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Torin Landry

Name Torin Andrew Landry

Position Zoologist

General Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 31

Physiological Information

Height 5' 10"
Weight 190 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Profile Physical looks matter little to Torin. Utility is exemplified in his simple shaven hair and his shadowed chin and cheeks. He has a relaxed stature that verges on the edge of slouching. His physique is strong, but out of labor, not of dutiful exercise. He looks older than he is, thanks to years out in the sun. Some would see him as unapproachable with his usual stoic look on his face.

Much like the rest of his appearance, he keeps a low-maintenance wardrobe. Cargo pants, boots, and simple shirts kept him going planetside. He figured that a starship would be no different. If he has to "dress up" he has a single button-down and pair of slacks.

Familial Data & Relationship Information

Parent(s) Perry Landry (Father)
Zara Landry (Mother, neé Anders)
Other Family Cressa Anders (Maternal aunt)
Eurus (Pet Dog-Bird)

Psychological Information

Personality Characteristics Torin is an observer. He keeps his eyes on those around him. Cataloging their movements and behavior as though they were an animal. Interpersonal communication is not his speciality. He's more likely to understand a lion than another human. Behind his guarded exterior is an insecure and nervous center. He would like to develop relationships with his colleagues. It seems as though it's natural for others, just not him.

He is studious, and gets easily caught up in his work. He prefers to work alone, but understands the necessity of cooperation. He is never idle, whether on the clock or not, Torin finds something to occupy his time. Sometimes, this leads to reckless activities.
Strengths & Weaknesses Hardworking
Empathetic Towards Animals
Socially Inept
Hobbies & Interests He spends a lot of time with Eurus. Her company is plenty for him. They either take walks on the deck, or practice fetching (which Eurus still hasn't gotten yet). When he's not working or with Eurus, he finds himself fiddling with equipment or reading up on zoological discoveries. He keeps a daily journal. His latest entry reads: "I need to find something social to get into."

Historical Information

Historical Information Life in any colony was rough, but the colony on Tethys made others seem like a cakewalk. Why anyone would want to bring life onto an archipelago-filled moon is anyone’s guess. The science post there was a ten-year venture. The environment was inhospitable due the volcanic activity and unusual weather patterns. Perry and Zara Landry bore Torin on Idiya, the largest atoll on Tethys. Torin was born amongst a volanic eruption and rainfall, yet he was a placid infant. He was the only child on the entire moon. Education was limited to survival techniques—how to swim, how to replate the submarine drone, what to do if the vog blocks the solar panels. The colony needed everyone to pitch in, and Torin was not excluded. He was a hard worker, not out of his own doing, but out of necessity. The other colonists permitted him to do species cataloging when he was old enough. His parents were both geologists, whose primary focus was the tectonic anomalies. Torin seemed to have an affinity towards animals, seeing them as friends of his own.

The scientific expedition ended when Torin was 8. His parents wanted an easier life, so they moved to Memory Alpha to be data analysts. The move from a place teeming with life, to the artificial library planet shocked Torin. The only animals were the rare pets that people brought in from off-planet. He was now surrounded with a community of other families, including children his age. His mundane school focused on mathematics and history, rather than useful information. It wasn’t long before this boredom turned to delinquency. Torin ran up quite the disciplinary record. He defaced one of the data houses, stole a set of tricorders, and sett a bush on fire (among other things). Mandatory counseling lead to the decision that Torin would find more success off-planet. Being 14, his parents decided it would be best to live with his Auntie Cressa on New Paris.

New Paris had a beating heart like Tethys, but was hospitable like Memory Alpha. Auntie Cressa based her life on mere whims, which was a welcome change to Torin. His school taught hands-on subjects like gardening, hull repair, and animal husbandry. Torin dedicated a lot of his time into the fauna of the planet. He seemed to have an easier time getting along with animals, as opposed to his classmates. During his summer breaks, Auntie Cressa would take him travelling to other planets. They visited Trill when he was 15, Stratos when he was 16, Earth when he was 17, and Betazed when he was 18. Secondary school was finally finished, and Torin knew it was time to move on from living with his Auntie. He found a colony program like Tethys, beginning his internship as a zoologist.

Zenara IV was on the precipice of the Neutral Zone. It was a standard continental planet, but the Romulan Empire loomed over it. Torin's excursion team would follow different animals to analyze social behaviors and patterns. He spent weeks in the jungle following a red wolf’s hunting patterns. Then, transferred up to the tundra to watch the mating rituals of a mastodon. After four years, he got promoted to expedition leader. He was charged with leading his own group around the planet. His experience cut short by the Romulan sun going supernova. The destabilization of the Empire caused Starfleet to shut down the border. Resources got siphoned, and the Federation was no longer be able to support the operation. Many of Torin’s colleagues retreated deeper into Federation space. The few resilient scientists, including Torian remained on Zenara IV. They continued, without the backing of the Federation.

Much like Tethys, life on the colony became less about research and more about survival. Self-reliance stifled the reach of the project. Torin conducted excursions on his own. He didn’t stray too far away from homebase for safety. Luckily, the facility was teeming with life. The group became tight-knit. Even Torin was able to make some friendships. He was the expert on tough living. The rest of the group learned from his resilience. He remained on the planet for 4 more years, leaving when the project was over. Torin and the others were able to return to Federation space. They started a mobile science facility in an old freighter known as the “Armedia.” They specialized in animal rehabilitation. Taking exoctic animals from trade mongers back to their homeworlds. The crew got into quite a few sticky situations. A merchant sold them a tribble. An incident with a pirate crew lead the ship to destruction. Torin kept a domesticated Arcturian dog bird, who had no natural place to go and named her Eurus. The Armedia broke down, being the old ship that it was. Torin decided to part ways with his crewmates. He began a new adventure: serving on a Starfleet vessel.