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Madeleine De Saint Castine

Name Madeleine Grace De Saint Castine

Position Medical Officer

General Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 28

Physiological Information

Height 5'2"
Weight 125 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Profile While Madeleine is not someone who would normally stand out in a crowd, with her small stature, her slight frame and her almost pixie like features she is one that is often hard to look passed. Between her features and her tiny size she is often mistaken, much to her disgust as someone much younger than her actual years. Despite her youthful appearance there is an age of wisdom visible in her eyes.

Familial Data & Relationship Information

Significant Other Javier De Saint Castine -- Deceased
Offspring Elodie De Saint Castine -- Deceased
Parent(s) Louis Chevalier -- Deceased
Sylvie Chevalier - nee Marchand
Sibling(s) Malachay Fallon -- Deceased

Psychological Information

Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Well versed in both medical and holistic treatment of her patients from a psychological perspective.
Very hands on with her patients and involved in their care.
Genuinely enjoys working in Counseling
Strong work ethic
Compassionate and genuine in nature

Always puts others first, even at detriment to herself.
Internalizes her emotions
Will willingly violate direct orders if it means saving lives.
Dislikes violence and the use of weapons
Hobbies & Interests Music
Cold temperatures, roaring fires, and thick fluffy blankets
Chocolate (except dark chocolate)
Interstellar Languages

Historical Information

Historical Information Personal History Timeline:

February 29th, 2366 -- Born in France, Earth
August 2379 -- Ran away from home to find her Father on the USS Arrowhead
January 2380 -- Father died in transport accident
February 2380 -- Sent to boarding school
July 27th 2388 -- Got married to Javier De Saint Castine
July 14th 2389 -- Birth of daughter, Elodie Analeise De Saint Castine
November 3rd 2391 -- Daughter and Husband killed in Borg attack


For as long as she could remember, Madeleine had always been drawn to the stars, though she was raised on Earth with her Mother while her Father served as Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Arrowhead. Though they talked via subspace frequently and he often managed to find the time to return to Earth and spend time with them in France, his frequent and long absences meant that their relationship was often strained, especially as she got older and rebellious. The strain in their relationship was further exacerbated by what she perceived as a phenomenal indifference toward her presence on the part of her Mother.

At the age of 13, she ran away from home, trying to convince a Transport pilot that she was eighteen in order to secure passage to Starbase 218 where she knew the Arrowhead was due to be docking soon. Her plan failed when the transport pilot refused to accept her fare, and out of concern for her safety, alerted the Authorities to her presence. After she was returned to her family home, her Father made the decision that they would join him on the Arrowhead and he would return to Earth to collect them in a few months' time, just before her fourteenth birthday. As the day of his return grew closer, she grew more and more excited, an excitement that would be short-lived. The transport her Father was returning to Earth on was attacked by raiders and he was killed trying to protect the women and children on the vessel. Though his death had been honourable, Madeleine was unable to see beyond her own anger toward him. The injury of her Father's death was further insulted when her Mother arranged for her to be taken to boarding school shortly after.

At the completion of her schooling, with no family to return to, Madeleine decided to follow in her Father's footsteps and applied for summer intake at Starfleet Academy in the field of Counseling.

It was during her second year at the Academy that she met Javier De Saint Castine, an Engineering cadet in his third year. The two started dating soon after. He proposed to her shortly before his graduation from the Academy. Upon graduation, he was assigned to the USS Katherine, though he took a short sabbatical to return to Earth for her Graduation from the Academy. The two married shortly after her graduation and she joined him on the USS Katherine as a Counselor on a peace treaty mission in the Delta Quadrant.

Despite their initial happiness, their marriage quickly became strained, something Madeleine hoped would be resolved by the arrival of their daughter, Elodie, who was born a little over a year later, though it quickly became apparent that that would not be the case. After the arrival of their daughter, Javier became even more disinterested. With his complete lack of interest in their lives, Madeleine committed herself to raise her daughter to be happy and loved, despite her own unhappiness in their marriage. It was shortly after Elodie's second birthday that Madeleine discovered that Javier had been having an ongoing affair with one of the Nurses from Medical, a Nurse that Madeleine herself had long considered a friend. As the story came out, it was discovered that he had been unfaithful since long before their marriage and her arrival on the ship. The two fought extensively which only ended when Madeleine left their quarters, taking Elodie to the ship's nursery school so she could attend to her own duty shift.

While she was on duty a heavily damaged borg sphere dropped out of transwarp in front of them. The USS Katherine was attacked and despite valiant efforts to fight back, the ship sustained heavy damage and the order was given to abandon ship. Unable to return to the nursery school to get her daughter, Madeleine was forced to evacuate into a shuttle with other medical staff.

The shuttle she was in was collected by the USS Kirkland. Having sustained serious injuries in the attack and subsequent evacuations, Madeleine was transferred immediately to sickbay for urgent medical treatment.

It would be a full two days later before Madeleine was told that almost all the escape pods from the USS Katherine had been destroyed by the Borg and almost all of the crew had been presumed dead, including both her husband and her daughter.

After the Kirkland had returned to Earth, Madeleine was transferred to Starfleet Medical for treatment and rehabilitation where she remained an inpatient for six weeks.

Having been cleared to return to duty, but unable to face the thought of returning to the freshly repaired USS Katherine, Madeleine requested and was granted a temporary tenure at Starfleet Medical in the counseling unit, working closely with patients dealing with mental trauma and PTSD.

After 18 months Madeleine was transferred to the USS Jokovic. Finding it difficult to be back on a starship again and the constant reminders of the events from the Katherine, she coped by dedicating her life to her job, quickly being promoted to the position of Assistant Chief Counselor aboard the USS Jokovic before being transferred to the USS Komorkis as Chief Counselor.
Starfleet Service Jacket Service History Timeline

Entered SF Academy -- September 2383
Graduated -- June 2388
Borg Attack -- November 2391
Starfleet Medical - Counseling Unit -- 2391 - 2393
USS Jokovic -- 2393 - 2394
USS Komorkis -- 2394 - Present


September 2383 - Madeleine entered Starfleet Academy for basic training.
September 2384 - Transferred to Starfleet Medical for continuing education majoring in Counseling.
June 2388 - Graduated from Starfleet Medical with distinctions as a qualified Starfleet Counselor.
June 2388 - Assigned service rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade
July 2388 - Assigned to USS Katherine to serve as a Counselor on a peacekeeping mission in the Delta Quadrant.
November 2391 - USS Katherine attacked by Borg. Limited survivors.
December 2391 - Inpatient at Starfleet Medical for six weeks.
January 2392 - Cleared to return to work. Assigned to Starfleet Medical - Counseling Unit.
August 2393 - Reassigned to USS Jokovic.
January 2394 - Promoted to Lieutenant.
May 2394 - Reassigned to USS Komorkis as Chief Counseling Officer