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Trinity Anderson

Name Trinity Beatrice Anderson

Position Security Officer

General Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 26

Physiological Information

Height 5'8"
Weight 120 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Profile Trinity, or Tee, as she is known by some of her closest friends and family is of average height with dark skin complexion. She has a slim build accentuated by the natural curves of her chest and rear. She has black hair that is usually kept short or tied up when she is on duty. Her dark brown eyes are piercing and typically do not miss much, but her greatest feature is the easy smile that is almost always on her face.
Unique Physical Characteristics Trinity has a thin two-inch scar that traces her right scapula from a surgical incision that was made to address a lung collapse. She is also ambidextrous, having no dominant hand and being able to use both of her hands with equal skill.

Familial Data & Relationship Information

Significant Other None
Offspring None
Parent(s) Father: Captain John Anderson, USS Sinquay (Deceased 2385)
Mother: Rear Admiral Selina Anderson, Department of Military Instruction, Starfleet Academy
Sibling(s) Lieutenant Commander Jackson Anderson, Chief Security/Tactical Officer, USS Brisbane

Psychological Information

Personality Characteristics Trinity is an outgoing person who is typically the centre of attention. However, she is intently protective of her alone time believing these moments of solitude to be a great time for reflection and self-love. Although an extrovert by nature, Trinity also gets moments when she is fatigued by social company. She is very passionate about everything in life, from her relationships to her work. She loves deeply and quickly, which is perhaps why she tends to place the well-being of others (particularly friends and families) above her own well-being.
Strengths & Weaknesses Trinity is of average intelligence who is good at thinking quickly on her feet. While she may not excel at most things, she has remarkable tenacity and can be quite stubborn in the face of a challenge. This trait has helped get through difficult situations in her career and personal life. Although Trinity prides herself in her physicality, she is very proud and derives joy from her musical abilities and achievements.

She has a hard time coming to terms with problems she is unable to solve and would literally drop everything to find a solution, sometimes at the cost of her well-being. She has what can only be termed a hero complex - an overwhelming need to help as many people as she can, sometimes at the risk of her own life.
Hobbies & Interests Trinity is an avid reader and she also loves spending time in the holodeck re-enacting all manner of programs from recreational to fitness. She has an eclectic taste in music and is a classically trained pianist and vocalist, and a decent guitarist. She loves physical activities like mixed martial arts and running and is intimately familiar with a myriad of weapons.

Historical Information

Historical Information Trinity comes from a family with a distinguished history of military service dating all the way back to 19th century Earth. Her parents are career Starfleet Officers and instilled in the family discipline, honour, pride and dedication.

Trinity was born fifteen years after her older brother in Kenya, Earth where her parents were stationed. Being the last born and coming at a later stage of her parent’s career, she had a more relaxed upbringing compared to her brother. Unlike her brother, there was no pressure to excel at her studies or to enroll at Starfleet Academy. She was also not subject to the frequent moves that her brother had to go through due to the respective careers of her parents.

Consequently, unlike her certified genius of a brother, Trinity is more of an average student. From her early years, she got to explore her artistic side and make deep and long connections with family and friends. While not reaching the heights of her brother, she has nevertheless made her parents proud by becoming an accomplished pianist and vocalist and performing with the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Unlike her brother, Trinity’s strengths in her early years lay in artistry and she reveled in various art forms, most notably music.

Trinity would have continued to pursue her musical career were it not for the sudden death of her father in 2385. Captain John Anderson sacrificed himself to save dozens of passengers on a transport ship that suffered critical failure that would have sent it crashing into Titan. Trinity had been a passenger on the transport ship along with her father as they were coming back from one of her performances off-planet. Captain Anderson was able to prevent the crash of the transport shift by disabling the engines and exposing himself to a high dosage of radiation that killed him a few days later.

The investigation into the crash indicated that the transport was sabotaged but no clear motive was ever established and no suspects were identified. The incident happened shortly after the tragic attack on Utopia Planatia Fleet Yards that it is suspected that synths may be involved but there is no hard evidence to support this conclusion.

For Trinity, her father’s untimely death stoked in her a strong desire to enter military service, which until then had been a secondary thought. A year after her father died, Trinity enlisted in Starfleet Academy at the age of 19. At the Academy, she was an average but consistent student. She was not particularly exceptional in her studies, except in small arms and close quarter combat. She was also an above average marksman earning a sharpshooter designation. Aside from physical skills, Trinity was seen by her peers as a natural leader and was often the person most of her peers went to for advice.

After she graduated from the Academy, she received a posting to Starbase 517 where she quickly distinguished herself and earned a promotion to Assistant Chief Security Officer. She was handpicked by the XO of Starbase 517 to conduct an infiltration mission in the civilian freighting operation in the Erps Kwerps system following concerns that the freighters coming in and out of this system were smuggling a new deadly drug. While undercover, Trinity's ship came under attack by an unknown Romulan warship. The ship was destroyed but Trinity managed to save most of the crew. However, she suffered severe injuries necessitating her to take a medical leave of absence.

After being medically cleared to return to duty, Trinity applied and was accepted to be the new Chief Security/Tactical Officer on the USS Komorkis.
Starfleet Service Jacket 2386: Enlists in Starfleet Academy.
2389: Completes her 4th Year Cadet Training on the USS Brisbane in the security department.
2390: Graduates Starfleet Academy with the rank of Ensign.
2390: Assigned to the USS Orion as a Security Officer.
2392: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and Assistant Chief Security Officer, Starbase 517.
2393: Recruited by Starfleet Intelligence on a classified mission to the Erps Kwerps system.
2393: Granted a four-month medical leave of absence to recover from severe injuries sustained in the line of duty.
2393: Medically cleared to return to duty and receives posting to USS Komorkis as Chief Security/Tactical Officer.
2394: Re-assigned to the USS Cardinal as Security Officer.