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Arminius Baiua

Name Arminius Baiua PhD

Position Chief Science Officer

General Information

Gender Male
Species Human / Betazoid
Age 32

Physiological Information

Height 1.92 m
Weight 75 kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Profile Muscular and well built Arnie does not look like a typical 'science nerd', until he opens his mouth and goes on about the latest research paper he's reading.

Familial Data & Relationship Information

Significant Other None
Offspring None
Parent(s) Doctor Hellena Baiua, PhD SciD - Dean of the Department of Stellar Sciences, University of Betazed (Mother)

Doctor Cain Baiua, MD - General Practitioner, Osura Central Hospital, Betazed (Father)
Sibling(s) Commander Michea Baius - Executive Officer, USS Johannesburg (Brother)

Doctor Nicollet Baius, Cardiologist - Emory University Hospital, Earth (Sister)
Other Family Commander Robert "Robbie" Moore, MD - Ex-husband

Psychological Information

Historical Information

Historical Information The third child of Hellena and Cain Baiua, Arminius more often known as Arnie, was born in 2362 on Betazed. With an older sister and brother, Arnie spent most of his childhood chasing after his older siblings. His mother was a prominent researcher and his father was a physician.

2362 - Born, Betazed
2380 - Enslists in Starfleet
2384 - Graduates, Assigned USS Frankfurt, Begins Doctoral Research
2386 - Marries Doctor Robbie Moore, MD aboard the USS Frankfurt
2387 - Completes PhD in Cybernetics, Final Research completed on Bajor
Early 2389 - Accepts promotion and transfer to the USS Exeter.
Late 2389 - Divorces Moore citing irreconcilable differences.
2394 - Requests assignment to the USS Cardinal

Starfleet Service Jacket Cadet
2380-2384 : Starfleet Academy, Earth - Science Major

2384-2386 : Science Officer, Biology - USS Frankfurt
2386-2387 : Graduate Researcher - Bajor

Lieutenant JG
2387-2389 : Science Officer, Cybernetics - USS Ma'to'lon

2389-2391 : Deputy Chief Science Officer - USS Exeter
2391-2394 : Chief Science Officer - USS Exeter
2394-Pres : USS Cardinal - Chief Science Officer