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The USS Cardinal, NCC-85044, is a Raven-class long-range scientific research vessel assigned to Task Force 56 with Starfleet's 11th Fleet. The ship is under Ewo’tOst Merrova's command, serving as Expedition Leader, although her background is in Operations, she has a strong grounding in Gravimetric Sciences, and an appetite for the unknown.

Starship History

2382: Construction begins on the 127th Raven-type starship at Utopia Planitia Fleetyards - The starship is designated the Cardinal.

2385: Construction ends for the USS Cardinal, NCC-85044 on 2385.03.02. Commander Elizabeth Dane is assigned to the post of Commanding Officer, overseeing a crew of four (4) personnel for a shakedown cruise scheduled over a six (6) to twelve (12) month period.

On 2385.04.05, a devastating attack is carried out by a group of synthetic workers, who dropped Mars' planetary defense grid and attacked Mars. Not only was Utopia Planitia Fleetyards destroyed, but the explosions ignited the Martian atmosphere. The USS Cardinal was one of many starships which returned to the Sol System to conduct emergency rescue operations. As of 2394, the surface of Mars remains ablaze.

2386: A commissioning ceremony is held at Starbase 11 for the USS Cardinal. The ship and disembarking crew are honored for their service to relief efforts in response to the Mars attack. The command is transferred to Captain Genesis Opak, who commands a crew of six (6) personnel. The USS Cardinal is temporarily assigned to Starfleet Intelligence as a scout vessel. It is tasked with locating the synthetic lifeforms responsible for the attack on Mars.

2387: The USS Cardinal temporarily suspends its primary mission with Starfleet Intelligence to serve as an emergency response vessel after the Romulan sun goes supernova. The resulting explosion subsequently destroys the Romulan homeworld of Romulus and its sister planet Remus. The Cardinal begins rescue operations and humanitarian relief efforts until recalled by Starfleet.

2388: Command of the USS Cardinal is transferred to Doctor Adelaide Goodfire and her research team, who are tasked with investigating and plotting the temporal distortions within the Typhon Expanse. Known as the Typhon Expedition, both ship and crew are expected to remain out of port for a five-year tour of duty.

2394: The USS Cardinal returns to Starbase 11 after sustaining considerable damage during its five-year expedition within the Typhon Expanse. Doctor Adelaide Goodfire and her research team are reassigned, and the Cardinal undergoes repairs and a long-overdue refit.

The USS Cardinal is repaired and concludes its first refit. The command is transferred to Lieutenant Commander Canaan Serine, who leads a crew of five (5) Starfleet personnel and four (4) civilian scientists. Returned to active service, the Cardinal is assigned to Starfleet's Science's Division within Task Force 56 and ordered to the 329 Aurigae star system to investigate an unknown spatial anomaly emitting immense gravitational distortions.

Canaan Serine is promoted to Task Force 56 Commanding Officer position, and the USS Cardinal is designated the task force's flagship.

An encounter with an interpolation layer of space and the creature's that inhabit that layer, led to the unfortunate incapacition of Canaan Serine, with his injuries requring extended treatment and rehabilitation, Ewo'tOst Merrova stepped in to lead the expedition at this time.

Area of Operations

It has been over five years since the Romulan sun went supernova, destroying the Romulan homeworld of Romulus and sister planet Remus. The Federation planned to render whatever aid it could to the Romulan people in the years leading up to their system's catastrophic destruction. Starfleet ultimately abandoned any proposed evacuation plans; however, when its fleet of ten thousand rescue transports was destroyed in an unprovoked attack by synthetic lifeforms at Mars’ Utopia Planitia Fleetyards. With the lack of Starfleet support, the sectors in and near the former Romulan Neutral Zone collapsed, and the planets there were left to themselves.

An enduring species though they were, what remained of the Romulan Star Empire, now known as the Romulan Free State, was under constant threat as different powers jockeyed to rid the galaxy of this age-old enemy. In its vulnerable state, the Romulans were incapable of warding off near-persistent incursions seeking to pillage and deplete vital resources.

Identifying the threat these marauding factions posed to the Federation’s security, Starfleet dispatched Task Force 56 to the Northern Expanse. Intent on bringing stability to this region of space, Starfleet sought to stave off the lawless behavior, brazen actions, and mercenary threat of pirate groups. Rife with challenges, Starfleet attempted to advance directives without compromising the fundamental principles of the Federation.

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However, a group calling themselves the Resistance threatened to undermine all of the good that Starfleet was trying to accomplish. Comprised of sects mostly unknown to Starfleet, the Resistance was thought to be behind the rampant lawlessness, compounding an already delicate state of affairs throughout the region.

Players from within the Tal’Shiar consistently undermined what remained of tenuous Federation-Romulan relations. Powers such as The Breen Confederacy, Ferengi Alliance, Gorn Hegemony, Cardassian Union, and Klingon Empire sought to take advantage of any gap or weakness that offered them a critical foothold or lucrative opportunity. The relentless toil of pirates, mercenaries, and marauders constantly threatened Federation citizens’ security.

Space is vast, unforgiving in its cold darkness. There are those some would call torchbearers. They shine the warmth of their light into the darkness, instilling hope in those who wish for it. Task Force 56 is that torchbearer.

Task Force Assets

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