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The Bringer Of Glad Tidings

Posted on Thursday June 17, 2021 @ 6:08am by Ewo’tOst Merrova [GM] & M'Riz & Trinity Anderson & Canaan Serine & Madeleine De Saint Castine & Arminius Baiua PhD & Samantha Grayson [Trinity]

Mission: Tributaries
Location: Science Lab 4, Deck 2
Timeline: Unknown

Previously, on Star Trek: Cardinal

Sam had clarity like she never had before. For the first time in her life, there were more answers than questions. She possessed, or rather was tapped into, a vast wealth of knowledge... answers to mysteries and problems colleagues had spent an entire lifetime trying to solve. Chronicles of sagas yet unknown and some that would never be. She possessed answers to questions that had not yet asked and those that never would be.

She understood their current situation - understood where and when they were and what the Cardinal had unwittingly wandered into.

"All will be made clear in due time," Sam added with a gentle and patient smile. She could already sense the approach of several crew members just as easily as she could sense every Amenite stalk flourishing in the Expanse eagerly awaiting the resurgence, even as they worried about this unfamiliar newness in the now.

These were all her children. She would make sure no harm befell them.

And, now, the continuation

The ship no longer jostled under the thunderous voice, which had rattled every square inch of the Cardinal's interior, and reverberated throughout the Tanzathyst Expanse.

Trinity had said The Bringer of Glad Tidings was here - It was here.

Canaan didn't yet know what this meant. Was the being Laurisviola previously referenced present in some non-corporeal form? If all things within the Tanzathyst Expanse were connected, as Laurisviola explained, was it The Bringer of Glad Tidings which fostered that connection? What type of being was this Bringer that they could exhibit such immense control and power, and what did that mean for the Cardinal and his crew?

There were so many questions jumbling his mind, Canaan didn't know where to start. Was The Bringer omnipotent and omnipresent? Was it indifferent to their presence, or did it have a specific agenda? Had it pulled the Cardinal to this realm deliberately or incidentally? Did it have the power to return them to their dimension, or were they destined to remain in this realm indefinitely?

Canaan reminded himself of what Arnie had said earlier. These situations and experiences were the very reason for their being out here, for this expedition, and for the Cardinal's very purpose. That assuaged the undue anxiety that weighted his shoulders. However, a small pebble of worry served as a gentle reminder that no amount of scientific exploration and discovery, regardless of purpose and desire, could never interfere with the crew's health, safety, and well-being - his colony...

... His family.

Walking side-by-side, Canaan and Arnie entered the science lab to discover Laurisviola holding Samantha in much the same way it had Maddie previously in the sickbay, albeit not hoisted over its broad, dome-shaped cap.

"What's going on?" He asked Trinity and Torin.

"Not really sure if I'm honest," Trinity replied after a nod of greeting to Canaan and Arnie. "I think Laurisviola is now the Bringer of Glad Tidings, and the Bringer has joined itself to Sam in a way unlike we've ever seen. Sam seems to be speaking as the voice of the Bringer, yet she seems to have retained some semblance of herself."

Trinity paused, glancing at Sam, who was starring at them, yet seemingly starring through them.

"One more thing, sirs, whatever this creature is, it has got some pretty incredible powers. It was able to disarm both Torin and me by making our weapons disappear in a manner, not unlike a Q, I might add. Which I suppose if the Bringer is a god, then that's certainly not surprising." Trinity paused, realizing that she was rambling. A part of her was still trying to process everything that had transpired thus far, and for her, talking things out was usually a way to try to process events. Nevertheless, she surmised neither Canaan and Arnie had any interest in her ramblings.

"Whatever its intent," Trinity continued, getting straight to her point on her threat assessment of the Bringer, "I do not think it intends us harm. Its actions thus far have not been hostile, and its words have been to assure us that it does not seek any ill will or to do us harm."

Arnie pulled out his tricorder and scanned, "It's registering as a single lifeform; whatever the connection is, it's effectively linked them. Like how the Trill symbiont and host register as a single life form when joined, let's hope the result is different." He took a few readings keeping an eye on the pair and attempting to be as nonthreatening as possible.

"Sam, are you okay?" Arnie asked, turning his attention to the Scientist.

Sam glanced at Arnie, an easy smile on her face. "I am well Arminius, son of Cain and Hellena Baiua." Samantha glanced curiously at the tricorder in Arnie's arm. "Does your scanning device not tell you that I am in good health?" She asked rhetorically as if already knowing the answer. "I am bonded to the Bringer and it to me. I am in no danger, child. All will be made clear shortly."

"Well, from what the tricorder says, she's correct; the vital signs appear stable. Her heart rate and respiration are low, but it's almost like a meditative state. Despite the connection, I would suggest the link might also have a telepathic component. It's almost like Sam is a deep meditative or hypnotic state." Arnie replied, "I'm not a Doctor, well I am, but you know what I mean, I believe Sam is safe for the time being."

Canaan's attention was focused on Sam, his gaze scrutinizing the woman's placid expression. Her demeanor calm, Sam's presence was non-threatening yet dominating. Absent though it was of Sam's usually excited scientific ramblings, he recognized her voice in words spoken yet detected an undercurrent of something completely foreign in her tone. This was Sam, yet, at the same time, it wasn't.

He reached out toward Trinity, gripping her shoulder gently before offering it a reassuring squeeze. Canaan empathized with how powerless she was feeling, especially as the protector of her crewmates. He, too, was feeling a bit powerless - Yet, this feeling did not dissuade his scientific curiosity. Arnie's medical assessment placed him more at ease, knowing that both Laurisviola and Sam were linked and that this connection did not threaten the health or safety of either.

"I think we're going to be okay, Trinity," he wasn't sure if his words would comfort or placate the Security Specialist; however, she needed to know that he believed they were in no danger - He did.

"Maddie," Canaan opened a direct channel to the Doctor via his wrist communicator, "Would you be so kind as to join us in science lab four. Please bring your medical kit."


"I'm on my way," Maddie replied, grabbing the medical kit she kept next to the door in sickbay and heading out into the corridor.

After the call came for Maddie to go to science lab four, M'Riz said, "If they ask, I'm heading to the bridge. I could probably be of more use there right now."

Science Lab 4

Canaan had tremendous faith in Arnie's medical understanding of the current situation; however, as Arnie had said moments ago, he wasn't that kind of Doctor. It was important for Maddie to be present, assessing the medical sciences, while Arnie focused on the rest.

"Sam," He ventured, stepping toward their Language Specialist, "The Bringer Of Glad Tidings," he greeted them both, "Welcome onboard the Cardinal," his tone was genuinely kind, as was his smile. Canaan looked at The Bringer and Sam with a wonderment he'd not yet experienced since arriving in this realm. Before now, he'd felt nothing anxiety about their predicament and how their presence was affecting the Amenite's. Yet the calm radiating from Laurisviola and Sam soothed any concern he may have previously felt. "Your presence gladdens us and that you chose to speak with us. We're all a bit concerned that our being here is harmful to you. Something tells me that our worry is misplaced?" He didn't feel it necessary to introduce himself - The Bringer would already know as much simply through its connection to Sam.

"Correct Canaan, son of Gregory Serine and Matilida Benoit, leader of this colony" Sam responded her gaze fixed on Canaan. "Samantha is in no danger. She has melded with me as I have with her. We speak as one, yet are separate beings."

Sam took a step forward with her hands extended as if gesturing around her. "You and your colony have travelled far Canaan. On the one hand stands your colony- an unfamiliar newness from the nether-realm unwittingly pulled into the here and now - lost and far away from the space and time of your home. On the other hand lies the colony of the Amenites on the verge of resurgence only to be introduced to a new entity never before seen just before the third rotation - a critical period before the propagation of life."

Sam brought both of her palms together in front of her and placed it underneath her chin. Her eyes closed as she continued. "There is much fear and anxiety on both sides. The Amenites desire to audit the unfamiliar newness and root it out before the third rotation and you desire to get back to your larger colony - your...familiar habitat."

Sam paused and her eyes opened, "Now is the learning..."

A few moments later the party in the science lab were joined by Dok the resident Planetary expert, as such was an authority on gaseous formations and compositions. As the doors parted he began to expound on his findings. "Fellow academics, you will not believe the pockets and areas of gaseous clouds that can be found within this realm, I count four possibly five, thanks to the work operations........."

Sam was puzzled...she knew Dok to be a brilliant scientist, but nevertheless an annoying colleague who seemed adept at quoting the Rules of Acquisition as he was Newton's law of motion. Yet, she had a flood of memories of a different time - a younger Dok. He was, he had come here...For the first time since her merging, she felt a wave of anger coming from the Bringer that was directed at Dok which in turn frightened her.

Bringer she called in her mind trying to reach the alien entity occupying her body but there was a wall between them.

"Dok, son of Bok," Sam heard herself say, her tone becoming venomous and menacing. "You have returned to the here and now to complete that which you tried to destroy." It was a statement more than a question. Before Sam could even realize what was happening, she felt a pulse of energy forming in her hand. She felt the tingling sensation as the pulse grew in intensity. In one swift motion, the Bringer flung her arm in the direction of Dok, sending the energy pulse towards him.

The reaction caused the naturally timid Ferengi to duck behind someone, unfortunately for the current circumstances that some one happened to be Canaan who took the impact of the pulse. Seeing the Expedition Leader laid out cold and with a little more time to consider his position Dok tried to reason. "Please, Bringer of Tidings I can only apologise for the actions of my people, by ingrained nature they seek to take advantage of others for gain. I can assure you I am not of that sort. I am an academic like Dr. Serine, like Dr. Grayson, like Dr. Baiua , if it pleases you I will withdraw from your sight but please continue up to engage with my colleagues."

It all happened so fast that Trinity did not have a time to react. She saw Canaan on the floor and unconscious and that was all she needed to reach for her rifle, only to realize that the Bringer had caused it to disappear a few minutes earlier. She cursed herself mentally as she hurriedly put herself between Sam/Bringer and Dok, who was cowering over the unconscious form of Canaan.

No! Sam screamed. Bringer! You have to listen to me. We mean no harm! Listen to my memories...see the truth in them. I beg you.

Sam's body paused and Sam realized she could once again feel the presence of the Bringer. She now understood the nature of his anger and the history Dok had to this place.

"You better get out of here Dok before the Bringer changes his mind about sparing your life," Sam said to the Ferengi.

“I couldn’t agree more.” He added with a vigorous nodding motion, starting to back away towards the door, a strong sense of self preservation kicking in. “I will remove myself to my lab, if my assistance is needed I will give it.” He said finally as he reaches the door way, turning and leaving quickly.

"What the hell was that?!" Trinity asked, the anger in her barely contained. "Am I talking to Sam or the Bringer?"

"'s me, Sam. There's a reason for what you just saw. This is not the first time Dok has been here to this realm and the last time he came, he caused significant damage to the ecosystem, admittedly unknowingly but nevertheless, carelessly."

Arnie rushed to Canaan and checked his vitals confirming with fingers to the carotid and the tricorder. "He's alive, but unconscious." The Betazoid turned to face Sam, "Bringer. We did not mean to come here, if there is a way you can send us back to where we came from, we will do everything we can to ensure that no one from our realm comes here again."

Maddie entered the science lab to see an unconscious Canaan laying on the floor. Rushing the small distance between them, she dropped to her knees, opening the medical kit and pulling out a tricorder. "He's alive," she said quietly. "But he's sustained serious injuries. We'll need to get him to sickbay. I don't think it's safe to move him, we'll need to use transporters." She looked up at the Bringer before turning her attention back to Canaan. "I don't even know if sickbay is equipped to deal with these kinds of injuries, but I'll do my best." She rested one hand lightly on Canaan's arm before tapping her combadge. "Two for emergency transport to sickbay."

Sam watched both the doctor and Canaan's form dematerialize and vanish from her sight. She could feel the Bringer peering through her eyes. She felt a slight disorientation at both seeing through her own eyes and seeing through the eyes of another who was looking through her eyes. So powerful an emotion had Dok's mere presence caused in the Bringer that the equilibrium Sam shared with the Bringer was no more.

Whereas before, she could not tell where she ended and the Bringer began as their fusion was truly that - a perfect and equal union. Now, she felt the Bringer as an alien entity in her mind. Furthermore, his knowledge and thoughts no longer freely flowed through her. It was as if the Bringer had all of a sudden become cautious and suspicious. However, Sam still believed that they were in no danger from the Bringer.

"Now is the learning Cardinal crew," the Bringer stated as Sam felt it close her eyes and its attention and will diverted elsewhere to a place Sam soon realized was the Cardinal's Bridge.. "Back to your home you must go...and soon - the third rotation is nearly here."

"Bringer, we will happily go to our home. We do not have the ability to get back on our own. Is there a way for you send us home. Safely. Back to the place we came to your realm from."


Seated at the forward station, Ewo gazed out of the forward view port, the sensor overlay still up on the main window. Feeling it important she keep an eye on external happenings, while the rest found out what developments happened on board. It was strange, she found it hypnotic watching the eddies form, pass along, rotate around each other, while watching the specific readings with an eye on the pressures of the hull, and power consumption, she began to notice a number of patterns, the eddies would form a swarm around the Cardinal, as well as a number of other seemingly fixed points.

Attempting to gain a little more clarity on the sensor readings, Ewo tried to implement a number of filters, frowning in frustration she keyed her comm. "Merrova to M'Riz, if you available I could use a hand, I am seeking a little more clarity but the sensors are not cooperation, would you be able to make your way to sensor control and apply a number of filters manually, beginning with a tri-static filter?"

"Acknowledged," M'Riz replied, quickly changing directions to the sensor control array.

In space, the eddies swirled around in their predictable nearly circular pattern, innocently canvasing the region of space the Cardinal was stuck in. Their pattern remained steady as they grew in size and concentration, folding onto one another and encircling the strange ship.

Still seeking answers and ways to aid on her end, Ewo continued scanning and comparing the results of said scans with know facts trying to establish a route home. The pattern they were moving in, around the fixed focal points gave her a thought or two. "Computer identify the central points of the eddy movements." Following a few moment of silence the display to the left of the view ports altered slightly, the specified points picked out with a electric blue highlight. "Computer general scan of two closest points." After another pause, and knowing this would take a moment or two she requested. "Computer access sensor records, three parsec radius last position in normal space." As always aware these requests would take a while she settled herself in the chair, there was nothing else to do but wait. It felt as she were a burrowing mammal of some kind, who had found its way into an unknown tunnel and forgotten where the exit hole was, the sense was more of unfamiliarity than danger.

Scan complete data stored. Archived sensor data retrieved.

This notification prompted a new wave of activity and requests. "Computer contrast and compare archived data with recent. Subject focus stellar background radiation." Once again there was a moment of silence, the longer the silence the more promising the results. "Result returning, stellar background 76.6% environment match."

"Merrova to Science Lab. I believe we have weakness at the center of the eddies, with detectable stellar background radiation with a reasonable match to normal space. Enquire the Bringer if we can use them to exit this region."

Sam heard Ewo's announcement. She may no longer be fully linked with the Bringer, but she got whisperings of its intentions and knew what it is it was intending. "Yes," Sam responded. "The Bringer is the one controlling the eddies."

Sam paused as new knowledge became available to her. She understood where they were and the urgency behind the Bringer's actions. "Ewo, the Bringer is controlling the movements of the astral eddies to put us in its centre. It's the only area in this pocket of space where matter can be exchanged between this region and normal space. It is also the only window that the Amenites have to access the fungi spores that sustain their reproduction. We need to leave as soon as possible to avoid interrupting with the third rotation."

"Acknowledged, currently finishing up scans for independent conformation, stand by." Ewo responded, a small party of her unsure why Canaan was not the one to respond, dismissing it for the moment.

Secondary Sensor Array Controls, Deck 1

M'Riz set the various filters, on the sensor controls, then tapped his comm badge. "M'Riz to Merrova. How are the scans looking now?"

"That is looking good, screening out the unwanteds from the return. Now can you dial back the poleron filter, small increments until I say hold." Commented Ewo, now having outside conformation that the centers of the eddies were in fact the way back to there layer, she was fairly determined to find a way through.

"Right, I'm initiating now," M'Riz said. "Let me know how it's looking."

"Just a little more." She said as the return sharpened and the results became ever more solid, as it tipped the other way she called a halt. "Hold, a notch back. Very nice." Feeling confident with her scans and a proposed course of action ready she returned to her comm. "Ewo to science lab. Canaan, sir, combining the Bringers statements with analysis of our collected scan data, I have a proposal."

Science Lab 4

"Ewo, this is Trinity." The security officer felt like she had been through a whirlwind of events in the span of minutes. Yet it felt like weeks. She also felt significantly powerless against events and try as she might, she could not quite shake the guilt of letting her commanding officer be put out of commission by an alien entity.

"Commander Canaan has been rendered unconscious by the Bringer," Trinity continued, knowing full well that Ewo would not have been cognizant of the details of what had transpired. "He is currently in sickbay being treated by the doc."

She paused before adding, "Please tell me you have some good news about how to get us out of this place and back home?"


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