from more lone learning, and give him a chance to interact with yourself, I feel he could learn a lot from you. Wednesday tends to be a lighter day for school work, would a morning work with your schedule?"

"Wednesday morning would be perfect," Maddie smiled. "I look forward to spending time with him. Thank you, Ewo, I appreciate your help with the program. I'm sure it'll make a huge difference."


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