Trouble on Carina VII

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Situated near the Federation's border with the Romulan Empire, Carina VII is an idyllic world with lush forests, a pleasant climate, and abundant resources. Until recently, Morgan's Hope, the colony's capital, had thrived, but in the last year, strange events have been occurring: people residing on the planet have aged rapidly, structures that should have lasted for decades, crumble in days. Crops that were planted in the morning mature overnight and are rotten before the next afternoon. Even more disturbing, the colonists are spreading rumors that Romulans have been sighted in the system. The USS Cardinal has been dispatched to Carina VII in the hopes that they can discover the cause of the rapid aging of people, structures, and plants!

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Crossing the Line - (56s Arc)

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Before heading further out the Cardinal plans to make a stop at K-17 that turns out to be anything but restful, pulled into event that might just shape the sector for the forseable future. The Cardinal crew are going to have their work cut out for them as events unfold.

Lower Decks

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Welcome to the Lower Decks! This mission is separate from the current episode and not part of any storyline. Lower Decks is intended for character development opportunities so that the current mission can focus on the plot development. Posts can be concurrent to the episode or at random.

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New Horizons

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Welcome to Starbase 11, one of Starfleet’s longest-serving installations still in operation. Your arrival to this planet-side post was not by accident; you are following orders. These orders called for your (re)assignment to the USS Cardinal, a Raven-type starship attached to Starfleet’s Science Division with Task Force 56. After an exhaustive refit, the Cardinal is preparing to disembark for its next research mission. The ship’s systems are ready, and the cargo is stowed. All that is needed to get started is you and the rest of the crew!

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Seven days ago, while on patrol near the Federation-Tholian border, the Defiant-class starship, USS Crucible, detected a spatial anomaly near the 329 Aurigae star system. Long-range scans by the Crucible detected immense gravitational distortions near the anomaly. The anomaly's presence would appear for short periods before disappearing from sensors, only to reappear sometime later. With no known spatial phenomena of this type previously discovered in this region of space, and due to the limited scientific capabilities of the Crucible, the Federation Science Council has ordered the crew of the USS Cardinal to investigate.

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