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Name M'Riz

Position Flight Control Officer

General Information

Gender Male
Species Caitian
Age 30

Physiological Information

Height 5'9"
Weight 145 lbs.
Hair Color light golden
Eye Color golden
Physical Profile M'Riz, as a Caitian, looks like a humanoid feline. He is covered in golden fur (which is short over most of his body, with the exception of longer fur along his lower jaw, chin, and pointed ears).

Familial Data & Relationship Information

Significant Other None
Offspring None
Parent(s) Father: T'Aran
Mother: Merell
Sibling(s) Brothers: T'oroque, D'arthel
Sister: Erel
Other Family Various aunts, uncles, and cousins

Psychological Information

Personality Characteristics M'Riz, while perhaps appearing threatening to some, is actually quite friendly and is fond of humor. But, however, it is not a good idea to make him irritated.

He thrives on variety and novelty, and enjoys the challenge of solving problems. He tends to be tolerant of a wide range of behavior, until his ruling logical principles are attacked; at that point, he can express firm and clear judgement. He listens and seems to be agreeing only because he is not disagreeing. Later, others may learn that he was analyzing and making internal judgements.
Strengths & Weaknesses M'Riz works hard, and can be loyal once you've earned his trust. He likes to think he can adapt to a variety of situations.

Sometimes he doesn't always speak up when he should, and sometimes gets frustrated when people don't see or agree with his way.
Hobbies & Interests Holodeck adventures, sports, reading, martial arts

Historical Information

Historical Information M'Riz is the youngest of four children, born to a doctor and an author on Cait. Growing up, he found that there were many fascinating and beautiful things in nature. He often could be found out in a heavily forested region near his home, exploring some crevice or sitting in a tree, gazing at the wonders about him or gazing up at the stars.

By the time he was 7, he knew he wanted to join Starfleet. This came as little surprise to those who knew him; some felt that he already had his head in the clouds. He spent the next few years working hard in school, knowing that not just anyone could get into Starfleet. He also studied a style of Caitian martial art known as tri'ala.

At age 18, M'Riz applied for Starfleet Academy. He didn't do spectacularly well on the entrance exam, but he didn't do too poorly, either, and as such was granted admission to the Academy. He found it wasn't too difficult to ease into the daily routine there. His roommate during his time there was a Betazoid cadet, Hazan Eclain. Hazan was a member of the Sixth House of Betazed. The two roommates soon became fast friends.

M'Riz studied several subjects, concentrating on astrophysics, with security and tactics as his minor. During his Academy years, he wasn't one who overly tried to seek out attention; however, he still found himself among many groups of fellow cadets during those times that he wasn't in class, studying, or asleep. He had a rather uneventful time there, with the exception of the time it was learned that he was part of a small group of cadets who played a practical joke on one of the Vulcan science instructors by stimulating the plants in his office to grow much faster than normal, and filling the office with shoots, vines, branches, etc.

For his cadet cruise his senior year, he was posted on the Akira-Class U.S.S. Gallantry. His service didn't go unnoticed by the chief flight control officer, who managed to talk the Gallantry's captain into getting M'Riz assigned to the ship upon graduation. During that time, he received a commendation for helping solve a murder (a delegate they'd taken to Pacifica for a conference was killed; M'Riz, looking over the shoulder of the security/tactical chief reviewing images from the conference one evening in the ship's lounge, noticed that someone had left right around the time of the murder and had come back wearing a different tie; the original tie was found in the man's quarters, covered in the victim's blood).

During that time, the chief flight control officer pushed M'Riz to continuously improve and grow as an officer. As a result, M'Riz continued to take on more leadership positions within the department, even making arrangements with the XO to log in occasional stints in other departments.

After 4 years on the Gallantry, the assistant conn chief became the conn chief on the Galaxy-Class U.S.S. Dakota, and brought along M'Riz to be the new assistant conn chief. He served there for another 4 years before being being tapped to become the chief conn officer on the Insigina-class U.S.S. Komorkis. He served there for a short time before being assigned to the Raven-Class U.S.S. Cardinal
Starfleet Service Jacket 2381-2385
Starfleet Academy, cadet

U.S.S. Gallantry, flight control officer

U.S.S. Dakota, assistant chief of flight control

U.S.S. Komorkis, chief of flight control

U.S.S. Cardinal, chief of flight control