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Alice Durant

Name Alice Anne Durant

Position Chief Science Officer

General Information

Gender Female
Species Human(1/16th Betazoid)
Age 32

Physiological Information

Height 5'7"
Weight 140
Hair Color Dark Brown/Black with a white streak
Eye Color Green
Physical Profile Alice is a well built woman who has been called rather quite attractive by both men and women. She has a white streak in her hair caused by her genetics, but rarely ever puts her hair up or even tie it in a ponytail, preferring for it to remain loose. Whenever she's not in uniform (which is as often as possible), she wears loose-fitting clothing purely for comfort.
Unique Physical Characteristics She has a tattoo on her left side of a lightning bolt, with another on her right side of a butterfly.

Familial Data & Relationship Information

Significant Other Xiomara Estella (Divorced, 2393), Frederick Brownell (Divorced. 2388)
Offspring None
Parent(s) Andrea Durant nee Haskell (58)
Marshall Durant (61)
Sibling(s) Hailey Durant (25)
Richard Durant (28)

Psychological Information

Personality Characteristics Alice is a very gregarious person, often chattering on and on when she has someone around to talk to. She makes friends rather easily given her personality and usually goes around with a smile on her face. She enjoys singing, while those around her really don't, sometimes comparing her singing to the howling of a wild wolf. When she learns something new scientific, she always has to share what she's learned.

A quirk of hers is her enjoyment of learning new things. While she's professionally focused on Archaeology and Anthropology, she's well-rounded because she has a pattern of focus-studying on different scientific subjects every two weeks, changing subjects on Saturdays at 6PM.
Hobbies & Interests Yoga
Murder-Mystery novels

Historical Information

Historical Information Alice Anne Durant was born on May 14th of 2381, the eldest child of three children, and was rather well spoiled by her parents before, during and after the three were born. When she was nine years old, her Great Grandmother Malazia, a half Betazoid, had probed her with her telepathic and empathic abilities and declared Alice as a purely mundane girl, unlike her mother whose abilities were weak. The newly born Hailey was declared as having some sensitivity, while Richard was a minor empath. From then on, Alice was largely ignored by her great grandmother, but that didn't stop her from getting in trouble with the do-it-yourself science sets her father always got her.

When she was ten, Alice's head started to show an odd mutation, a sliver of a white streak of hair began to show itself on her forehead, prompting the girl to start her impromptu study of genetics to try to figure out just why it was happening. Her love of science was obvious from the very beginning of her life and wouldn't change. She was thirteen the first time she began to show signs of hitting puberty, finding herself constantly nauseas prompting her to get seen by a medical professional. It was found that she had cancer in her reproductive system, but the doctor told her they weren't worried. Several rounds of treatment and she was declared in full remission, the cancer gone.

Alice was fifteen when the cancer returned, the second oncologist doing a far more in depth study of the cancer cells, discovering that it was an interaction between the primarily human DNA and the bare fraction of Betazoid DNA, directly related to the gene responsible for the Betazoid empathic sense. Being the first distantly-related Betazoid descendent to have this disease, it was named Durant Syndrome in Alice's honor, but another several rounds of treatment ensued and the cancer beaten back into remission. Seeing the pattern of how life was going, Alice decided to do what her parents had decided to not do: She applied to Starfleet Academy and was accepted in time for the 2381 class when she had turned 18. she had gained a love for archaeology, having taken some elective courses on the subject, but at the Academy turned that into an additional interest in anthropology, the study of cultures and other civilizations. She also wanted to focus on the various biologies, but didn't have enough time for everything.

Her second year at the Academy, her worst fears returned with a vengeance: The cancer had returned once again. Despair clouded her mind and her grades suffered for over a month as she started to go through treatments once again before she decided to take the route she'd wanted to avoid: She opted for a hysterectomy, removing her entire reproductive system at the age of nineteen. She nearly failed out of her courses that semester, dropping from the top one percent of her class down towards the twentieth percentile and she never truly recovered by the end of her time there. During her recovery from the drastic steps she took, she fell in love with one of her nurses, Frederick, and in 2384 they were married during the spring break. She graduated from the Academy in Spring of 2385, but despite Frederick urging her to stay on the planet where he was, Alice actively requested a shipboard assignment. They tried to keep the relationship going while she was gallivanting across the Quadrant, but in the end, they amicably divorced in 2388. Part of her coping mechanism for this divorce was randomly reading something about other areas of science than her specialties, turning this into a way to learn more and more about the other fields.

In 2390, she had a routine transfer to the USS Poseidon, an Akira-class ship that needed a good second science officer. It was on board Poseidon where she met Xiomara Estella, a security officer, and for the second time got married in 2392. While it was a rather whirlwind romance, it burned hot and then cooled off, both women finding that they'd made a mistake in their decision to rush their relationship as they had. A quiet divorce in 2393 left the women mourning their loss, Xiomara requesting a transfer off of Poseidon, ending that next chapter of Alice's life. She threw herself even more into her studies, swearing off of relationships from then on. After all, finding someone who would be comfortable with HER in a romance had been hard enough as it was. Her family had her siblings to provide heirs, they didn't need her, not to mention that they hadn't even talked in a few years. She finished her second five-year commission on the Poseidon with a transfer to a new assignment, a tiny ship named Cardinal.
Starfleet Service Jacket 2381-2385- Starfleet Academy (Science)
2385-2390- USS Copernicus
2390-2395- USS Poseidon
2395-Present- USS Cardinal